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Full text of "Marriage records and death records 1816-1848 / copied from the Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, newspapers"

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3  1833  01203  9001 






Susquehanna  County,  Pennsylvania, 


(Mrs.  D.  C.  Harrington; 

Preprint,  Wyoming   Historical  and  Geological  Society 
Proceedings  and  Collections,  Volume  XXII 

THE  E.  B.  yoRDY  CO.,  Printcri 
Wilkes-Barre,  Pa. 


Centinel  1816 

Feb.   22.  Peck,  Luther,  Bridgewater,  to  Clarissa,  dau.  James 

Feb.  28.  Bishop,     Ira,     Bridgewater,    to    Sally    Conkling, 

Mar.  17.  Ingham,    Jonas,    Wyalusing,    to    Sally    Robinson, 

Mar.  17.  Bullard,  Hezekiah,  to  Matilda  Deans 
April  14.  Sutton,  Samuel,  to  Betsy  Tuttle,  all  Springville 
April  25.  Frost,  James,  to  Nancy  Reynolds 
May     5.  Eldridge,  Henry,  to  Susan,  dau.  Wm.  Cool 
May  12.  Curtis,   Daniel,   Montrose,   to   Mary,   dau.   Major 

Ross,  Rush 
Aug.  II.  McLeod,   John,   Lawsville,   to    Hannah   Gregory, 

dau.  Joseph  B. 
Aug.  13.  Curtis,   Charles   C,   Kingston,  to   Olive  Ransom, 

dau.  Col.  Geo.  P..  Bridgewater 
Sept.  15.  Gregory,  Daniel,  to  Huldah  Miller,  all  Bridgewater 
Sept.  26.  Stephens,  John,  Pike,  Pa.,  to  Maria  Bolles,  Rush 
Sept.  10.  Smith,  Joshua,  to  Peggy  Young,  all  Bridgewater 
Oct.    16.  Lord,  Josiah,  Waterford,  to  Sally  Hall,  Bridgewater 
Oct.    19.  Palmer,    Elias,    Bridgewater,    to    Abigail    Tupper, 

Oct.  24.  Thatcher,  Samuel,  Middletown,  to  Eunice  Tupper, 

Oct.    16.  Day,  Robert,  to  Lucy  Bush,  Bridgewater 
Nov.  21.  Mead,   William,    Maryland,   to   Mary,   dau.   Jarah 

Stephens,  Bridgewater 
Dec.   29.  Bullard,   Elijah,   to    Phebe,   dau.   Zebulon    Deans, 


Jan.      5.  Tuttle,  Benoni,  Springville,  to  Susan  Rosencrans, 

same  place 
Jan.    II.  Bard,  John,  Jr.,  Montrose,  to  Almeda,  dau.  Stephen 

Jan.    16.  Geer,  Stephen,  Waterford,  to  Abigail  Olney 
Jan.    20.  Roberts,    Daniel,   Montrose,   to   Esther   Atherton, 

Jan.    30.  Parmenter,  Reuben,  to  Lois,  dau.  Deacon  Amos 


Jan.    30.  Williams,  Thomas,  Owego,  to  Betsy,  dau.  Josiah 

Lord,  Bridgewater 
Mar.     6.  Reynolds,  William,  to  Susan  Cotton 
Mar.  23.  Southworth,  Asahel,  to  Mary  Darby,  Bridgewater 
April  10.  Griswold,  George,  to  Betsy  Rose,  Choconut 
Aug.   10.  Baldwin,  Matthew,  to  Betsy  Vaughn,  Bridgewater 
Aug.  24.  Doyle,  Thomas   H.,   to   Myra,   dau.    Ira   Conners, 

Sept.  28.  Stewart,  Isaac  D.,  to  Mary  Lampson  of  Vermont 
Nov.  13.  Morse,  Roswell,  Rush,  to  Ruby  Lathrop 
Dec.  25.  Taft,  Jonathan,  to  Nancy  Fox,  all  Springville 

Jan.      8.  Wilson,  David,  to  Sabra  Tanner,  all  Bridgewater 
Feb.      I.  Sturdevant.  Joel,  to  Diana  Capron,  all  Harford 
Feb.      I.  Tiffany,  Alfred,  to  Fanny  Mack,  all  Waterford 
Jan.    20.  Bump,  John,  to  Mrs.  Nancy  Foster,  Middletown 
Feb.    19.  Potter,  Jason,  to  Clarissa  Tyler 
Mar.  12.  Coon,  Jesse,  to  Temperance  Killam,  all   Bridge- 
Mar.  20.  Rowley,  Wm.,  to  Hannah  Ladd,  all  Bridgewater 
Mar.     3.  Frick,    Robert,    to    Catherine,    dau.    Robt.    Mont- 
Mar.  29.  Gregory,  Israel  B.,  to  Polly  Lindsley,  all  Bridge- 

May  18.  Judd,  Rev.  Gideon  N.,  to  Catherine  Frelinghuyson 
May  27.  Mulford,  Sylvanus  S.,  to  Fanny  Lathrop,  South- 
ampton, L.  I. 
Aug.  27.  Ellsworth,  Joseph,  to  Mary  Fancher,  Bridgewater 
Sept.  10.  Garland,  Thomas,  to  Judith  Tewksbury 
Sept.  14.  Mauger,  George,  to  Mrs.  Sally  Case 
Sept.  15.  Foote,  Linus,  to  Laury  Palmer,  all  New  Milford 
Gore,  Charles  V.,  to  Theresa  Ely,  all  Waterford 

Gazette  1819 

Jan.  14.  Gregory,  Esmond,  New  Milford.  to  Amanda  Trow- 

Jan.  14.  Sherman,  Jesse  C,  Middletown,  to  Anna,  dau.  of 
Widow  Foster 

Feb.  25.  Dart,  Anson,  Montrose,  to  Eliza  Catlin,  dau.  Put- 
nam Catlin 

June     6.  Allen,  Walter,  Bridgewater,  to  Mrs.  Polly  Thayre 


June  27.  Chamberlin,  Josiah  B.,  to  Mrs.  Malinda  Smith 
June  27.  Lyon,  Stephen,  So.  CaroHna,  to  Rebecca  Lamb 
Aug.   II.  Price,  D.  A.,  to  Hannah  Robinson 
Aug.  25.  Deans.  James.  Briclgewater,  to  Abigail  Cornwall  of 

Cairo,  N.  Y. 
Oct.    31.  Wood,  Esek,  Bridgewater,  to  Abigail  Curtis 

Messenger  1820 

July    12.  Green,    Aaron,    Montrose,    to    Anne    Nickerson, 

July     3.  Brewster,    Jonah,    (at    Southampton,    L.    I.),    to 
Sophia,  dau.  Maj.  Zebulon  Jessup 

July     4.  Jessup,   Wm.,    Southampton,    L.    L,   to   Amanda, 
dau.  Henry  Harris 

Oct.      7.  Coy,  Alanson,  to  Thirza  Jennings,  all  Montrose 

Oct.      4.  Woodhouse.   Walter  G.,   Southampton,   L.   L,  to 
Harriet,  dau.  Matthew  Howell 

Oct.    19.  Cannon,  Dexter,  to  Amanda  Hudson 

Oct.    22.  Pettingill,  Benjamin,  to  Juliana  Baxter,  all  Bridge- 

Oct.    19.  Lyons,    Daniel,    Great   Bend,   to   Anna   Smith   of 

Nov.   12.  Crofut,  James L.,  New  Amanda  Barnes, 


Jan.    29.  Fessenden,    Samuel    B.,    to    Hannah    Harris,    all 

Jan.    29.  Fessenden,  Asa,  to  Esther  Backus,  all  Bridgewater 

Feb.    16.  Shelp,  Christian,  Jr.,  to  Hannah  Prime,  Bridge- 

Mar.     8.  Smith.  Otis,  to  Sally,  dau.   Bela  Moore,  Bridge- 

Mar.     7.  Hall,  Drew,  to  Almira  Vaill 


June     5.  Allen,  Alexander,  to  Patty  Roberts,  all  Rush 

June   18.  Mecham,  Lawrence,  to  Susan  Stuart,  Rush 

June  30.  Bixby,  Richard,  Middletown.  to  Mary  Brige,  Cho- 

Susq.  Co.  Herald  1822 

Jan.      I.  Gregory,  Levi,  to  Miranda  Howard,  both  Bridge- 

Jan.    10.  Marsh,    Stephen,    Middletown,    to    Mary    Stuart, 


Feb.  3.  Gage,  Ira,  Bridgewater,  to  Eunice  Turrell,  Bridge- 

Feb.  28.  LaPort,  John,  Esq.,  Asylum,  Pa.,  to  Mrs.  Matilda 
Chamberlin  of  Asylum 

April  4.  Arms,  Phineas,  Jr.,  Bridgewater,  to  Maria  Bolles, 
dau.  John  of  Springville 

May  9.  Harlan,  Ezekiel  W.,  Chester,  Pa.,  to  Margaret,  dau. 
Joseph  Baker,  Bridgewater 

May  9.  Mills,  Harry,  Bridgewater,  to  Irene  Maine,  Bridge- 

May  26.  Hickok,  Richard,  to  Aramintha  Handrake 

Sept.  9.  Good,  Joseph,  New  London,  Pa.,  to  Hannah  Har- 
per, Bridgewater 

Oct.  10.  Clark,  Henry,  Montrose,  to  Betsy,  dau.  Simeon 
Tyler,  Bridgewater 

Oct.  23.  Crocker,  Hyde,  Bridgewater,  to  Sally  Cornwall  of 

Oct.  31.  Tyler,  Simeon,  Bridgewater,  to  Wealthy,  dau, 
Samuel  Warner,  Bridgewater 

Nov,     5.  Jameson,  Peter,  to  Sophia  Crips,  Bridgewater 

Nov.  II.  Rose,  Robert,  to  Sarah  Low 

Nov.  21.  Weeks,  Caleb,  Montrose,  to  Lorinda  Fink,  Bridge- 

Nov.  24.  Gearnsey,  Warren  W.,  Bridgewater,  to  Ann,  dau. 
Jonah  Brewster,  Bridgewater 

Nov.  27.  Mott,  Orange,  Middletown,  to  Mrs.  Barber 
(widow),  Bridgewater 

(1823  (No  Files) 

The  Republican  1824 

Jan.  I.  Heath,  Amos,  Choconut,  to  Chloe  Chalker,  same 

Jan.  I.  Young,  George,  Springville,  to  Mary  Bard,  Bridge- 

Jan.  14.  Downing,  Thomas,  Edinburg,  N.  Y.,  to  Esther 
Reynolds,  Hopbottom 

Jan.  15.  Maine,  Ezekiel  Jr.,  to  Catherine  Shellop,  or  Shelp, 
both  Bridgewater 

Jan.  19.  Stewart,  Abraham,  Rush,  to  Laura  Leonard,  Mid- 

Jan,  29.  Leach,  George,  New  Mil  ford,  to  Almira  Avery, 
New  Milford 


Feb.      I.  Russell,  Curtis  F.,  Auburn,  to  Ann  L.  Dunmore. 

Feb.    12.  Bullard,  Otis,  Bridgewater,  to  Mary  Ann  Crocker, 

Feb.    23.  Morse,  Joel,  Lawsville,  to  Phebe  Salmon,  Lawsville 
Feb.    25.  Isbell,  Garner,  Bridgewater,  to  Elizabeth  Bowman, 


Mar.     4.  Scott,  Thomas  J.,  Bridgewater,  to  Polly  Baldwin, 

Mar.  10.  Ford,  Isaac,  to  Amanda  Engles 
April  10.  Blakeslee,  Lucius,  Springville,  to  Mehitable  Blakes- 

lee,  Springville 
April  II.  Russell,  Benjamin,  Bridgewater,  to  Sally  Nickerson 

(widow),  Bridgewater 
April  15.  Dunmore,    John,    Rush,  to    Margaret    Heaverly, 

April  23.  Lyons,    David,    Great    Bend,   to   Amanda    Smith, 

May  25.  Lovely,  Homer,  Rush,  to  Hannah  Chetfield,  Rush 
May  27.  Giles,    Jabez,    Springville,    to    Elizabeth    Harlan, 

May  27.  Gates,    George,    Springville,    to   Elizabeth    Baker, 

Mar.  28.  Bowes,  Joseph,  Great  Bend,   to  Rachel  Sturges, 

Great  Bend 
June     I.  Fields,  David,  Ithaca,  N.  Y.,  to  Lucy  Deans,  Mont- 
June  10.  Fessenden,    Thomas,     Bridgewater,    to    Caroline 

Perry,  New  York 
June  15.  Sutton,   Sylvester,   Springville,   to   Mary   Rogers, 

July     I.  Hubbard,  M.,  Bridgewater,  to  Mary,  dau.  Erastus 

Catlin,  Springville 
Aug.     5.  Paine,  Edward  L.,  Hopbottom,  to  Eleanor  Ross, 

Pike,  Pa. 
Aug.     8.  Ross,  Jesse,  Pike,  Pa.,  to  Widow  Paine,  Hopbottom 
Sept.  22.  Mcintosh,  Allen,  Great  Bend,  to  Caroline  Shipman, 

Sept.  28.  Baldwin,  Nehemiah,  to  Mary  Sherer,  all  Bridge- 
Oct.      4.  Arms,  Iddo,  to  Mahala  Carpenter 
Oct.    21.  Fields,  Thadeus,  Ithaca,  N.  Y.,  to  Fanny  Deans, 



Oct.      6.  Bailey,  Daniel,  Montrose,  to  Laura  Baldwin 
Nov.     9.  Tallman,  Wm.,  to  Louisa  Case,  Gibson 
Nov.  17.  Pickett,  Charles  M.,  to  Polly  Frink,  all  Bridgewater 
Dec.     8.  Upson,  Allen,  Franklin,  to  Mrs.  Orpha  Warner, 

Great  Bend 
Dec.   23.  Miller,  Elisha  D.,  to  Julia  Wade,  New  Milford 

The  Republican  1825 

Jan.    16.  Dunmore,  Larry  L,  Rush,  to  Cynthia,  dau.  Jabez 

Frink,  Bridgewater 
Feb.    16.  Kent,  Robert,  Brooklyn,  to  Prudence,  dau.  Amos 

Bailey,  Hopbottom 
Mar.  2y.  Brainard,  Timothy,  New  Milford,  to  Mary  Lewis, 

April  21,  Gelatt,    George,    Gibson,    to    Susan    L.    Williams, 

May  15.  Mogg,  Aaron,  Bridgewater,  to  Betsy  Very,  Harford 
June  17.  Earle,  Beach,  Tunkhannock,  to  Alpha  Tewksbury, 

June     9.  Howe,  Hiram,  Brooklyn,  to  Sylvia  Chever,  Bridge- 
June  18.  Hatch,    Sabin,   Great    Bend,   to    Nancy    Burrows, 

Aug.  13.  Wightman,  Mr.,  Ovid,  N.  Y.,  to  Ann  Eliza  Jones, 

Aug.  14.  Avery,    Capt.    Volney,    to    Eunice    Avery,    both 

Aug.  26.  Wilson,    Mason    S.,    Montrose,    to    Mary    Sayre, 

Sept.    3.  Hatch,  Oliver,  Great  Bend,  to  Phebe  Trowbridge 
Sept.    6.  Gregory,    Eri,    Bridgewater,    to    Hepsiba    Wood, 

Sept.  14.  Avery,  Capt.  Cyrus  H.,  Tunkhannock,  to  Clarinda 

Kasson,  Springville 
Sept.  22.  Corey,  Jeremiah  W.,  Nicholson,  to  Jemima,  dau. 

Jacob  Roberts 
Oct.      2.  Allard,  Jacob,  Jr.,  Lawsville,  to  Edith  Bailey,  Laws- 

Oct.    25.  Meeker,    Joseph    L.,    to    Hannah    Bronson,    both 

Oct.    30.  McKune,  Wm.,  Harmony,  to  May  Preston,  New 

Nov.  29.  Sands,  Samuel,  Hancock,  N.  Y.,  to  Jane  Wyley, 

Great  Bend 


The  Gazette 

Jan.    II.  Lindsley,  Myron,  Bridgewater,  to  Malinda  Tiffany, 

Mar.     I.  Babcock,  Francis  M.,  to  Parnal  Ely,  Hopbottom 
Sept.  24.  Stanley,  Jasper,  Choconut.  to  Rocena  Sherer,  Cho- 


Susquehanna  Register  and  Northern  Farmer 

Nov.  10.  Bailey,  Dudley,  Brooklyn,  to  Mary  Ann  Tennant, 
New  Milford 

Nov.  20.  Brown,  Samuel,  Brooklyn,  to  Betsy  Miles,  Brook- 

Nov.  20.  Wright,  Orra,  Brooklyn,  to  Caroline  Miles,  Brook- 

Nov.  24.  Brigham,  Lemuel,  New  Milford,  to  Mindwell 
Claflin,  Harford 

Nov.  24.  Wheeler,  David  N.,  to  Harriet  Gere,  Brooklyn 

Dec.  8.  Richardson,  Francis,  Harford,  to  Eliza  Tennant, 

Dec.  22.  Tennant,  Oliver,  Jr.,  Harford,  to  Mary  Washburn, 
New  Milford 

Dec.  22.  Lyon,  John  B.,  Herrick,  to  Sarah,  dau.  Capt.  James 

Dec.  28.  Tyler,  Moses,  Montrose,  to  Polly  French,  Bridge- 


Susquehanna  Register  and  Northern  Farmer 

Jan.      8.  Frink,  Jabez,  to  Eleanor  B.  Randall,  Brooklyn 

Jan.  24.  Fish,  Parson,  2nd,  Springville,  to  Amanda  Blakes- 
lee,  Springville 

Jan.  26.  West,  Edmund,  Bridgewater,  to  Sally  Backus, 

Feb.      6.    Dennis,  Wm.  (2nd  time),  to  Minerva  Jacobs 

Feb.  16.  Bronson,  John  M.,  Rush,  to  Susanna  McBride, 

Mar.  2.  Ladd,  Lemuel,  Bridgewater,  to  Harriet  Snyder, 

Mar.  2.  Farr,  Suel,  Montrose,  to  Harriet  Fisk,  New  Mil- 

Mar.  23.  Wilson,  S.  C.,  to  Caroline  Pinkney 

Mar.  26.  Keeler,  S.  F.,  Montrose,  to  Diantha  Catlin,  Mont- 

May  15.  Coxe,  Sackville  H.,  to  Sophia,  dau.  James  Pieronette 


May  19.  Johnston,  James,  Gibson,  to  Eliza  Woodward, 

May  28.  Nickerson,  Jeduthan,  to  Miss  Smith,  dau.  Isaac 

June     6.  Pasterna,  John,  to  Sally  Meriman,  all  Lawsville 

June  8.  Shelp,  Henry,  Bridgewater,  to  Betty  Main,  Bridge- 

June  8.  Beardsley,  Albert,  Auburn,  to  Eliza  R.  Gere  of 

July     3.  Corey,  Erastus,  to  Amy  Bell,  Lenox 

Sept.  12.  Williams,  Peter,  to  Sophia  Garney,  all  Brooklyn 

Sept.  21.  Gates ,  John,  Springville,  to  Minerva  Newton, 

Sept.  25.  Seymour,  Col.  Saxa,  to  Hannah  Sweet,  Gibson 

Sept.  27.  Dunmore,  John,  to  Minerva,  dau.  James  Hynes, 

Oct.  18.  Luce,  Philo,  Liberty,  to  Roxana,  dau.  Gideon 

Nov.  12.  Bosworth,  Joseph  P.,  to  Bertha,  dau.  Nathaniel  E. 
Barnes,  deceased 

Nov.  22.  Nichols,  Zenas,  to  Mary  Ann  Howe,  Brooklyn 

Nov.  30.  Guild,  Rockwell,  Harford,  to  Mary  Thatcher,  Har- 

Nov.  23.  Lacey,  John,  Braintrim,  to  Permelia  Dean,  Bridge- 

Nov.  29.  Ross,  Daniel,  to  Esther  Day,  Bridgewater 

Dec.  10.  Stevens,  Milton,  to  Cynthia  Smith,  both  Spring- 

Dec.  15.  Bush,  Abijah,  Bridgewater,  to  Lucy  Ann  Cogshall, 
Silver  Lake 

Dec.     21.  Risley,  Proctor,  to  Sarah  Shelp,  all  Montrose 

Dec.   24.  Coy,  Alanson,  to  Betsy  Rogers,  all  Montrose. 

Dec.   25.  Follett,  Hiram,  Harford,  to  Nancy  Green,  Gibson 

Dec.  28.  Dewer,  Hiram,  Middletown,  to  Clarissa  Tupper, 

Dec.  26.  Reice,  Peter,  Bridgewater,  to  Nancy  McMillan, 


Aug.  — .  Baker,  Wm.,  to  Sally  Smedley,  Great  Bend 

Susquehanna  Register  and  Northern  Farmer 
Jan.      4.  Whitney,  Ebenezer,  Harford,  to  Ann  Squire,  Har- 


Jan.      5.  Brister,   Linus,  to  Esther  Galusha,  clau.  of  Jno. 

Morehouse  of  Connecticut 
Jan.    18.  Cade,  Sherlock,  Pike,  Pa.,  to  Amarilis  Slater,  Pike 

Jan.    18.  Stephens,  Alfred,  Bridgewater,  to  Malissa  Sumner, 

Jan.    21.  Brewster,   Nathan  W.,   Bridgewater,  to  Alice  E. 

Roberts,  Bridgewater 
Feb.      3.  Cornwall,  Nathaniel  P.,  to  Amanda  Reynolds 
Feb.      8.  Mintz,  Ezekiel,  Pike,  Pa.,  to  Wealthy,  dau.  Wm. 

Marsh,  Pike 
Feb.      8.  Baldwin,  David,  Bridgewater,  to  Jane  Chamberlin, 

Feb.    15.  Maxfield,  Serril  P.,  to  Phebe  Ann,  dau.  Francis 

Feb.    24.  Gavitt,    Lebeus,    Springville,    to    Mary    Squires, 

Feb.    28.  Chamberlin,   Tully   H.,   Gibson,   to   Lucina,   dau. 

Capt.  Oliver  Payne 
Mar.     I.  Dickey,   John,   eldest   son   of   Joseph   Dickey,   to 

Emeline     Dickey,    eldest    daughter    of     Benj. 

Dickey,  twin  brother  of  Joseph  Dickey  of  Hol- 
land, Vt. 
Mar.     8.  Clark,  Almar,  to  Eva  Maria  Huff,  both  Bridge- 
Mar.    20.  Chase,  David,  Great  Bend,  to  Eliza  G.  Handrake 
April    5.  Birchard,  H.  A.,  Middletown,  to  Ruth  Sherman, 

April  15.  Blanding,    Eleuna    M.,    Harford,    to   Eliza,    dau. 

Friend  Tuttle,  Lawsville 
April  18.  Hamilton,    Sloan,    Montrose,    to    Polly    Denison, 

May     9.  Roberts,  Zina,  Bridgewater,  to  Julia  Stroud,  Mont- 
May  13.  Smith,   Matthias,  Bridgewater,  to  Hepsiba  Snow, 

May  16.  Titus,  Ezekiel,  Harford,  to  Mrs.  Betsy  Emerson, 

May  30.  Tewksbury,   Sergt.,   Brooklyn,  to  Fanny  Kellum, 

June  II.  Lefler,  John,  to  Luca  Eastman,  in  Caanan,  Wayne 



July      I.  Mott,  Sylvanus,  to  Sarah  Hammond,  New  Milford 
July     2.  Canfield,  Jeremiah,  to  Betsy,  dau.  Jesse  Edsil 
July   22.  Capron,   Ibra,   Modina,   Ohio,   to   Louisa   Aldrich, 

Aug.  23.  Wellman,  Calvin,  New  Milford,  to  Polly  Mitchell, 

New  Milford 
Sept.    4.  Bolles,    Abel,    Rush,    to    Anna,    dau.    Col.    Aden 

Stevens,  Pike 
Sept.    5.  Lockwood,  Elkhana,  Silver  Lake,  to  Caroline  Stan- 
ford, Lawsville 
Sept.  II.  Thatcher,    Peter,    Harford,   to    Mehitable   Gilbert, 

Sept.  23.  Couran,  John,  Dundafif,  to  Frederica  Jarock 
Sept.  27.  Fritz,  Ezekiel,  Montrose,  to  Esther  Frink,  Mont- 
Oct.      9.  Shafer,    Embly,    Montrose,    to    Urania    Turrell, 

Oct.      6.  Small,  George,  to  Eunice  Chase 
Oct.    16.  Bull,  James  P.,  to  Anne  Waller  or  Wallis 
Oct.    30.  Smith,  John,  Jr.,  to  Eliza  Foster,  New  Milford 
Dec.      5.  Stevens,   Myron,   Pike,   Pa.,  to   Susan   Bosworth, 

Pike,  Pa. 
Dec.     6.  Gurnsey,  Levi  B.,  Tioga,   Pa.,  to  Abigail  Tyler, 

Dec.     9.  Haverly,    Jacob,     Auburn,    to     Mary     Dunmore, 

Dec.   21.  Gregory,  Wm.,  to  Olive  Colburn 
Dec.   21.  Noah,  M.  M.,  to  Rebecca  Jackson 
Dec.   25.  Cogshall,  Harmon,  Silver  Lake,  to  Annar  Macom- 

ber.  Silver  Lake 
Dec.   25.  Goodsell,  Truman  O.,  Springville,  to  Lois  Frink, 

Dec.  27.  Lyon,  Henry,  Herrick,  to  Harley  Ann  Kent,  Her- 

Dec.   31.  Price,  Nathaniel,  Bridgewater,  to  Elizabeth  Bunn, 


Susquehanna  Register  and  Northern  Farmer 
Jan.      3.  Tennant,  John   W.,   New   Milford.   to   Mehitable 

Richardson,  Harford 
Jan.      8.  Wartrous,  Benjamin,  Bridgewater,  to  Esther,  dau. 

Capt.  Roswell  Smith.  Lawsville 


Jan.    15.  Lewis,  Gould,  Pike,  to  Sarah  Spaulding,  Pike 
Jan.    15.  Wakelee,    David,    Springville,    to    Clarinda,    dau. 

Augustine  Wells  Carrier,  Springville 
Jan.    30.  Barnum,  Elijah,  New  Milford,  to  Emeline  Badger, 

New  Milford 
Feb.    20.  Slocum,     Hiram,    Jackson,    to     Brittania    Stone, 

Feb.    28.  Payne,    Leicester,    Gibson,    to    Levander    Tanner, 

April    3.  Biddle,    James    C.,    Montrose,    to    Sally    Drinker, 

April  23.  Sweet,  Dr.  Thomas,  Jr.,  to  Charlotte  Forbes 
Mar.  28.  Phinney,   Joshua,   New   Milford,   to   Olive   Dean, 

New  Milford 
May     I.  Blowers,    Wm.,    Bridgewater,   to    Caroline    Pettis, 

May     8.  Messenger,  Everett,  to  Mary  Stuart,  Bridgewater 
May     9.  Austin,  Rufus,  Bridgewater,  to  Polly  Nickerbaster, 

or  Nickerbocker,  Bridgewater 
May  14.  Owens,  Robert,  to  Elizabeth  Mackintosh,  Nicholson 
May  14.  Very,  Zerah,  Harford,  to  Lovina  Richardson,  Har- 
May  15.  Williams,  Amos,  to   Mary,  dau.  Jeremiah  Rosen- 

crans,  Springville 
June     I.  Young,  Benjamin,  Lawsville,  to  Mrs.  Clarry  Lester, 

June  22.  Finch,  Hiram,  Montrose,  to  Harriet,  dau.  Thomas 

Crocker,  Bridgewater 
July      I.  Green,  John,  Lawsville,  to  Phila  Smith.  Lawsville 
July      3.  Early,  Elijah,  of  Colchester,  Conn.,  to  Chloe,  dau. 

Ezekiel  Sampson,  Jackson 
July    17.  Trowbridge,    Daniel,    Great    Bend,    to    Elizabeth 

Barker,  Sherburn,  N.  Y. 
Aug.  28.  Barnes,   Amos,   Lawsville,   to   Catherine   Blowers, 

Sept.    7.  Webster,  Joseph,  Lawsville,  to  Samantha  Blowers, 

Oct.    16.  Doolittle,  Rev.  Nelson,  Berkshire,  N.  Y.,  to  Cath- 
erine Stephens,  Bridgewater 
Nov.   13.  Bixby,  Asa,  Middletown,  to  Almena  West,  Bridge- 
Nov.   13.  Crocker,    Austin,    Bridgewater,    to    Ann    French, 



Nov.  20.  Turrell,  Joel,  Middletown,  to  Patty  Griffis,  Middle- 
Nov.  30.  Crandall,  Edward,  M.  D.,  to  Electa,  dau.  Salmon 

Bosworth,  Pike,  Pa. 
Dec.     6.  Tanner,  Seneca,  Harford,  to  Loisa  Payne,  Lenox 
Dec.   25.  Small,    Wm.,    Middletown,    to    Fanny    Hendrick, 

Dec.   31.  Mattison,  Sheffield,  Susquehanna,  to  Charlotte  Hil- 

lard,  Jackson 
Spectator  1828 

Jan.    17.  Tyler,  Royal,  Auburn,  to  Sibyl  Fordham,  Montrose 
Jan.    10.  Lozier,  Oliver,  Silver  Lake,  to  Olive  Chamberlin, 

Jan.    16.  Backus,  George,   Bridgewater,  to  Eliza  Crandall, 

Register  1829 

Jan.      I.  Birchard,    Jabez    A.,   Jr.,    Middletown,    to    Lydia 

Chamberlin,  Bridgewater 
Jan.      I.  Newcomb,  Samuel  E.,  Montrose,  to  Emma  Tyler, 

Jan.      8.  Williams,    Orin   J.,    Bridgewater,   to   Emeline   E. 

Webb,  Bridgewater 
Jan.    II.  Howe,    James    E.,    Brooklyn,    to    Lucy    Backus, 

Jan.    15.  Gray,  Elisha  P.,   New  Milford,  to  Hannah   Bel- 

knapp,  New  Milford 
Jan.    22.  Baldwin,  Silas,  Bridgewater,  to  Nancy  McCollum, 

Jan.    22.  Watson,  John,   Lawsville,  to  Derinda  Ackerman, 

Feb.    II.  Wartrous,  James,  Bridgewater,  to  Phoebe  Luce, 

Jan.    12.  Belknapp,  James  W.,  New  Milford,  to  Chloe  Fol- 

lett,  Harford 
Jan.    15.  Tennant,  William,  New  Milford,  to  Phebe  Lewis, 

Jan.    18.  Richardson,    Richard,    Harford,    to    Mary    Storrs, 

New  Milford 
Feb.    12.  Sherer,  John,  to  Annie  Wilbur,  Lawsville 
Feb.    24.  Turrell,  Stanley,  Middletown,  to  Ruth  Alice  That- 
cher, Middletown 
Feb.    26.  Lathrop,  Ezekiel,  Jr.,  to  Lorinda  Lathrop,  Rush 
Mar.     4.  Parker,  Nehemiah,  to  Hannah  Smith,  Lawsville 


Mar.     4.  Lester,  Orin,  Palmyra,  to  Matilda  Allard,  Laws- 

Mar.     4.  Churchill,  Amos,  to  Nabby  Hawley,  Lawsville 

Mar.  II.  West,    David    P.,    Bridgewater,    to    Sally    Ladd, 

Mar.  12.  Warner,  Jared  C,  Bridgewater,  to  Emily  Clark, 

Mar.  12.  Bush,  Dennis,  Bridgewater,  to  Rosetta  Cogshall, 

Mar.  25.  Eastman,  Lorin,  Bridgewater,  to  Henrietta,  dau. 
Eliab  Farrer,  Harford 

Mar.  26.  Wood,  Peleg,  to  Zurenda  Garlute,  Bridgewater 

Mar.  30.  Whiteley,   Frederick   M.,   Bridgewater,   to   Laura 
Scribner,  Bridgewater 

Mar.  29.  Powers,  Hazard,  Gibson,  to  Philena  Tingley,  Har- 

April    2.  Huddlestone,  R.  W.,  Forest  Lake,  to  Ann  Small, 
Forest  Lake 

April    8.  Olmsted,  Waller,  Bridgewater,  to  Maria  Downer, 

April  23.  Billings,  Joseph,  Auburn,  to  Polly  Miles,  Spring- 

May     3.  Ward,  William  C,   New  Milford,  to  Jane  Fair- 
child,  New  Milford 

May     3.  Boyle,  James,  New  Milford,  to  Maria  Castle,  New 

May     3.  Frink,  Orin,  Susquehanna  Co.,  to  Maria  Roberts 

May  12.  Comfort,  Benjamin,  Harmony,  to  Fanny  Winters, 

(When  Mr.  Comfort  proposed  to  Miss  Winters 
he  asked  her  if  she  would  take  Comfort  and  live 
in  Harmony) 

May  18.  Cheever,  Samuel,  Bridgewater,  to  Abigail  Fowler, 

May  14.  Stone,  Elston,  Jackson,  to  Elvina  Slocum,  Jackson 

May  14.  Woodward  George,  Gibson,  to  Mary  Ann  Gallo- 
way, Gibson 

June  10.  Crofut,  Eliakim,  Colesville,  N.  Y.,  to  Polly  Curtis, 

June  II.  Treat,  James  D.,  of  N.  Y.,  to  Betsy  McKenzie, 
New  Milford 

June  18.  Fairbrother,  Revo,  Vestal,  N.  Y.,  to  Lexa  Thacher, 


June  19.  Bailey,  Col.  Fredk.,  Brooklyn,  to  Lucinda  Morgan, 

June  22.  Cummings,  Jedediah,  N.  Y.,  to  Lydia  Barnes, 

June  30.  Roberts,  Samuel,  Chenango,  to  Betsy  Baker,  Brook- 

July  I.  Ladd,  Henry,  Bridgewater,  to  Mary  Ann  Rhin- 
vault,  Bridgewater. 

July     5.  Rogers,  Stephen,  Carbondale,  to  Semantha  Smith, 

July  9.  Baldwin,  Alfred,  Montrose,  to  Marietta  Frink, 

July    12.  Dean,  Jesse,  Bridgewater,  to  Malinda  Nickerson 

July  16.  Taylor,  Aaron,  Springville,  to  Amanda  Watson, 

July  30.  Webb,  Stephen,  Bridgewater,  to  Mrs.  Lydia  War- 
ner, Bridgewater 

Sept.  13.  Davis,  Josiah,  Great  Bend,  to  Annis  Allen,  Wind- 
sor, N.  Y. 

Sept.  20.  Stephens,  Hervey  S.,  Bridgewater,  to  Phebe  Holly, 

Sept.  28.  Bisbee,  Maj.  Seth,  Harford,  to  Hannah  Latham, 

Oct.  I.  Stephens.  Jarah.  Bridgewater,  to  Lynda  Webb, 

Oct.  8.  Wells,  Sterling,  Wyalusing,  to  Sophia  Bard, 

Oct.  15.  Lewis.  Geo.  W.,  Tioga  Co.,  Pa.,  to  Mrs.  Betsy 
Clark,  Bridgewater 

Oct.  18.  Whitmore,  John,  Clifford,  to  Angeline  Lott,  Clif- 

Oct.    18.  Bell,  Levi.  Clifford,  to  Susan  Lott.  Clifford 

Oct.  25.  Crofut,  Fredk.  G.,  New  Milford,  to  Harriet  EI- 
phick,  Montrose 

Nov.  3.  Gregory,  Ira,  Bridgewater,  to  Ann  Eastman, 

Nov.  4.  Kingsbury,  Ebenezer,  Jr.,  Montrose,  to  Elizabeth 
H.  Fuller,  Montrose 

Nov.  5.  Passmore  John,  Auburn,  to  Abigail  Adams, 

Nov.  24.  Lamb,  Chauncey,  Jackson,  to  Gratia  Wells,  Jackson 

Nov.  25.  Stevens,  Hiram,  Pike,  Pa.,  to  Mary  King,  Warren 

Nov.  25.  Stevens,  Cyrus,  Pike,  Pa.,  to  Lydia  Ann,  dau. 
Ebenezer  Lacey,  Braintrim 


Dec.    17.  Young,   William,   Springville,   to   Lucy,   dau.    W. 

Lawrence,  Springville 
Dec.  24.  Scott,  Titus.  Springville,  to  Charlotte,  dau.  David 

Badger,  New  Milford 
Dec.  24.  Rease,  Joseph,  Bridgewater,  to  Ann  Kerr,  Bridge- 
Dec.   31.  Ball,    George,    Middletown,    to    Marietta    Stone, 

Jan,      I.  Hart,  Conklin,  New  Milford,  to  Almira  Tennant, 

New  Milford 
Jan.    14.  Tewksbury,  Perry  E.,  Brooklyn,  to  Lovisa  Aldrich, 

Jan.    24.  Avery,  William,  Springville,  to  Emeline  Barnum, 

Feb.      7.  Bosworth,  Nelson,  Pike,  to  Emeline,  dau.  Lewis 

Lucky,  Pike 
Feb.    10.  Rogers,    Nelson,    Orwell,    to    Sylva,    dau.    Rev. 

Buttles,  deceased 
Feb.    14.  Johnson,  Thomas,  Rush,  to  Eliza,  dau.  John  BoUes, 

Feb.    14.  Peckins,     Thompson,     Bridgewater,     to    Jerusha 

Backus,  Bridgewater 
Feb.    28.  Hart,    Philemon,    Bridgewater,    to    Phebe    Cobb, 

Feb.    28.  Tripps,  Ira,  Gibson,  to  Polly  Avery,  Gibson 
Feb.    28.  Avery,  Gardner,  to  Julia,  dau.  John  Doyle,  Herrick 
Mar.     I.  Moss,  Richard,  of  Connecticut,  to  Fidelia  Ann,  dau. 

Freeman  Badger,  New  Milford 
Mar.  17.  Fansher,  (Faucher),  Richard,  Montrose,  to  Maria 

Mar.  28.  Smith,  Giles  C,  to  Electa  S.  Hayden,  Brooklyn 
Mar.  29.  Reimon,  Joseph,  Springville,  to  Catherine  Enger, 

April  20.  Vance,  Robert  P.,  Lawsville,  to  Mary  Ann  Wilcox 
June     2.  Cushman.  Cormack,  Montrose,  to  Sarah  Eldridge, 

June  — .  Comfort,  James,  Harmony,  to  Mary  Ann  McKune, 

June  16.  Jackson,  Thomas,  M.  D.,  Montrose,  to  Fanny  M., 

dau.  D.  Post,  Montrose 
June  14.  Cook,    Lyman,    Bridgewater,    to    Eunice    Turrell, 



Jun  17.  Crawford,    David   L.,    Auburn,   to   Marinda,    dau. 

Julius  Coggswell 
June  18.  Overfield,  Paul,  Auburn,  to  Hannah  Maxfield 
June  29.  Mallory,  Garrick,  Harrisburg,  to  Catherine  Hall 
July     4.  Smith,  William,  Harford,  to  Sally  Stroud,  Bridge- 
July     I.  Gogshall,   Norman,   Pike,   Pa.,  to  Eunice  Rhine- 
vault,  Bridgewater 
July     5.  Halsted,  Samuel,  Lenox,  to  Maria  Capwell,  Lenox 
July   18.  Rynearson,  Abraham,  Lenox,  to  Abigail  Roberts, 

July    18.  Stanford,    Charles,    Lawsville,    to    Fidelia    South- 
worth,  Forest  Lake 
July  25.  Burrows,  Amos,  Bridgewater,  to  Mary  Melhuish, 

Aug.  15.  Thatcher,  Seth  W.,  Harford,  to  Nancy  T.  Sweet, 

Aug.  19.  Lott,  Peter,  Lenox,  to  Elsie  Rynearson,  Lenox 
Aug.  22.  Doud,    Henry,    Homer,    N.    Y.,    to    Mary    Ann 

McCarty,  New  Milford 
Aug.  18.  Banker,  Nathaniel,  Lawsville,  to  Elizabeth  Bailey, 

Sept.    2.  Blake,  Heres,  Harford,  to  Betsy  Philips,  Harford 
Sept.    2.  Keech,   Stephen,  Jr.,  Lenox,  to   Larina  Harding, 

Sept.    5.  Prichard,  Hector,  Springville,  to  Parmelia  Green, 

Sept.    8.  Tracy,    Charles,    Montrose,    to    Sarah    Blakesley, 

Sept.  17.  Russell,  Zenas  H.,  to  Lucy  Ann,  dau.  Chas,  Forbes, 

Sept.  19.  Warner,  Davis  D.,  Montrose,  to  Mary  Ann,  dau. 

J.  W.  Raynsford,  Bridgewater 
Sept.    4.  Healey,  Henry  C,  Harford,  to  Frances  Williams, 

Mt.  Pleasant 
Sept.  28.  Gage  (Gaige),  Mortimer  D.,  Great  Bend,  to  Nancy 

Hoagg,  Silver  Lake 
Oct.      4.  Raynole,  Ebenezer,  M.  D.,  Michigan,  to  Eliza,  dau. 

Thos.  Cassedy,  Springville 
Oct.    16.  Pickering,  John  H.,  Gibson,  to  Eliza   P.   Tripp, 

Oct.    19.  Bacon,  Alonzo,  to  Angeline,  dau.  Lewis  Squires, 

all  Susq.  Co. 


Oct.    27.  Giffin,  Isaac,  to  Julia  Moore 

Nov.     2,  Barney,    Francis,    Choconut,    to    Betsy    Carrier, 

Nov.     2.  Aker,  Jacob,  Owego,  N.  Y.,  to  Catherine  Barney, 

Nov.     2.  Tucker,  Lyman  H.,  Vestal,  N.  Y.,  to  Sarah  Barney, 

Nov.     3.  Taylor,    Jotham,    Auburn,    to    Polly,    dau.    Jesse 

Wakefield,  Auburn 
Nov.  II.  Hine,  John,  Pike,  Pa.,  to  Almira,  dau.  J.  B.  Sum- 
ner, Auburn 
Nov.  21.  Hawley,  James   (In  Binghamton),  to  Jane,  dau. 

Christopher  Eldridge 
Nov.  21.  Wood,  Orin,  Chenango,  to  Sally,  dau.  Scott  Bald- 
win, Bridgewater 
Nov.  21.  Whiting,  George  A.,  Boston,  to  Maria,  dau.  James 

Gould,  Middletown 
Nov.  23.  Sturdevant,  Elihu,  Braintree,  to  Betsy,  dau.  Ansel 

Hill,  Silver  Lake 
Nov.  21.  Baxter,  Daniel,  Middletown,  to  Mary,  dau.  Samuel 

Spafford,  Middletown 
Nov.  26.  Avery,  Ira,  Springville,  to  Philamine  D.  Gustin, 

Waterloo,  N.  Y. 
Nov.     I.  Denison,  Oliver,  formerly  Montrose,  to  Laura,  dau. 

Elder  Booth 
Nov.     4.  Sanderson,  George,  Middletown,  to  Almira,  dau. 

Caleb  True,  Middletown 
Nov.  26.  Jones,  E.  W.,  Pike,  Pa.,  to  Arabella,  dau.  Salmon 

Bosworth,  Pike 
Sept.  23.  Kent,  Elijah,  Brooklyn,  to  Alice  Dykeman,  New 

Dec.      I.  Southworth,  Arthur,  Lawsville,  to  Maria  Turner, 

New  Milford 
Dec.      I.  Lord,  Capt.  Elisha,  to  Jerusha  F.,  dau.  Richard 

Smith,  Bridgewater 
Dec.     3.  Birge,  John,  Middletown,  to  Mary,  dau.  Capt.  Ira 

Duel,  Middletown 
Dec.    10.  Harris,  George  W.,  Brooklyn,  to  Mrs.  Lucinda, 

wife  of  late  Capt.  Wm.  C.  Morgan 
Dec.   21.  Southworth,   Russell,  Lawsville,  to   Mary   Smith, 

Dec.  28.  Brewster,  George,  Bridgewater,  to  Ann  Watrous, 

Dec.   28.  Foster,  Walter,  Bridgewater,  to  Maria  Bentley 


Register  1831 

Jan.      6.  Holmes,  William  G.,  Gibson,  to  Louisa  Hine 
Jan      6.  Blackington,  Manley,  Gibson,  to  Emeline  Sweet 
Jan.    13.  Parke.  Benjamin,  Bridgewater,  to  Elizabeth,  dau. 

Geo.  Leebrick,  Halifax 
Jan.    14.  Merriman,    Rufus    S.,    Bridgewater,    to    Huldah 

Jan.    29.  Ring,    Reuben    F.,    Brooklyn,    to    Ann    Sterling, 

Feb.      3.  Sterling,   James,   Braintrim,   to   Eliza,   dau.   John 

Passmore,  Auburn 
Feb.      6.  Tuttle,  Myron,  Springville,  to  Calista,  dau.  Salmon 

Thomas,  Springville 
Feb.      9.  Post,  Norman  I.,  Montrose,  to  Adelia  Pinkney 
Mar.     3.  DeWolf,    Barney    A.,    Bridgewater,    to    Minerva 

Atherton,  Mt.  Pleasant 
Mar.  17.  Tyler,    George,    Herrick,    to    Hannah    Dix,    Mt. 

Mar.  27.  Hopkins,  Thomas,  New  Milford,  to  Polly  Edson, 

New  Milford 
April  12.  Deans,  John  F.,  Bridgewater,  to  Eleanor  Sterling, 

April  16.  Lonnergan,  Wm.,  Gibson,  to  Mrs.  Hannah  Elton, 

May     I.  Tanner,   Clark  S.,   Harford,  to   Betsy   Carpenter, 

May     8.  Leach,  Capt.  Harry,  New  Milford,  to  Sally  Ann, 

dau.  Wm.  Ward,  New  Milford 
May     8.  McKune,  Capt.  John,  Harmony  to  Frances  Stewart, 

Great  Bend 
May  \2.  Scofield,   George  W.,   Masonville,  to   Mary  Ann, 

dau.  Jas.  Clark,  Choconut 
April  29.  In  Litchfield,  N.  H..  Sparke,  Samuel,  a  Rev.  sol- 
dier, ae.  80,  to  Widow  Sarah  Barnes,  ae.  73, 

after  a  tedious  courtship  of  18  hours 
June     6.  Sumner,  John  N.,  M.  D.,  Bridgewater,  to  Deborah, 

dau.  Edward  Fuller,  Bridgewater 
June  19.  Williams,  Nathan  S.,  to  Sarah,  dau.  Martin  Lane, 

July     3.  Rupley,    Admiral,    Montrose,   to   Catherine   Heiz, 

July     6.  Kerr,  Hamlet  A.,  to  Mary  Chapin,  Northumberland 


July    13.  Scott,  Hiram,  Bridgewater,  to  Betsy  Mitchell   New 

July   24.  Warner,   Nelson,   Bridgewater,  to   Eliza   Baldwin, 

Aug.     I.  Guild.    Silas,    Harford,    to    Mrs.    Mary    Burdick, 

Aug.     4.  Eldridge,   James    N.,    Bridgewater,    to    Elvira    C. 

Patrick,  Bridgewater 
Aug.  13.  Ingham,  Samuel  H.,  Brooklyn,  to  Harriet  E.  Ran- 
dall, Brooklyn 
Aug.  15.  Bosworth,  Read,  Pike,  to  Mary,  dau.  Philo  Bald- 
win, deed..  Pike 

Sept.    I.  Tewksbury,  Jacob,  Brooklyn,  to  Chloe  Butler 

Sept.    I.  Burt,  Daniel  R.,  Springville,  to  Lydia,  dau.  Charles 

Ashley,  Springville 
Sept.    3.  Spaulding,  Joseph,  Pike,  to  Lucy  Stone,  Pike 
Sept.    3.  Carey,  Eleazer,   Pike,  to  Rebecca  Chapman,  ux., 

Isaac  A.,  deed. 
Sept.    4.  Clink,   Isaac,   Auburn,   to   Roxanna,   dau.   Barker 

Fowler,  Pike 
Sept.    6.  Ward,  Christopher  L.,  Montrose,  to  Hannah,  dau. 

J.  W.  Rayenford,  Montrose 
Sept.    7.  Post,  Wm.  L.,  Montrose,  to  Dotha  E.,  dau.  Luther 

Catlin,  Blakely 
Sept.    7.  Watson,    David,    Lawsville,    to    Hannah    Turrell, 

Sept.  12.  Keech,   Josiah,    Great   Bend,   to    Sarah    Newman, 

Sept.  14.  Franklin,  Stephen,  to  Eliza  H.  Brown,  Oxford 
Sept.  18.  Warner,  David,  New  Milford,  to  Mary,  dau.  Booth 

Castle,  deed.,  of  Conn. 
Sept.  21.  Losey,  Ebenezer  T.,  M.  D.,  to  Lucy,  dau.  J.  B. 

Walton,  Honesdale 
Sept.  28.  Blaisdell,    Timothy    S.,    Middletown,    to    Patience, 

dau.  David  Dewey,  Middletown 

Oct.      5.  Allen,  John,  Auburn,  to  Hannah  Clink        

Oct.      9.  Beardsley,   Jared,    New    Milford,   to    Polly,   dau. 

Gideon  Peck 

Oct.    10.  Jewett,  Col.  Simeon  B.,  Montrose,  to  Nancy,  dau. 

Daniel  Cook,  deed.  

Oct.    12.  Stout,  John   (col'd.),  Montrose,  to  Agnes  Hinds 
(slave  dau.),  Montrose 


Oct.    17.  Richardson,  Preston,  Harford,  to  Louisa  Thayer, 

Oct,    22.  Keech,  Harvey  W.,  New  Milford,  to  Ann  EHza, 

dau.  Asa  Bennett,  Great  Bend 
Oct.    28.  Catlin,  Erastus,  Dundaff,  to  Eunice  Quick,  Wya- 

Nov.     5.  Ainey,  John,  Brooklyn,  to  Elizabeth  Kettle,  Bridge- 
Nov.     5.  Quick,  Stephen,  Great  Bend,  to  Polly,  dau.  Joseph 

Henderson,  Great  Bend 
Nov.  16.  Roe,  John,  Honesdale,  to  Ruth  Sayer,  Montrose 
Dec.  26.  Read,  Abel,  Jr.,  Harford,  to  Alvira  Guile,  Harford 
Dec.   26.  Cassporons,  John  V.,  Lawsville,  to  Irene  Churchill, 

Dec.   28.  Smith,  Harry,  Lawsville,  to  Julia  Ann  Buck,  oldest 

dau.  of  William  Buck,  Great  Bend 
Dec.   29.  Chamberlin,    Joab,    Choconut,   to    Rebecca    Dean, 


Independent  Volunteer  1832 

Oct.      4.  Dimock,  Davis,  Jr.,  Bridgewater,  to  Maria  Ward, 

New  Milford 
Oct.      3.  Shearer,  James  T.,  Choconut,  to  Matilda  Baldwin, 

Oct.      3.  Allen,   Hiram,   Bridgewater,  to   Melissa   Downer, 

Oct.    22.  Rogers,   Rev.    Seth,    New   York,   to   Amanda   B. 

Gregory,  Bridgewater 
Oct.    24.  Searle,  Leonard,  Montrose,  to  Lydia  C.  Dimock, 

dau.  Elder  Dimock 
Oct.    24.  Cruser,  Henry,  Bridgewater,  to  Julia,  dau.   Bela 

Jones,  Bridgewater 
Oct.    28.  Hitchcock,  Benjamin,  Springville,  to  Permelia  A. 

Gere,  Kent,  Conn. 
Oct.    18.  Williams,   Alonzo,    Bridgewater,    to    Mrs.   Emma 

Williams,  Otsego,  N.  Y. 
Oct.    19.  Messenger,     Cyrus    J.,     Bridgewater,     to     Lydia 

Blowers,  dau.  John 
Nov.     8.  Taylor,  Ethael,  Wyalusing,  to  Mary  Immira  Stev- 
ens, Pike,  Pa.,  dau.  of  Samuel 
Nov.  12.  Loomis,  Elisha   N.,   Harford,  to  Roena  Capron, 



Nov.  12.  Aldrich,  Hosea,  Harford,  to  Lovina  Plumb,  Har- 

Nov.  19.  Chamberlin,  Samuel  S.,  Harford,  to  Rhoda  E. 
Abel,  Gibson 

Nov.  21.  Lathrop,  Col.  Daniel,  Bridgewater,  to  Emily  Eld- 
ridge,  Groton,  N.  Y. 

Nov.       .  Lumn,  C.  B.,  Braintrim,  to  Susan  Taylor,  

Susquelmnna  Register 

Jan.  I.  Jackson,  Ruel,  Great  Bend,  to  Loduskv  H.  Cham- 

Jan.  I.  Wilcox,  Daniel  B.,  Honesdale,  to  Catherine,  dau. 
J.  B.  Walton 

Jan.     3.  Bailey,  Jacob,  Delhi,  N.  Y.,  to  Delilah  Sprague 

Jan.  4.  McCoUum,  Hugh,  Bridgewater,  to  Polly  Ann 
Brewster,  Bridgewater 

Jan.  II.  Spencer,  Daniel,  Tunkhannock,  to  Mrs.  Tinkham, 

Jan.  26.  Lucky,  Wm.,  Lawsville,  to  Araminta,  dau.  Stephen 
Barnum,  Lawsville 

Feb.  I.  Ives,  A.  K.,  Lawsville,  to  Sally  Hawley,  New  Mil- 

Feb.  I.  Butler,  Lord,  Wilkes-Barre,  to  Abi  W.,  dau. 
Joseph  Slocum 

Feb.  2.  Mills,  Clark,  Vermont,  to  Fanny  Cook,  Bridge- 

Feb.  5.  Camp,  Isaac  L.,  Wyalusing,  to  Hannah  Caswell, 

Feb.  6.  West,  David,  New  Vermont,  N.  Y.,  to  Rachel 
Stoddard,  Bridgewater 

Feb.  7.  Bentley,  Benj.  S.,  Bridgewater,  to  Hannah  Fitch, 
Eaten,  N.  Y. 

Feb.  21.  Fallin,  Patrick,  Silver  Lake,  to  Mary  Sauney, 
Silver  Lake 

Feb.  22.  Overfield,  Moses,  Braintrim,  to  Fairlec  Lummis, 

Feb.  24.  Woodward,  Russell,  Lenox,  to  Louisa  Tiffany, 

Feb.  26.  Lusk,  Franklin,  Binghamton,  to  Jane  Niven,  Great 

Feb.  29.  Tupper,  Levi  C,  Rush,  to  Maria  Stone,  Middle- 

Feb.  29.  Roberts,  Zina,  Bridgewater,  to  Mary,  dau.  Col. 
Fredk.  Bailey,  Brooklyn 


Mar.     I.  Butts,   P.   P.,   Binghamton,  to   Susan   Lockwood, 

Mar,  II.  Howard,    Nathan    C,    Lawsville,    to    Olive    Fisk, 

Great  Bend 
April    2.  Phinny,    Thomas    P.,    Dundaff,    to    Elizabeth    B. 

Howell,  Elizabeth,  N.  J. 
April  II.  Welch,    David,    Morris,    N.   J.,   to   Hannah    Car- 

michael,  Bridgewater 
April  II.  Plumb,  Egbert  J.,   Honesdale,  to  Maria   Horton, 

April  24.  Plumpelly,  Geo.  J.,  to  Susan  Plumpelly 
April  27.  Tingley,  Benj.,  Herrick,  to  Betsy  Clark 
May     3.  Tiffany,  Orval,  Harford,  to  Mary  Marcy,  dau.  John 

May     9.  Hawley,  John,  New  Milford,  to  Phebe  Hitchcock, 

June     7.  Seymour,  James,  Carbondale,  to  Ann  Eliza  Howell, 

June  14.  Carpenter,  Artemus,  Herrick,  to  Anne,  dau.  Luke 

Harding,  Herrick 
June  21.  Otis,  Erastus,  Bridgewater,  to  Jane  Davis 
June  21.  Vaughn,    Capt.    Stephen,    Kingston,    to    Frances 

Buckingham,  formerly  of  Connecticut 
June  25.  Beardsley,  Charles,  Auburn,  to  Hannah  Hopson  of 

Kent,  Connecticut 
July     3.  Herrick,  Hon.  Edwin,  Athens,  to  Rebecca  Ross, 

July     3.  Buehler,    Henry,   to    Margaret,   dau.    Gov.    Wolf, 

July     4.  Dalton,  Isaac,  Herrick,  to  Eliza  Miller,  Herrick 
July     5.  Best,  V.,  to  Ellen  Woodside,  dau.  of  James,  Dan- 
July    12.  Simmons,  Solomon,  Bridgewater,  to  Ann  Patter- 
son, New  Milford 
July    15.  Pickett,  Almon,  Rush,  to  Prudence  Bolles,  Rush 
Aug.     6.  Carrier,  Ezra,  Conklin,  to  Ann  Cruser,  Montrose 
Aug.  15.  Wood,    Ezra,    Bridgewater,    to    Eliza    Williams, 

Sept.    2.  Sherwood,  Morgan  L.,  Bridgewater,  to  Lois  Welch, 

Sept.    6.  Keeler,  George,  Bridgewater,  to  Flora   Simmons, 



Sept.  10.  Woodward,  Geo.  W.,  Wilkes-Barre,  to  Sarah  E., 

dau.  late  Dr.  G.  W.  Trott,  Wilkes-Barre 
Sept.  20.  Bolles,  Alexander,  M.  D.,  Montrose,  to  Mahala  B., 

dau.  John  Harding,  Exeter 
Sept.  ly.  Warner,  Eliada  B.,  Bridgewater,  to  Fidelia  Luce, 

Oct.      8.  Chandler,  Charles,  Jr.,  Gibson,  to  Evaline  Trow- 
bridge, Great  Bend 
Oct.    31.  Wheeler,  Charles,  Dundaff,  to  Ethelina  Wheeler, 

Nov.     4.  Tappan,  George,  to  Elizabeth  Payne,  Clifford 
Nov.  27.  Lum,  Charles,  Braintrim,  to  Susan  Taylor,  Spring- 

Dec.     2.  Hall,    Artemus,    Great    Bend,   to    Lucinda    Dean, 

Dec.    10.  Warner,  Albert,  to  Mary  Austin 
Dec.    13.  Travis,  John  L.,   New   Milford,  to   Mrs.   Rhoda 

Chalker,  Great  Bend 
Dec.    18.  Rush,    Peter,    Bridgewater,    to    Lucy    Watrous, 

Dec.   25.  Merrill,   Amos   B.,   Brooklyn,  to   Harriet   Smith, 

Dec.   26.  Day,  Henry,  Bridgewater,  to  Ann  Eliza  Wright, 

Dec.   30.  Fuller,  Ovid,  Harford,  to  Lurana  Barnes,  Gibson 

Independent  Volunteer  1833 

Jan.      3.  Fuller,  Isaac,  Jr.,  Montrose,  to  Abigail  A.  Sutton, 

dau.  James,  late  Lancaster  Co. 
Jan.    10.  Simmons,  Ira,  Bridgewater,  to  Eliza  Chase,  New 

Jan.    16.  Melhuish,  William,  Bridgewater,  to  Mary  Robins, 

Feb.    18.  Brewster,    Zachariah,    Bridgewater,    to    Adaline 

Bronson,  Springville 
Mar.  24.  Prichard,  Burton,  Springville,  to  Parmelia  Hawley 
Mar.  31.  Smith,  Henry  B.,  Lawsville,  to  Laura  M.  Gibbs, 

West  Springfield,  Mass. 
April    7.  Dimock,  Asa  G.,  Honesdale,  to  Marietta  Bennett, 

May  19.  Bacon,  Eli,  Nicholson,  to  Julia  Pratt,  Brooklyn 
June  27.  Warner,  Azor  M.,  Middletown,  to  Bertha  Baldwin, 

dau.  David 


Sept.    8,  Huddles,  John,  Chester  Co.,  to  Esther  Prichard, 

dau.  Amos,  Springville 
Sept.    3.  Ward,    James,    Wyalusing,    to    Malissa    Vosburg, 

Sept.    5.  Roberts,    George   W.,    Rush,   to   EHza   L,    Patch, 

Sept.    5.  Ackerman,  Stephen,  to  Angeline  McKinsey 
Sept.  12.  Bosworth,  Joseph,  Pike,  Bradford  Co.,  to  Amity 

Sept.  19.  Styers,  Samuel,  Braintrim.  to  Eunice  Phelps,  dau. 

Mr.  Bishop  Phelps  of  Durham 
Sept,  19.  Torrey,   Stephen,   Honesdale,  to   Mary   Chapman, 

dau.  Benjamin 
Oct.      8.  West,  Dr.  E.  B.,  Bridgewater,  to  Sarah  Sterling, 

dau.  of  Daniel  of  Braintrim 
Oct.    12.  Post,  Albert  L.,  Montrose,  to  Eleanor  Williams, 

dau.  Joseph,  Bridgewater 
Oct.    14.  Dickerman,  Dr.  Clark,  Harford,  to  Adelia  Chand- 
ler, dau.  James 
Oct.    23.  Prick,  George,  Bridgewater,  to  Sally  Esther  Fes- 

senden,  dau.  Henry 
Oct.    24,  Birchard,   Ralph,   Middletown,   to   Mary   Dewers, 

dau.  David 
Oct.    27.  Williams,  Julius  T.,  Cooperstown,  N.  Y,,  to  Lucy 

Ann  Webb,  dau.  Stephen,  Bridgewater 
Nov.     6.  Thode,  Wm.  D.,  Silver  Lake,  to  Mary  Fancher, 

dau.  Benjamin 
Nov.  24.  Wade,  Horace,  New  Milford,  to  Phebe  Baker,  dau. 

Paul,  deed. 
Nov.  24.  Clough,  Benjamin,  Sanbornton,  Conn.,  to  Caroline 

Bowers,  both  deaf  and  dumb 
Nov.  28.  Fairbrother,  William,  Choconut,  to  Etarpy  Picket, 

Dec.    12.  Warner,  Phineas,  Bridgewater,  to  Emily  Warner, 

The  Register 
Jan.      8,  Sterling,    Valine,    Bridgewater,    to    Jane    Barron, 

Jan.    28.  Baker,  Lewis,  Great  Bend,  to  Lovisa,  dau.  Ishamer 

Mott,  New  Milford 
Jan.    30.  Hawley,  Joseph,  Bridgewater,  to  Mrs.  Lydia  West- 
brook,  Brooklyn 
Feb.    14.  Lord,    Elisha,    Brooklyn,    to    Minerva    Bowman, 



Feb.  28.  Keeney,  Reuben  T.,  Braintrim,  to  Ann  Maria 
Granger,  Rush 

Mar.     4.  Smith,  Jeremiah,   Auburn,   to   Susanna   Bronson, 

Mar.     8.  Handyside,  R.,  R.  N.  Cork,  to  Letitia  Bell.  dau. 

Isaac,  Cork 

Mar.  8.  Broughton,  Capt.,  nephew  Gen.  Sir  J.  D.  Brough- 
ton,  R.  N.  Pomfret,  to  Eliza,  dau.  J.  Perfect, 
Pom  fret 

Mar.  12.  BoUes,  John,  Middleton.  to  Rachel  March,  Pike 

Mar.  14.  Tififany,  Edwin,  Harford,  to  Cynthia  S.  Smith, 

Mar.  21.  Sturdevant,  Peter  V.,  Middletown,  to  Lydia  Pratt, 

Mar,  26.  Benjamin,  Chauncy,  Gibson,  to  Assenith  Denny, 

April  13.  Shoemaker,  Samuel  B.,  Rush,  to  Betsy  K.,  dau. 
Jabez  Hyde,  Rush 

April  18.  Williams,  Aurelius,  New  Milford,  to  Ursula  Ives, 
New  Milford 

June  6.  Lathrop,  Elisha,  Rush,  to  Emma  Frink,  Bridge- 

June  20.  Philips,  Nathan  H.,  Rockingham,  111.,  to  Nancy 
Townsend,  Springville 

June  17.  Doud,  James,  Lenox,  to  Jemima  Halsted,  Lenox 

June  23.  Goodrich,  Orin,  Sterling,  to  Flora  M.  Wheeler,  Mt. 

July     4.  Sherer,  Barrett,  Choconut,  to  Eliza  Ladd,  Choconut 

Aug.  6.  Blowers,  John,  Lawsville,  to  Sarah  Lucas,  White 
Creek,  N.  Y. 

Aug.  7.  Capron,  Orlen,  Bath,  Ohio,  to  Mrs.  Waitstill  Aid- 
rich,  Harford 

Sept.  I.  Badger,  Fredk.,  New  Milford,  to  Jane,  dau.  John 
L.  Travis 

Sept.  5.  Potter,  Riley,  Springville,  to  Lorena  Palmer, 

Sept.  15.  Bosworth,  Lewis,  Pike,  to  Sarah,  dau.  John  Han- 

Sept.  19.  Gary,  Daniel,  New  Troy,  Pa.,  to  Mary  Ann  Tupper, 

Sept.  22.  Melhuish,  John,  to  Ann,  dau.  Robert  Antrell,  New 


Sept.  29.  Raynsford,   Joshua   W.,    Montrose,   to   Lydia   H. 

Treadway,  Salem,  Conn. 
Sept.  22.  Park,     Hiram,     Bridgewater,     to     Emereth,     dau. 

Samuel  Baldwin 
Oct.    10.  Osmon,  Andrew,  to  Abigail  Tennant,  New  Milford 
Oct.    17.  Mattison,   Solomon,  Jr.,  Jackson,  to  Mrs.  Phebe 

Ann  Brown,  New  Milford 
Nov.  19.  Loud,  John,   Georgia,   to   Margt.   St.   Leon,   dau. 

Dr.  Barstow,  Wysox 
Nov.  25.  Bull,  Geo.  H.,  Towanda,  to  Lucy  Lathrop,  Orwell 
Dec.     4.  Smedly,  John,  Great  Bend,  to  Lucy  Taylor,  Great 

Dec.  24.  Fowler,  Samuel,  Pike,  to  Sarah,  dau.  John  Powell, 

deceased,  Great  Bend 

Independent  Volunteer  1834 

Jan.  I.  Mann,  Joseph,  Choconut,  to  Harriet  Porter,  Choco- 

Jan.  I.  Hayzee,  Oliver,  Truxton,  N.  Y.,  to  Amy  New- 
comb,  Bridgewater 

Jan.  I.  Harris,  Dr.  Isaac  D.,  Rush,  to  Rachel  Baker, 

Jan.  I.  Taylor,  William,  Choconut,  to  Sally  Caswell,  Mid- 

Jan.  24.  Bush,  Caleb,  Bridgewater,  to  Mary  Daniels,  Bridge- 

Jan.  24.  Holcomb,  Salmon,  Coventry,  N.  Y.,  to  Olive  Wall- 
ing, Montrose 

Feb.  18.  Hibbard,  Hiram,  Canterbury,  Ct.,  to  Elizabeth  M. 
Justin,  Springville 

Feb.  19.  Kent,  Henry  W.,  Brooklyn,  to  Rhoda  Palmer, 

Feb.  25.  Sturdevant,  Jacob,  Braintrim,  to  Maria  Lathrop, 

Feb.    18.  Bennett,  Elias,  to  Jane  Phippins 

Mar.  19.  DeWitt,  Silas,  Harmony,  to  Phebe  Smith,  Dimock 

Mar.  20.  Stone,  Richard,  Dimock,  to  Henrietta  Stephens, 

May  28.  Peck,  Rev.  Alfred,  to  Matilda  Nickerson 

May  19.  Johnson,  Robert  Charles,  to  Mary  Elizabeth  Plum- 
pelly,  dau.  James,  Owego,  N.  Y. 

May  25.  Hall,  James  R.,  to  Mary  Sutliff,  Orwell,  Pa. 

May  27.  Grififin,  Henry,  Tioga,  to  Mary  Dodge,  dau.  Daniel, 
Owego,  N.  Y. 


July     6.  Greele,  Wm.,  Esq.,  Bethany,  to  Olive  Messenger, 

July      3.  Gregory,  Abij ah,  Dimock,  to  Hannah  Lane,  Dimock 
July    16.  Wartrous,  Orrin,  Lawsville,  to  Jane  Smith,  dau. 

Capt.  Roswel 
Aug.  28.  Birchard,  E.  L.,  Rush,  to  Eunice  Eldridge,  Choco- 

Sept.  II.  Gridley,    Chauncey,    Orwell,    to    Sophia    Morgan, 

Sept.  14.  Palmer,  Eden.  New  Milford,  to  Mary  Ann  McKin- 

ney.  New  Milford 
Sept.  13.  Mack  Alfred,  Brooklyn,  to  Betsey  Jewett,  Brooklyn 
Sept.  16.  Virgil,  Almon,  Cazenovia,  N.  Y.,  to  Almira  Stone, 

Oct.    28.  Lathrop,    Marvin,    Rush,    to    Permelia    Wheeler, 

Oct.    29.  Gregor}^    Nehemiah,   Dimock,   to   Belinda   Sweet, 

Oct.    30.  Shay,     Theodorus,     Bridgewater,     to     Elizabeth 

McCady,  Bridgewater 
Oct.    II.  Mott.  Elder  W.  K.,  Middletown,  to  Abigail  Skin- 
ner, Braintrim 
Nov.  10.  Corey,  Joseph  H.,  to  Fanny  Rogers 

Wells,  Reuben,  Jr.,  Bridgewater,  to  Nancy  Deans, 

dau.  Joseph,  Woodstock,  Conn. 
Williams,   Orlando,   Bridgewater,  to   Cinda  Rilla 

Nickerson,  dau.  Hezekiah 
Dec.     4.  Turner,  Nelson,  to  Polly  White 
Dec.    18.  Kingsbury,   Lieut.   Joseph,   Towanda,   to   Matilda 

Mix,  dau.  Col.  Hiram 
Nov.   10.  Chandler,    Stephen,    Gibson,    to    Caroline    Sarah 

Packer,  Brooklyn 
Dec.   31.  Eaton,  Emmons,  Canaan,  to  Ruth  Green  Dimock, 

Dec.  24.  Caswell,   Ozias   B.,   Middletown,   to   Caroline   M. 

Lambert,  Wyalusing 
Jan      I.  Smith,  Thomas  B.,  Lawsville,  to  Amelia  Brewster, 

Coventry,  Conn. 
Nov.  23.  Chandler,  James,  Jr.,  Gibson,  to  Lucy  L.  Carpenter, 

Nov.  2^.  Blakeslee,  George,  Dimock,  to  Loesa  Thayer,  Har- 


June  17.  Dodge,  Jeremiah  E.,  Michigan,  to  Roena  Ashley, 

Cash,    David,   Towanda,   to    Mary   Ann   Spencer, 

E.  Hadam  Co. 
June  22.  Spalding,  John  M.,  Bradford,  to  Elizabeth  Hews, 

Lycoming  Co. 
Oct.    16.  Davis,  Enoch,  Luzerne  Co.,  to  Lydia  Camp 

Register  and  N.  Penna. 

Jan.  I.  Adams,  Samuel,  Brooklyn,  to  Hannah  M.  Bissell, 

Jan.  15.  Coone,  Matthew  B.,  Hastings,  N.  Y.,  to  Emily, 
dau.  Jason  Wiswell,  New  Milford 

Jan.  19.  Warfield,  Ephraim,  Montrose,  to  Mrs.  Mary 

Jan.  23.  Burton,  James,  Silver  Lake,  to  Mary  Pattison, 
Silver  Lake 

Jan.  26.  Sutphim,  Richard  L.,  Hunterdon,  N.  J.,  to  Mary, 
dau.  Calvin  Summers,  New  Milford 

Jan.  30.  McAllister,  Hiram,  Choconut,  to  Orilla,  dau.  Ste- 
phen Fox,  Tioga,  N.  Y. 

Feb.  9.  King,  John  F.,  Cortland,  N.  Y.,  to  Mary  Ann,  dau. 
Nicholas  McCarty,  N.  Y. 

Feb,  9.  Williams,  Solomon  R.,  to  Jane,  dau,  Thomas  Dean, 
New  Milford 

Feb.  20.  Langley,  Harry,  Great  Bend,  to  Roxy  Ann  Trow- 
bridge, Great  Bend 

Feb.  24.  Bissell,  Dr.  Wm.,  Choconut,  to  Parthena  Webster, 

Mar.  2.  Hinds,  John  B.,  Bridgewater,  to  Sarah  Wood, 

Mar.  5.  Campbell.  John,  Dimock,  to  Meriander  Sloat, 

Mar.  6.  Welch,  Charles,  Bridgewater,  to  Margaretta  Coss, 

Mar.  12.  Newton,  Loren,  Dimock,  to  Emily  Wilcox,  Hones- 

Mar.  18.  Bennett,  Elias.  Auburn,  to  Jane  Phippins,  Auburn 

Mar.  25.  Bliss,  C.  T.,  Bainbridge,  N.  Y..,  to  Nancy  Bost- 
wick.  Principal  of  Ladies'  School,  Binghamton 

Mar.  30.  Sherman,  David  C.  Bridgewater,  to  Almira,  dau. 
Ira  Brister,  Middletown 

April  20.  Lines,  Belisle,  Lawsville,  to  Parmelia  Summers, 


April  22.  Avery,  Punderson,  Tunkhannock,  to  Mary,  dau, 

John  Stevens,  same  place 
April  23.  Roper,  Alvin,  Gibson,  to  Ruth  A.  Reed,  Harford 
April  23.  Roper,  John  J.,  Gibson,  to  Lucia  C.  Roper,  Gibson 
April  24.  Ingham,   Jonas,    Wyalusing,    to    Diantha   Gibson, 

April  27.  VanAuken,   Benjamin,   Brooklyn,  to   Susan,   dau. 

Elisha  Safford,  Brooklyn 
May     7.  Catlin,  Richard,  Oneida,  N.  Y.,  to  Darwina  Hay- 

ette,  dau.  Dr.  S.  T.  Barstow,  Wysox 
May  15.  Pieronette,  R.  D.,  Friendsville,  to  Susan  P.,  dau. 

John  H.  Avery,  Owego 
May  28.  Hadley,    Archibald    B.,    to    Eliza,    youngest    dau. 

James  Stott,  Carbondale 
May  26,  Spaulding,  Asa  G.,  Bradford  Co.,  Pa.,  to  Susan  B. 

Welding,  Stroudsburg,  Pa. 
June     3.  Jervis,  John  B.,  C.  E.,  Oneida  Co.,  N.  Y.,  to  Cyn- 
thia, dau.  Geo.  Brayton,  Western,  N.  Y. 
June  10.  Wood,   Samuel  L.,   Dundafif,  to  Eliza  P,  Shelly, 

June  17.  Dodge,  Jeremiah  E.,  Michigan,  to  Roxanna,  dau. 

Chas.  Ashley,  Springville 
June  24.  Chamberlin,  Andrew  J.,  Gibson,  to  Amy  Lamb, 

June  25.  Cash,    David,   Towanda,   to   Mary   Ann   Spencer, 

East  Haddam,  Conn. 
June  26.  Bonner,    Hamilton,    Gibson,    to    Hannah    Pepper, 

July     9.  Paine,  Maj.  S.  W.,  Towanda,  to  Sarah  Jane  Forest, 

Milton,  Pa. 
July   17.  Fitch,   Dr.   Erastus,   Canton,  to  Lydia   M.   Long, 

Troy,  Pa. 
July   17.  Pennington,  Zeus,  Springfield,  to  Betsy  Sergeant, 

Springfield,  Pa. 
July  20.  Hurlburt,   Joseph   S.,   Rush,   to   Anna   L.   Estus, 

July  20.  Light,  David,  Rush,  to  Elizabeth  Estus,  Rush 
July  23.  Hosmer,  Rev.  Wm.,  Burlington,  to  Martha  Gamage, 

Burlington,  Pa. 
July  23.  Davis,  Rev.  Wm.   P..   Southport,  to  Angeline  J. 

Pratt,  Burlington,  Pa. 
July  20.  Lov*',  John,  Honesdale,  to  Mary  Ann  McEwine, 



Aug.     2.  McKlasky,    Wm.,    Luzerne    Co.,    to    Polly    Hicks 

(both  deaf  and  dumb),  Rome 
Aug.     3.  Eddy,  A.  B.,  Wysox,  to  Amelia  Johnson,  Rome 
Aug.     3.  Hurlburt,  Ezra,  Honesdale,  to  Louisa  A.  Webber, 

Aug.     6.  Bagley,  Loren  L.,  Brooklyn,  to  Mary  Emily  Mack, 

Aug.  12,  Geer.  J.  B.,  Ithaca,  to  Adaline,  dau.  Hon.  J.  R. 

Drake,  Owego 
Aug.  12.  Torrey,  Rev.  Wm.,  Penna.,  to  Elizabeth,  dau.  Capt. 

Richard   Sutton,   later  of   the   Steamer  Marco 

Bossaris,  Buenos  Aires 
Aug.  14.  Benson,  Harrison,  Gibson,  to  Abbie  Witter,  Jack- 
Aug.  19.  Philleo,  Elder  Calvin,  Ithaca,  to  Candace  Crandall, 

Canterbury,  Conn. 
Aug.  20.  Collier,  John  A.,  Binghamton,  to  Elizabeth  Ann, 

dau.  Lewis  Lee  Morris,  Butternuts 
Aug.  2y.  Hendrickson,  Jacob,  Ulster  Co.,  N.  Y.,  to  Lydia 

Odle,  Great  Bend 
Aug.  28.  Ellsworth,    Philander,   Harford,   to   Hariet    Com- 

stock,  Harford 
Sept.    4.  Camp,  Albert,  Wyalusing,  to  Mary  Ann  Overpeck, 

Sept.  24.  Handrake,  Wm.  B.,  Middletown,  to  Sabina,  dau. 

J.  C.  Sherman,  Bridgewater 
Sept.  29.  White,  James  W.,  to  Rhoda  Elizabeth,  dau.  Thos. 

Oct.      2.  Pastell,  Wm.,   from  Yorkshire  South  Britian,  at 

Richmond  Hill,  Silver  Lake,  Susq.  Co.,  Pa.,  to 

Mary  Waugh,  of  Dennfrieshire,  North  Britian 
"On  land  or  sea,  where'er  you  be 
Old  cupid  is  a  ranger 
You  cannot  come  where  women  is — 
Except  it  is  with  danger." — Ed. 
Oct.      3.  Nicholson,  Samuel  T.,  Wilkes-Barre,  to  Frances, 

dau.  Benj.  Slocum,  Tunkhannock 
Oct.      8.  Wiswall,  Wm.  N.,  Harford,  to  Louisa  M.  Case, 

Oct.      9.  McAlpin,    Albert,    Wilkes-Barre,    to    Mary    Ann 

Wright.  Wilkes-Barre 
Oct.    26.  Wade,     Daniel     N..     New     Milford,     to     Nancy 

Stephens,  Bridgewater 


Oct.    27.  Piatt,  Lenthal,  Lawsville,  to  Elizabeth,  dau.  Seth 
Hall,  Lawsville 

Independent  Volunteer  1835 

Jan.      I.  Burns,  Jonathan,  Jr.,  Clifford,  to  Eliza  Read,  Har- 
Jan.    17.  McMillan,  Daniel,  New  Milford,  to  Sarah  Leach, 

New  Milford 
Mar.  22.  Brownson,  Marshall,  Jackson,  to  Matilda  Norton, 

April    6.  Park,  Simon,  Jr.,  Lawsville,  to  Miss  A.  L.  Gere, 

April    2.  Guild,  Lysander,  Harford,  to  Abigail  Moss,  Har- 
April  14.  Blackman,  Anthony,  Bridgewater,  to  Patty  Welch, 

April    9.  Terry,  Uriah,  Rush,  to  Mercy  Deuel,  dau.  Capt. 

Ira,  Middletown 
Mar.  26.  Brewster,  Horatio  N.,  Bridgewater,  to  Emily  Bee- 
man,  Wyalusing 
Feb.    22.  Brown,    Joseph,    Great    Bend,    to    Ede    Foster, 

Feb.    23.  Foster,    Solomon,    Montrose,    to    Sally    Palmer, 

April  16.  Brister,    Linus,    Middletown,    to    Evaline    Bliss, 

May  10.  Cassady,  Abel,  Springville,  to  Clarissa  F.,  Stephens, 

dau.  Hon.  Philander 
May  25.  Wood,  Daniel  T.,  Ithaca,  N.  Y.,  to  Mary  West, 

May  15.  Chamberlin,  Oliver,  Gibson,  to  Mary  Clark,  Great 

May    6.  Addison,  John,  Choconut,  to  Maria  Impson,  Newark 

June  21.  Beardsley,  John  B.,  Springville,  to  Lucy  S.  Kasson, 

dau.  Myron 
June  23.  Butterfield,    Joseph    D.,    Bridgewater,    to    Susan 

Maria  Sutton,  Bridgewater 
June  29.  Phelps,  John,  New  York  City,  to  Rachel  B.  Phin- 

ney,  dau.  Col.  Gould 
Sept.    6.  Bryant,  Sebas,  Jackson,  to  Louisa  Phinney 
Sept.  19.  Lawrence.    William,    Dimock,    to    Mrs.    Charlotte 

Bostwick,  widow  Philo,  deed. 


Sept.  22.  Robinson,  Sidney,  Catskill,  N.  Y.,  to  Mary  Post, 

Sept.  23.  Weston,  William  H.,  Vestal,  N.  Y.,  to  Elizabeth  A. 

Cornwell,  dau.  Zephania 
Oct.      I.  Loomis,  Confucius  F.,  Sanford,  N.  Y.  to     Betsy 

Lyons,  Great  Bend 
Oct.      8.  Hall,  Richard,  Binghamton,  to  Ann  Hill,  Bridge- 
Sept.  28.  O'Brien,    James,    Silver    Lake,    to    Ann    Stevens, 

Oct.      8.  Tyler,   Sylvanus,   Dimock,   to   Mary   Quick,   dau. 

Samuel,  Springville 
Oct.    15.  Chirton,  Oliver  H.,  to  Clarissa  Bryant,  dau.  David 
July   12.  Patterson,  John,   Montrose,  to  Sally   Smith,  dau. 

Nathaniel,  Clifford 
Aug.     8.  Brown,  Dr.  James,  Great  Bend,  to  Charlotte  E. 

Todd,  Montrose 
Oct.    29.  Comfort,  Henry  W.,  to  Maria  A.  Young,   New 

Oct.    29.  Ustic,  Thomas  M.,  to  Minerva  Young,  New  Mil- 
Oct.    29.  Bostwick,    Perry,    Bradford    Co.,    to    Emma    L. 

Birchard,  Rush 
Oct.    18.  Barber,    Wm.    P.,    Bridgewater,    to    Rebecca    A. 

Adkins,  Rush 
Nov.  10.  Lord,   Solomon  Z.,   Honesdale,  to   Sarah  Jessup, 

Dec.     6.  Darrow,  Daniel,  Bridgewater,  to  Angelina  Beebe, 

dau.  Joseph 
Dec.     3.  Strickland,  Edward,  Springville,  to  Mary  Louisa 

Knight,  Brooklyn 
Dec.     3.  Bell,  Calvin,  to  Catherine  Osterhout 
Dec.     7.  Harris,  David,  to  Manila  Hadsell 
Dec.    10.  Frantz,  Solomon,  Montrose,  to  Harriet  Fansher, 

dau.  John 
Dec.   31.  Steenback,  John.  Gibson,  to  Chloe  Mills,  dau.  David 
Dec.  31.  Denny,  Joel,   Gibson,  to   Esther   Steenback,   dau. 

Dec.   31.  Mack,  Flavill  C,  Brooklyn,  to  Laura  Marsh,  Mid- 

Dec.  24.  Sloate,  Simon,  to  Nancy  Dutcher 
Nov.  19.  Price,    Warren,    Greenfield,    to    Elizabeth    Price, 

June     7.  Sweet,  James,  Berlin,  N.  Y.,  to  Roxana  Miles 



Register  and  Northern  Pennsylvania 

Feb.    18.  Robinson,  Thomas  J.,  Cayuga,  N.  Y.,  to  Louisa 

Ann  Tewksbury,  Brooklyn 
Feb.    19.  Light,  Samuel,  Rush,  to  Nancy,  dau.  Benj.  Can- 
field,  Rush 
Feb.    21.  McCollum,  John,  Bridgewater,  to  Emma  Bailey, 

Feb.    26.  Mack,   Horace,   Brooklyn,  to  Mary,  dau.  Joshua 

Miles,  Brooklyn 
Oct.      6.  Dodge,  Samuel,  to  Maria  A.  Dix,  Jackson 
Dec.     7.  Mott,  William,  New  Milford,  to  Maria  A.  Keeler, 

Dec.  22.  Larabee,  Emery,  Jackson,  to  Laura  Ann  Wheaton, 

June  22.  Chalker,  Elkhany,  Choconut,  to  Almira  Piatt,  Cho- 


Independent  Volunteer  1836 

Jan.  5.  Grover,  Brazillia  G.,  Montrose,  to  Almira  Mitchell, 
dau.  Seth,  New  Milford 

Jan.  20.  Ross,  George  W.,  Pike,  Bradford  Co.,  to  Juliette 
Turner,  dau.  Capt.  A.  Turner,  Silver  Lake 

Feb.  16.  Frink,  George,  Montrose,  to  Mary  Crandall,  dau. 
Asa,  Montrose 

Mar.  I.  O'Dell,  Ira,  Harmony,  to  Ruth  Elizabeth  Benedict, 

Mar.  I.  Wylie,  Simeon,  age  yy,  Great  Bend,  to  Mrs.  Olive 
Adams,  age  78,  Great  Bend 

April  21.  Marvin,  Anthony  Y.,  to  Eliza  C.  Raynor,  Carbon- 

April     7.  Church,  Addison,  to  Mary  Johnson,  Kingston 

Mar.  21.  Blanding,  Major  John,  to  Temperance  Guild,  dau. 

April  3.  Jewett,  Rodney,  Brooklyn,  to  Sally  Maria  Bailey, 
dau.  Col.  Frederick 

April  3.  Woolsey,  Asbury,  to  Parmelia  A.  Stone,  dau.  Lory 

April  24.  Thompson,  Hon.  Wm.,  Great  Bend,  to  Lydia  Un- 
derbill, Great  Bend 

April  2T,.  Gilfeather,  John,  to  Mrs.  Amanda  Maynard,  Great 

May  5.  Mead,  James,  Candor,  N.  Y.,  to  Sally  Birch, 


May  18.  Cannon,  John,  Montrose,  to  Elizabeth  Rowlandson, 

May  30.  Osbourn,    Sylvanus,    Bethany,    to    Lucy    Amanda 

Messenger,  Franklin 
June     4.  Bellsby,   William,    Forest   Lake,   to   Mary   Small, 

Forest  Lake 
June  13.  Aldrich,    Andrus,    Brooklyn,    to    Harriet    Brown, 

June     8.  Champion,  Ruel  R.,  to  Lucinda  Carrier 
June    9.  Young,  David,  Dimock,  to  Abigail  Philips,  Spring- 

June  19.  Bill,   Griswold  W.,   Gibson,  to   Samantha  Gelatt, 

June  30.  Wilmouth,  La  Fayette,  Harford,  to  Harriet  Payne, 

dau.  Capt.  Oliver 
June  25.  Crysol,    Samuel,    Damascus,    to    Harriet    Burrell, 

Great  Bend 
June  30,  Dix,  Calvin,  Jackson,  to  Charlotte  Larabee,  Jackson 
July   10.  Nason,  Samuel  B.,  Jackson,  to  Sarepta  A.  King, 

July  20.  Booth,  Daniel,  Kingston,  to  Anna  Lodema  Brown, 

July  21.  Warner,  DeWitt  Clinton,  to  Rhoda  Helme 
Aug.     8.  Stroud,  John,  to  Elvira  Kingsley,  dau.  Roswell 
Sept.    8.  Otis,  Richard,  Bridgewater,  to  Eliza  Wallbridge, 

Sept.      4.  Lines,  Philander,  Montrose,  to  Harriet  S.  Greg- 
ory, dau.  Samuel 
Sept.  22.  Powers,  James  C,  to  Philura  Peck 
Sept.  21,  Horton,  Benj.  D.,  Chenango,  N.  Y.,  to  Sally  E. 

Gould,  Liberty 
Sept.  25.  Bunnell,    Henry,    Bethany,    to    Mrs.    Amanda    J. 

Norris,  Jackson 
Oct.    26.  Kellum,  Luther,  Jr.,  Forest  Lake,  to  Diana  Bee- 
man,  dau.  Ebenezer 
Oct.    30.  Allen,  Hiram,  Bridgewater,  to  Adaline  Bush,  dau. 

Oct.    30.  Gaige,  Mortimer  E.,  Silver  Lake,  to  Phebe  Gaige, 

Silver  Lake 
Oct.    28.  Beecher,   Miram.  Pike,  Bradford   Co.,  to  Lovica 

Jones,  Franklin 
Oct.    21.  Hannah,  Benjamin,  to  Esther  Earl 


Oct.    21.  Bard,  John,  Jr.,   Montrose,  to   Minerva   Carrier, 

Harris,  John,  to  Orpha  Phippen,  Auburn 
Nov.  17.  Bennett,   S.   B.,   Montrose,  to  Lucy   Smith,   dau. 

Lyman,  Franklin 
Nov.  17.  Wrighter,   Charles,  Thompson,  to  Almeda  Read, 

Nov.     2.  Chapman,   John   H.,   Brooklyn,   to   Sarah   Louise 

Jones,  dau.  Bela 
Nov.     9.  Stanton,  Joseph,  Newark,  N.  J.,  to  Hannah  Gard- 
ner, Bridgewater 
Nov.  13.  Webb,  H.  J.,  Montrose,  to  Mary  Wakelee,  Spring- 

Nov.  10.  Langdon,  Jonathan  T.,  Bethany,  to  Lovisa  Sweet, 

dau.  Asahel 
Nov.  27.  Winchell,  Gurdon,  to  Emma  D.  Christian,  Detroit 
Nov.  16.  Beebe.  Orin  S.,  Bridgewater,  to  Cornelia  Downer, 

Nov.  10.  Camp,  Nelson,  to  Betsey  Wood 
Nov.  23.  Clark,  Benj.  W.,  Pike,  Bradford  Co.,  to  Betsy  A. 

Taylor,  Forest  Lake 
Nov.  30.  Williams,  F.  M.,  Springville,  to  Clarissa  Lathrop, 

dau.  Benjamin 
July    10.  Sheldon,  Archibald,  Springville,  to  Polly   (Mrs.) 

Dec.    14.  Westfall,  Levi,  Harmony,  to  Rachel  Taylor,  Great 

Dec.    15.  McCoUum,    Alexander,    Bridgewater,    to    Martha 

Dec.  24.  Thomas,  Benjamin,  Springville,  to  Caroline  Prich- 

ard,  Springville 
Dec.   22.  Carr,  Ezekiel,   Wyalusing,  to   Lucy  Ann   Marsh, 

dau.  Joseph 
Jan.      I.  Payne,   Daniel   C,   Honesdale,   to   Sophia  Gillett, 

dau.  Willard,  Gibson 
Jan.    28.  Brundage,  Dr.  Gilbert  N.,  to  Harriet  F.  Claflin 
Jan.      I.  Felton,  Henry,  Luzerne  Co.,  to  Mary  Esther  Pick- 
ering, dau.  John 
July     I.  Howe,  Syrenus,  to  Mrs.  Wilmot,  Locust  Hill 

Register  and  Northern  Pennsylvania 

Feb.      I.  Cantrel,  George,  Bridgewater,  to  Melinda  L.,  dau. 
Timothy  Warner,  Bridgewater 


Feb.    14.  Hewett,  James,  Brooklyn,  to  Fanny,  dau.  Anthony 

Fish,  Bridgewater 
Feb.    21.  Pratt,  Josiah  M.,  to  Lucretia  Hickok 
Mar.     I.  Scott,  Hon.  David,  Harrisburg,  to  Mrs.  Mary  S. 

Dorrance,  Lykens  Valley 
Mar.  10.  Baker,  Nelson,  Great  Bend,  to  Lucy  Ann  Thomas, 

Great  Bend 
Mar.  17.  Wurtz,  William,  Carbondale,  to  Janette  Lathrop, 

Mar.  24.  Baldwin,  Jeremiah,   Bridgeport,  Vt.,  to  Lois   M. 

Smith,  Bridgewater 
April  24.  Chamberlin,  Lewis  N.,  Bridgewater,  to  Mrs.  Mary 

Nason,  Jackson 
Jan.    14.  Maynard,  Luther,  Harford,  to  Joanna  Blackington, 

Jan.    17.  Reckhow,   Isaac,   Great   Bend,   to   Frances   Buck, 

Great  Bend 
Mar.  31.  Carpenter,   Fennel,   Harford,   to   Caroline  Green, 

Barre,  Mass. 
May     I.  Dunn,  James,  Herrick,  to   Sally  Elizabeth  Scott, 

May  15.  Beech,  John,  Nicholson,  to  Mary  Garland,  Brook- 
April  21.  Lathrop,    David    A.,    M.    D.,    Bellevue,    Ohio,    to 

Nancy  M.  Forbes,  Bellevue,  Ohio 
Aug.  13.  Lilley,  D.,  Ed.  Argus,  Towanda,  to  Sophia  Parsons, 

Columbia,  Bradford  Co. 
Aug.  17.  Curtis,  James,  Bridgewater,  to  Sophia  D.  Williams, 

Sept.  14.  Miles,    Reuben    O.,    Brooklyn,   to   Lucy   L.,   dau. 

Ebenezer  Geer,  Brooklyn 
Sept.  15,  Tiffany,   Nelson,  Brooklyn,  to   Parmelia  E.,  dau. 

Roswell  Whitney 
Sept.  15.  Smith,   John   M.,   Chicago,   to   Mary   S.   Raynor, 

Oct.    14.  Hawley,  Benjamin,  to  Flavia  Wellman,  Brooklyn 
Oct.    14.  Hawley,  Ephraim,  to  Almira  Wellman,  Brooklyn 
Nov.     I.  Tennant,  Haveus,  New  Milford,  to  Mary  Watson, 

New  Milford 
Nov.  15.  Nickerson,  Hezekiah,  Bridgewater,  to  Mrs.  Sally 

Ives,  New  Milford 


Independent  Volunteer  1837 

Jan.      2.  Handrick,   Wakeman  C,   Middletown,  to  Urania 

Stone,  dau.  Judson 
Jan.      5.  Stevens,  Edward,  Warren,  Pa.,  to  Louisa  White- 
head, Middletown 
Jan.      5.  Bailey,  Watson,  Liberty,  to  Louisa  Dawley,  Liberty 
Jan.    18.  Eldridge,  Orlando,  Brooklyn,  to  Mary  A.  Taylor, 

Jan.    II.  Green,  John,  Franklin,  to  Betsy  Smith 
Jan.    19.  Summers,  Levi,  to  Mrs.  Sally  B.  Smith,  Franklin 
Jan.    19.  Peckins,    Isaac,    Jr.,    Bridgewater,    to    Margaret 

Smith,  Bridgewater 
Jan.    15.  Mapes,  Emery,  Dundaff,  to  Zore  M.   Severance, 

Feb.      I.  McCollum,    Daniel,    Bridgewater,    to    Theodosia 

Curtis,  dau.  Nathaniel 
Feb.      2.  Melon,  William,  Bridgewater,  to  Joanna  Newman 
Feb.      9.  Gaylord,  Chauncey  T.,  Braintrim,  to  Jane  Camp- 
bell, Windham 
Feb.    21.  Patrick,  H.  W.,  Montrose,  to  A.  L.  Bard,  Bridge- 
Feb.      2.  Turrell,  L.  Miner,  to  Lovisa  Griffis,  Jackson 
Feb.      7.  Mitchell,  Norman,  to  Eliza  S.  Halsey 
Feb.      2.  Gartley,  Samuel  W.,  Friendsville,  to  Anne  Hudson, 

London,  England 
Feb.      2.  Blakeslee,  Hiram,  Springville,  to  Amanda  Whipple 
Feb.      2.  Hinds,  Abanoam,  Jr.,  to  Jane  Fowler 
Feb.      2.  Holbrook,  Benjamin,  to  Ruth  Hinds 
Mar.     8.  Kent,  Stewart,  Brooklyn,  to  Harriet  Watrous,  dau. 

Col.  Joseph 
Mar.  15.  Deans,  James,  to  Charlotte  Park,  Franklin 
Mar.  14.  McKinstry,  Alexander,  New  Germantown,  N.  J., 

to  Emily  Leach,  dau.  Capt.  Hezekiah 
Mar.  14.  Tingley,  Almon,  Harford,  to  Mary  Scoville,  Har- 
Mar.     6.  Blanchard,  Joseph,  Musician,  Great  Bend,  to  Mary 

Jones,  New  Troy 
Mar.  16.  Brock,  Fredk.,  Jr.,  Forest  Lake,  to  Lavinia  Bald- 
win, Forest  Lake 
Feb.    21.  Baldwin,  Chapman,  to  Lucy  Nichols 
Mar.  30.  Paine,   William,    Canaan,   to    Harriet    Blanchard, 


April    6.  Jackson,  Orton  S.,  Carbondale,  to  Hannah  Rice, 

May  10.  Warner,  Seth,  Forest  Lake,  to  Minerva  K.  Taylor, 

Forest  Lake 
May  10.  Shipman,  Nathan,  Bridgewater,  to  Mrs.  Jane  Tag- 

gert.  Consort  of  Saml.,  deed. 
May    13.  Reynolds,    Israel,    Dimock,    to    Lucinda    Miles, 

May     6.  Sheldon,    Benjamin,    Auburn,    to    Emily    Kellog, 

May     I.  Stiles,  Jasper,  Gibson,  to  Saphrona  Walworth,  New 

June  22.  Sherer,  Samuel,  Bridgewater,  to  Lucena  Brewster, 

June  24.  Stout,    Andrew,    New   York    City,   to   Jane    Ball, 

June  27.  Cassedy,  John,  Springville,  to  Mary  B.  Tyler,  dau. 

William  A. 
July    17.  Raynsford,  Edward,   Ithaca.   N.  Y.,  to  Charlotte 

Drake,  dau.  Judge  Drake 
April    5.  Card,  Palmer  C,  Abington,  to  Betsy  L.  Woodward, 

April  18.  Johnson,  Obadiah,  Bridgewater,  colored,  to  Julia 

Ann  Chester,  Harrisburg 
April    6.  Strickland,  Jonathan,  Harford,  to  Rosalinda  Cap- 

ron,  Harford 
April    9.  Brown,  Charles,  Montrose,  to  Charlotte  Kenyon, 

Mar.  30.  Paine,    William,    Canaan,    to    Harriet    Blanchard, 

May  II.  Mitchell,    Henry    H.,    Tunkhannock,    to    Alzina 

Darrow,  Bridgewater 
May  17.  Dolph,  Almon   F.,  Carbondale,  to   Saphronia  W. 

Joslin,  Dundaflf 
May     I.  Crossen,   Patrick,   Bridgewater,  to   Mrs.   Jane   L. 

LaGros,  Bridgewater 
May     8.  Carr,  Benedict  R.,  Washington,  Pa.,  to  Margt.  Ann 

Millard,  Lenox 
May  31.  Blodget,    Prescott,    Franklin,    to    Urania    Lines, 

June     3.  Clark,  John,   Philadelphia,  to  Lydia  A.   Bushnell, 

Silver  Lake 


July  26.  Mitchell,    Seth,    New    Milford,    to    Mrs.    Nancy 

July   30.  Watson,  Jeremiah.  Franklin,  to  Permelia  Rockwell, 

New  York  City 

July   31.  Irvin,  Charles,  New  York  City,  to  Margt.  B.  Irvin, 

Aug,  20.  Marit,  Stephen  L.,  to  Betsy  Giles,  Brooklyn 

Aug.     8.  Warner,  Charles,  Salem,  to  Ann  Smith,  Franklin 

Aug.  27.  Brainard,    Lewis,    Harford,    to    Louisa    Thacher, 

Aug.  28.  Coughlan,  Obed.  G.,  Harford,  to  Hannah  Guild, 

Sept.    6.  Washington,  Wm.,  colored,  Philadelphia,  to  Susana 
Underwood,  Brooklyn 

Sept.    3.  Arnold,  Nathan,  Great  Bend,  to  Sally  Ann  Acker- 
man,  Liberty 

Sept.    5.  Woodhouse,  Henry,  Montrose,  to  Maria  P.  Clark, 

Sept.    6.  Clark,  Aaron  B.,  Choconut,  to  Caroline  C.  Wood- 
house,  Choconut 

Sept.    — .  Baldwin,  Noah,  Bridgewater,  to  Laura  Gregory, 

Sept.  10.  Lillie.  John  H.,  Elmira,  to  Charlotte  B.  Curtis 

Sept.  14.  Merriman,  Albert,  Franklin,  to  Angeline  Frink 

Sept.  13.  Merriman,  Joseph  L.,  Franklin,  to  Mercy  Baker 

Sept.  26.  Potter,  Albert  R..  Montrose,  to  Rachel  Blakeslee, 
dau.  of  Benj.  Blakeslee 

Sept.  12.  House,  William,  Choconut,  to  Eliza  Maria  Turner, 
dau.  Capt.  Turner,  Silver  Lake 

Sept.  21.  Kingsbury,  Payson,  Harford,  to  Nancy  M.  Kings- 
ley,  dau.  John 

Sept.  24.  Fletcher,  Gustavus,  Cohoes,  N.  Y.,  to  Elizabeth  M. 
Warner,  Bridgewater 

Sept.  20.  Hough,  Col.  David,  Unadilla,  N.  Y.,  to  Mrs.  Betsy 

Oct.      9.  Little,  George  H.,  Rush,  to  Harriet  N.  Woodward, 

Oct.    18.  Pickering,  Thomas,  Bridgewater,  to  Julia  West- 
Brook,  Brooklyn 

Oct.    23.  Dewey,  Holdridge,  New  York  City,  to  Cynthia  B. 
Gere,  Montrose 

Oct.    15.  Scott,  Ira,  Springville,  to  Emily  E.  Parrish,  Wash- 
ington, Ct. 


Oct.    25.  Thomas,  Denison,  Springville,  to  Nancy  Bowman 
Nov.     2.  Tuttle,  Russell,  to  Caroline  Stanley,  dau.  Wells 
Nov.  19.  Black,  D.  D.,  Tuscarora,  to  Louise  Marsh,  Pike 
Nov.  22.  Dewel,  Gideon,  Middletown,  to  Orinda  Dewel,  dau. 

Allen,  Forest  Lake 
Nov.  19.  Twining,  William,  to  Esther  Elizabeth  Horton 
Dec.   10.  Piatt,  Benjamin,  to  Ann  Chalker,  Choconut 
Dec.  21.  Horton,    Samuel,    Choconut,    to    Sarah    Glidden, 


Register  and  Northern  Farmer 

Jan.      I.  Kenyon,  Austin,  Bridgewater,  to  Polly  Card,  Har- 
Jan.      2.  Lewis,   Lebbeus,   Harford,   to   Mrs.   Betsy   Scott, 

New  Milford 
Feb.      2.  Blakeslee,     Lyman,     Springville,     to     Maud     M. 

Whipple,  Auburn 
Feb.      6.  Franklin,    Horace,    Montrose,    to    Rosana    Fink, 

Feb.    18.  Halsted,  Lemuel,   Nicholson,  to  Delilah  Loudon, 

dau.  John  S.,  Springville 
Jan.    31.  Barlow,  Cyrus,  New  Milford,  to  Dotha  L.  Hand- 
rake,  dau.  John  S.,  New  Milford 
Mar.     8.  Kent,   Ezra  S.,   Brooklyn,  to   Harriet,   dau.   Col. 

Joseph  Watrous,  Bridgewater 
Aug.     3.  Wilson,  Samuel,  Braintrim,  to  Mrs.  Sally  Cone, 

Aug.  19.  Jameson,    Peter,    Bridgewater,    to    Mrs.    Clarissa 

Hewitt,  Bridgewater. 
Oct.      5.  Buck,  George,  Great  Bend,  to  Hannah,  dau.  Wm. 

Taylor,  Great  Bend 
Oct.      5.  Welch,   John   A.,    Franklin,    to    Malinda    Allard, 

Oct.    13,  Lott,  Richard,  Auburn,  to  Margaret  Lott,  Auburn 
Oct.    14.  Carpenter,   Ralph   R.,  Tunkhannock,   to   Minerva 

Heisz,  Tunkhannock 
Oct.    14.  Pieronette,  John  S.,  Friendsville,  to  Mary  Jane, 

dau.  James  Lance,  New  York 
Nov.     5.  Lindley,  Levi,  Brooklyn,  to  Mary  Ann  Pierpont, 

Nov.     2.  Plum,  Allen  G.,  to  Irene  Lake,  New  Palz,  N.  Y. 
Nov.     8.  Walker,  Algernon  S.,  New  Milford,  to  Emily  M. 

Phinney,  New  Milford 
Nov.  15.  Clark,   Moses  A.,  Choconut,  to   Mary  W.   Bliss, 

Owego,  N.  Y. 


Nov.  28.  Keeney,  Luther,  Tuscarora,  to  Arietta  Camp,  Wya- 

Nov.  30.  Ustick,  John,  New  Milford,  to  Ella  A.  Latham, 

Dec.    10.  Lord,  Josiah,  Jr.,  to  Saphronia  Sterling,  Brooklyn 
Dec.    18.  Piatt,  Zenas  B.,  Montrose,  to  Ellen  M.  Lathrop, 

Sept.    6.  Washington,    Wm.,    Phila.    and    Susanna    Under- 
wood, Brooklyn 
Mrs.   Washington's   maternal  grandfather,   Bristol   Budd 
Sampson,  was  in  the  Rev.  Service,  said  to  have  been  an 
attendant  on  General  Washington.     He  received  a  pension 
with  which  he  bought  the  land  on  which  he  lived  in  Brooklyn. 
His  first  wife  was  Phebe,  a  daughter  of  Prince  Perkins 
who  came  from  Connecticut,  settled  in  Brooklyn,  1793,  was 
called  Prince  Perkins  because  he  had  been  a  slave  in  the 
Perkins  family  while  slavery  was  legal  in  Connecticut.    Died, 

Independent  Volunteer  1838 

Jan.      I.  Snow,  Almon,  Herrick,  to  Mary  Carpenter,  Gibson 
Jan.      3.  Case,  Benjamin,  Montrose,  to  Susan  B.  Cornwell 
Jan.      3.  Street,  David  R.,  to  Mary  Ann  Peckens 
Jan.    21.  Shepardson,    David,    Gibson,    to    Mrs.    Catherine 

Felton,  Harford 
Feb.      I.  Fordham,  Abraham,  Jr.,  Montrose,  to  Rebecca  S. 

Bartram,  Montrose 
April  29.  Tififany,  Russell,  Harford,  to  Ann  Ellsworth,  Har- 
May     6.  Green,  Lines,  Gibson,  to  Jane  Peck,  Franklin 
June     3.  Barnum,  Allen  S.,  to  Mary  B.  Hepburn 
July  21.  Ward,  Fredk.  A.,  to  Frances  Gertrude  Summers, 

dau.  Ira 
July   19.  Allen,    Charles    H.,    to    Miriam    B.    Moody,    dau. 

A.  Moody 
July     I.  Belcher,    William,    Gibson,    to    Mary    Ann    Carr, 

Jan.      I.  Barnes,   Jefiferson,    Lenox,   to   Manedea   Halsted, 

Aug.  21.  Tyler,  O.  R.,  to  Augusta  L.  Hamilton 
Sept.  20.  Philips,  Oliver,  to  Calista  Wilcox 
Oct.      4.  Lathrop,   Perrin,   Rush,  to  Clementine   Doudney, 

Oct.      7.  Spencer,  Alanson,  to  Polly  Bowen,  Pike 


Oct.      7.  Fisk,  Ebenezer,  Franklin,  to  Sarah  M.  Cook 

Oct.  26.  Packer,  Edward,  Brooklyn,  to  Cornelia  Gere, 

Nov.  14.  Fuller,  E.  L.,  Jr.,  Towanda,  to  Miss  C.  A.  Myers, 

Nov.  14.  Beebe,  Hiram  A.,  to  Mary  C,  Ellis,  Towanda 

Nov.  14.  Packer,  James,  to  Ursula  Smith 

Nov.  15.  Summers,  Edwin,  Franklin,  to  Sarah  Ann  Warner, 
dau.  Harrison 

Nov.  21.  Scott,  Wm.  E.,  Montrose,  to  Maria  A.  Coon,  dau. 
Jesse,  Bridgewater 

Nov.  21.  Richardson,  Lyman,  Windsor,  N.  Y.,  to  Sarah  S. 
Kingsbury,  dau.  Ebenezer,  Harford 

Dec.  12.  Nichols,  Ira,  Herrick,  to  Mary  L.  Kingsley,  Har- 

Dec.  13.  Jinks,  Orrin,  M.  D.,  Silver  Lake,  to  Mary  Green, 
Silver  Lake 

Dec.  16.  Davis,  Daniel,  Bridgewater,  to  Fanny  Ives,  Bridge- 

Dec.  16.  Thayer,  F.  Davis,  Harford,  to  Caroline  S.  Grant, 

Dec.  20.  Knapp,  Peter,  Lenox,  to  Mahala  Harding,  Lenox 

Register  and  Northern  Farmer 

Jan.  4.  Titus,  Crawford,  Harford,  to  Susan,  dau.  Amos 
Payne,  Lenox 

Jan.  17.  Bailey,  Richard,  Liberty,  to  Anna,  dau.  Alexander 
Webster,  Lawsville 

Jan.    19.  Pickett,  Gilead,  Rush,  to  Mary  Doudley,  Rush 

Jan.  19.  Sherwood,  Morgan,  Wellsboro,  to  Amanda  Brew- 
ster, Wellsboro 

Jan.  19.  Kellum,  Isaac,  Towanda.  to  Mary  B.  Woodruff, 

Jan.  23.  Taylor,  Orin  W.,  Auburn,  to  Philena  Gregory, 

Jan.  23.  Storms,  Henry  E.,  New  Milford,  to  Mary  R.  Well- 
man,  New  Milford 

Feb.  20.  Truesdell,  James  W.,  Liberty,  to  Emily  Young, 

Feb.  20.  Chapman,  N.  C,  Norwich,  N.  Y.,  to  Elizabeth, 
dau.  Joseph  T.  Gilbert.  Gilbertsville,  N.  Y. 

Feb.  22.  Thorp,  J.  G.,  Oxford,  to  Amelia  S.  Chapman, 
Norwich,  N.  Y. 

Feb.  28.  Rogers,  Calvin,  Springville,  to  Harriet  C,  dau. 
Sylvester  Strickland,  Springville 


Mar.     8.  Howe,  James  E.,  Brooklyn,  to  Pamela  M.  Convers, 

Mar.     8.  Holford,  W.   C,  Harpersfield,  to  Flora  Benson, 

Stourbridge,  Mass. 
Mar.     8.  Ely,  Orin  C,  Brooklyn,  to  Jane  J.  Gardner,  Gibson 
Mar.     8.  Reiley,  Gilbert,  Troy,  to  Sarah  Denison,  Kingston 
Mar.     9.  Main,  Perry  J.,  Conklin,  to  Olive  Miller,  Silver 

Mar.  15.  Westbrook,  Samuel,  Brooklyn,  to  Rebecca  Ainey, 

Mar.   19.  Blovi^ers.  Isaac,  Chenango,  N.  Y.,  to  Mrs.  Martha 

Rhoads,  Dimock 
April    5.  Lym,  Walter.  Herrick,  to  Marie  Giddings,  Harford 
April    5.  Young,    James,    Bridgewater,    to    Annie    Walker, 

April  II.  Corbett,   Sevi^ell   B.,   Conklin,   to  Jane  Wartrous, 

April  12.  Lavi^rence.    Clark    W.,    Dimock,    to    Hannah    M. 

Lewis,  Dimock 
April  21.  Reynolds,  Albert  G.,  Bridgewater,  to  EHzabeth  C. 

Ely,  Brooklyn 
April  22.  Blakeslee.    George,    Dimock,    to    Delight    Greist, 

April  24.  Reed,  Eldridge  G.,  Candor,  N.  Y.,  to  Fidelia  M. 

Moore.  Choconut 
April  29.  Riley.  Elijah,  Forest  Lake,  to  Mary  Horton,  Forest 

April  29.  Bingham,  James  A.,  Jackson,  to  Caroline  Benson, 

Aug.     9.  Bradley,    Henry    H.,     New    Milford,    to    Mary 

May  30.  Potter,    John    Hamilton.    Philadelphia,    to    Olive 

Jenette  Salisbury.  Mauch  Chunk 
June     2.  Miller,  Davenport  P.,  New  Milford,  to  Mary  Ann 

Merritt,  New  Milford 
June  25.  Addison,  Isaac,  Choconut,  to  Laura  Stanton,  Cho- 
June  26.  Thomas.  Jesse.  Wrightsville.  to  Ellen  E.,  youngest 

dau.  Chas.  Miner.  Wyoming 
June  27.  Mallery,    Garrick,    Philadelphia,    to    Jenette,    dau. 

John  D.  Otto,  M.  D.,  Philadelphia 
July     3.  Mercereau,    William.    Vestal,    Union,    to    Harriet 

Elizabeth,  dau.  John  Dunbar,  Vestal 


July     4.  Kinyon   (Kenyon),  Austin,  Harford,  to  Caroline 

Stillwell,  New  Milford 
July     4.  Crandall,  George,  Brooklyn,  to  Patience  T.  Bell, 

July    18.  Tiffany,  Wm.  C,  Tioga  Co.,  to  Louisa  M,  Cooman, 

Aug.  30.  Chandler,    Charles,    Jackson,    to    Sarah    Hopkins, 

New  Milford 
Sept.    6.  Smith,     Samuel,     Brooklyn,    to     Laura     Newton, 

Sept.  13.  Carr,  Ariel,  Bridgewater,  to  Polly  E.,  dau.  Dr.  Asa 

Park,  Bridgewater 
Sept.  27.  Oakley,  Jonathan  (Jotham),  Harford,  to  Julia  Ann 

Lewis,  Berlin,  Conn. 
Oct.    18.  Bailey,  David,  Jr.,  Liberty,  to  Freelove,  dau.  Roger 

Kenyon,  Liberty 
Oct.    10.  Kittle,  Harmon  R.,  Bridgewater,  to  Harriet  Smith, 

Oct.    27.  Barnum,  Hiram,   New  Milford,  to  Mary  Cham- 

berlin,  Gibson 
Oct.    29.  Hobbs,  Solomon,  Greenfield,  to  Sarah  J.  Gilbert, 

Dec.     4.  Parrish,  Ira  H.,  Washington,  Conn.,  to  Desdemona 

E.  Gilbert,  Harford 
Dec.   23.  Bissell,   Charles   F.,   Brooklyn,   to   Fanny    Smith, 

Dec.    25.  Hinkley,   Marquis,   Lenox,   to   Mary   L.   Maryott, 

Dec.   31.  Wilsey,  William,  New  Milford,  to  Sophia  Mason, 

New  Milford 
Dec.   31.  Lewis,  Miles,  Jackson,  to  Miranda  Segar,  Jackson 
Dec.   31.  Foster  Wm.   H.,   Honesdale.  to  Harriet  H.,  dau. 

Sylvanus  Jessup,  Carbondale 
Dec.    14.  Ressegine,  Hiram  G.,  Liberty,  to  Sally  T.  Crandall, 

New  Milford 
July     5.  Bishop,  Austin.  Lanesboro,  to  Sarah  Griffin,  New 

Milford,  formerly  Guilford,  Conn. 

Independent  Volunteer  1839 

Jan.    10.  Barnes,  Ansel,  Gibson,  to  Sarah  Bingham 

Jan.    23.  Smith,  Charles,  Montrose,  to  Alzina  Trowbridge, 

dau.  L.  Trowbridge,  Great  Bend 
Mar.  10.  Van  Gorder,  Levi  M,,  Frenchtown,  to  Mehitable 

Terry,  Rush 


Mar.  II.  Newman,  David,  to  Cordelia  M.  Dayton,  Great 

Mar.  10.  Shannon,  George  S.,  Conklin,  N.  Y.,  to  Electa  C. 
Chamberlin,  Conklin 

Mar.  i6.  Jenkins,  Wm.,  Thomson,  to  Lucinda  McKune, 

Mar.  21.  Williston,  Geo.  H.,  Janesville,  W.  T.,  to  Nancy 
Fordham,  Montrose 

April    9.  Stanley,  Elon  J.,  to  Belinda  Kittle,  Choconut 

April  I.  Madison,  John,  Wyalusing,  to  Nancy  S.  Bosworth, 

April  10.  Kelly,  Patrick,  Tunkhannock,  to  Margaret  Brown, 

April  18.  Crocker,  Daniel  W.,  Bridgewater,  to  Lucy  M. 
Huntley,  Bridgewater 

May  2.  Lewis,  John,  New  Milford,  to  Rozenia  Stillwell, 
New  Milford 

May  5.  McMahon,  James,  Binghamton,  to  Margaret  Don- 
nelly, Carbondale 

May  15.  Stanley,  Archie,  Choconut,  to  Olive  Glidden, 

Aug.  19.  Darrow,  Stephen  H.,  Middletown,  to  Jane  E.  Sills- 
bee,  Braintrim 

Aug.  10.  Stone,  Lorenzo,  Bridgewater,  to  Eleanor  McKeeby, 

Aug.  13.  Farrar,  E.  M.,  Harford,  to  Emily  A.  Humphrey, 

Aug.  20.  Jenks,  William,  Middletown,  to  Betsy  Strange, 

Aug.  17.  Dutcher,  Jacob,  Gibson,  to  Julia  A.  Chandler, 

Aug.  24.  Hart,  Philemon,  Rush,  to  Rachel  Smith,  Bridge- 

Aug.  24.  Watson.  Walter,  New  Milford,  to  Candace  Ham- 
mond, New  Milford 

Aug.  19.  Lewis,  Edwin,  Wyalusing,  to  Polly  B.  Lathrop, 

Sept.  17.  Patrick,  Harvey,  Montrose,  to  Mary  D.  Warner, 
dau.  Samuel 

Sept.  14.  Constantine,  Abel  S.,  Bridgewater,  to  Sally  Fan- 
cher,  Bridgewater 

Oct.    13.  Harding,  Albert  F.,  to  Elizabeth  W.  Apacy 


Oct.  24.  Lewis,  J.  J.,  Springhill,  Bradford  Co.,  to  Jane  E. 
Jenkins,  dan.  Col.  Harry  Jenkins 

Oct.  26.  Fordham,  William,  Tunkhannock,  to  Elizabeth 
Avery,  Tunkhannock 

Nov.  5.  White,  Joseph  R..  Rush,  to  Mrs.  William  Palmer, 

Nov.  27.  Taylor,  Capt.  David,  Great  Bend,  to  Amity  Salis- 
bury, Harmony 

Nov.  28.  Bailey,  John,  Middletown,  to  Jerusha  Bixby,  Mid- 

Dec.  25.  Benjamin.  Francis,  Canaan,  to  Lodema  Wilmott, 
Great  Bend 

Dec.  25.  Thatcher,  Russell  R.,  Harford,  to  Catherine  Spear- 

Register  and  Northern  Farmer 

Jan.      I.  Strickland,  Ezra,  Springville,  to  Eliza  Ann,  dau. 

Col,  Thos.  Parke,  Springville 
Jan.      2.  Mack,    Jonas,    Bridgewater,    to    Olive    Fancher, 

Feb.      3.  Ellis,  H.  B.,  Rush,  to  Sarah  Lathrop,  Rush 
Feb.    20.  Blakeslee,    Leland,    Dimock,    to    Mary    W.,    dau. 

Alvan  Potter,  Cooperstown.  N.  Y. 
Feb.    21.  Lambert,  Dr.  J.  P.,  Auburn,  to  Harriet,  dau.  John 

Riley.  Auburn 
Feb.    26.  Kent,  Charles,  Brooklyn,  to  Henrietta,  dau.  Col. 

Joseph  Watrous,  Bridgevi^ater 
Feb.    21.  Kellum,  Lyman  W.,  Brooklyn,  to  Sally,  dau.  Capt. 

Stephen  Williams,  Brooklyn 
Feb.    24.  Whipple,    Ferdinand,    Brooklyn,   to    Mary    Smith, 

Feb.    28.  Coggswell,  Dr.  Hiram,  Pike,  to  Harriet  Rowley, 

Mar.     3.  Robinson.  Robert,  Mannington,  to  Plura  Ann  Jack- 
son, Binghamton 
Mar.     6.  Stephens,  Almond  P.,  Pike,  to  Violetta  Handcock, 

Mar.     7.  Grow,    John,    Auburn,    to    Caroline    Wakefield, 

Mar.  13.  Crouch,  Darius,  Bridgewater,  to  Mary  A.  McCoI- 

lum,  Bridgewater 
Mar.   14.  Gould,  John,  Herrick,  to  Eliza  Gondrich,  Herrick 
Mar.  14.  Blowers,  Geo.  W.,  Franklin,  to  Lydia  E.  Maryott, 



Mar.  14.  Richards,  Samuel,  Friendsville,  to  Lydia  B.  Brown, 

in  Friend's  Meeting,  Friendsville 
Mar,  21.  Fessenden,    Isaac,    Auburn,    to    Lydia    Bennett, 

Mar.  30.  Crofut,  Daniel,  New  Milford,  to  Matilda  Brown, 

New  Milford 
Mar.  31.  Gile,    Horace,    Auburn,    to    Sally    Ann    Coonrod, 

April    4.  Mitchell,  Nathan,  New  Milford,  to  Sally  Stephens, 

April  24.  More,  Joseph,  Bridgewater,  to  Dennis  Wartrous, 

dau.  of  Linus,  Bridgewater 
May     I.  Wartrous,   Spencer,  Bridgewater,  to  Louisa  Gid- 

dings,  dau.  of  James,  Herrick 
May     9.  Barnard,    Stephen,    Harford,    to    Alvira    Sweet, 

May  28.  Lewis,  George  W.,  New  Milford,  to  Mary  Ann 

Kenyon,  Dimock 
June     9.  Dimmick,    Joshua    T.,    Susqa.    Co.,    to    Elizabeth 

Brothtine,  Wayne 
June  18.  MacDonald,  Simeon,  Great  Bend,  to  Mary  Ann 

Davis,  Great  Bend 
July      I.  Handrick,  Wm.  G.,  Middleton,  to  Mrs.  Lois,  relict 

Col.  Lee  Richardson,  Harford 
July     2.  Ross,   Alfred,  Liberty,  to   Crucy  Wood   Chalker, 

July     2.  Bonnor,  David,  Vestal,  to  Margaret  Phillips,  Mt. 

July     2.  Dunbar,  John,  to  Emily  B.  Avery 
July     4.  Sabins,    John,    Conklin,    to    Mary    Ann    Jackson, 

July     4.  Stewart,  John,  Bridgewater,  to  Caroline  Johnson, 

same  place 
July    15.  Gibson,  Benj.,  Towanda,  to  Genet  Johnson,  Bridge- 
Aug.  20.  Bourne.  Barnebas  E.,  Falmouth,  to  Lydia  B.  Long 
Aug.  26.  Gould,  Ephraim,  Owego,  to  Jane  Lindsley,  Bridge- 
Sept.  16.  Payne,   Oliver,   Harford,  to   Laura  Ann  Tiffany, 

dau.  of  Leonard,  of  Gibson 
Sept.  15.  Potter,  John,  Jackson,  to  Ruby  A.  Lingley,  Jackson 
Sept.  15.  Matterson.   Reuben,   Tuscarora.   to   Sarah   Green, 



Sept,  10,  Milligan,  Samuel,  Ellerslie,  to  Abigail,  dau,  Jehiel 

Griswold,  Warren 
Sept.  20,  Hickok,    Daniel   H.,   Rush,   to   Amanda   Canfield, 

Sept.  23.  Fuller,    Almon,    Maryall,    to    Adelia,    dau.    Israel 

Camp,  Maryall 
Sept.  29.  Lemon,  Lewis  A.,  Auburn,  to  Theda  Coggswell, 

Oct.      I.  Van  Dyke,  Wm,  H,,  Braintrim,  to  Frances  K.  Jones 
Oct.      9.  Coates,  Wm.  H,,  Auburn,  to  Jane  Morley,  Auburn 
Oct.      9.  Avery,    Jeremiah,    Auburn,    to    Roena    Morley, 

Oct.      9.  Hall,  Orrison  W,,  Liberty,  to  Aurilla  J.   Finch, 

Oct.    12.  Dimock,  John  H.,  Harrisburg,  to  Mary  Elizabeth, 

dau.  Col.  Asa  Dimock,  Montrose 
Oct.    20.  Blakeslee,  George  H.,  Springville,  to  Jane  Culver, 

Nov.     6.  Morrow,  Hamilton,  Bradford  Co.,  to  Jane,  dau. 

Thomas  Walker,  New  Mil  ford 
Nov.  12.  Butterfield,  Benj.  A.,  Bridgewater,  to  Julia  Stone, 

Nov.  16.  Perkins,     Ansel,     New  ,  Mil  ford,     to     Catherine 

Williams,  New  Milford 
Nov.  20.  Woodward,   Samuel,   Harford,   to   Mary  Conrad, 

Nov.  24.  Button,  William,  Springville,  to  Maranda  Sweet, 

Nov.  25.  Abel,  Gurdon  L.,  Gibson,  to  Adah  Carpenter,  Har- 
Dec.     5.  Shepherdson,    Ezra    T.,    Gibson,    to    Cynthia    A. 

Potter,  Gibson 
Dec.     8.  Wence  (Wentz),  Peter,  Binghamton,  to  Mary  Ann 

Belcher,  Conklin 
Dec.    II.  Payne,  Chauncy,  Harford,  to  Jerusha  Gard,  Har- 
Dec.    16.  Fish,    Alva    H.,    Liberty,    to    Sarah    N.    Vance, 

Dec.  17.  Bissell,    Isaac,    Brooklyn,  to    Julia,    dau.    Chester 

Adams,  Auburn 
Dec.  24.  Warner,   Elisha,   Montrose,  to   Margaret   Bogert, 



Independent  Volunteer  1840 

Jan.    13.  Sutton,    Edward    L.,     Bridgewater,    to    Hannah 
Young,  Rush 

Jan.    13.  Dwyer,    Wm.    H.,    Smithfield,    Bradford    Co.,    to 
Amanda  D.  Whitcomb,  dau.  J.  M.,  Windham 

Jan.    14.  Stevens,   Nicholas,   Tunkhannock,   to   Hannah  D. 
Butterfield,  Auburn 

Jan.    26.  GHdden,  Benjamin,  Friendsville,  to  Emma  Stevens, 

Jan.    28.  CatHn,    Francis    P.,    Great    Bend,    to    EHzabeth 
DuBois,  Great  Bend 

Jan.      I.  Ransom,  Alfred,  Rush,  to  Mary  More,  Rush 

Jan.      I.  Mack,  Nehemiah,  Brooklyn,  to  Diadema  Hewitt, 

Feb.      3.  Carter,  William,  Bridgewater,  to  Louisa  Hickox 

Feb.      2.  Caswell,  Calvin,  Rush,  to  Sarah  Gary,  Rush 

Feb.      6.  Stewart,  Robert  J.,  to  Jane  E.  Gary,  Lanesboro 

Mar.  12.  Lindsley,  Wm.,  to  Mary  Adelia  Rugg,  Chenango 

June     4.  Blatchley,  Geo.  H.,  New  York,  to  Rhoda  M.  Haw- 
ley,  Montrose 

June  13.  Bennett,  James  Gordon,  New  York,  to  Henrietta 
Agnes  Chean,  New  York 

Editor  of  Morning  Herald — "The  old  fellow 
has  gone  over  the  dam  at  last" — Ed.  Susqa. 

June  14.  Baker.  Isaac,  Dimock,  to  Ann  Handrick,  Middle- 

Aug.  2-^.  Little,  Wm.  E.,  to  Mary  J.  Curtis,  Rush 

Aug.  14.  Caswell,  Jonathan,  Rush,  to  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Leach, 
New  Milford 
Wells,  Geo.  H.,  Wilkes-Barre,  Attorney,  to  Char- 
lotte, Hallock,  Minnisink 

Sept.  20.  Clemons,    Henry,    Montrose,    to    Eunice    Helme, 
Kingston,  dau.  Maj.  Oliver  Helme 

Nov.  II.  Hedden,    David,   to   Elizabeth   Wood,    dau.    Rev. 
Joseph  Wood 

Nov.  19.  Bird,  Henry,  Great  Bend,  to  Mary  Reckhow,  Great 

Nov.  12.  Jane,    Benjamin,    Washington,    Pa.,    to    Caroline 
Cooley,  Auburn 

Nov.  19.  Howland,  Asahel,  to  Eliza  Jane  Wellman,  New 


Dec.  6.  Bennet,  Jonathan  W.,  Rhode  Island,  to  Caroline 
Wellman,  New  Milford 

Dec.  3.  Otis,  Benjamin,  Rush,  to  Mary  Ann  McCarty, 

Dec.  22,.  Withey,  Charles,  Harford,  to  Elizabeth  Taft,  Har- 

Dec.  22.  Oram,  Sidney  G.,  Clififord,  to  Sarah  M.  Wells, 
dau.  Rev.  Wm.,  Clififord 

Dec.  31.  Hawley,  E.  W.,  Montrose,  to  Mary  S.  Hickok, 

Dec  31.  Baldwin,  Silas,  Rush,  to  Flora  A.  Hawley,  Mont- 

Dec.  24.  Millard,  James,  Rush,  to  Aurelia  Canfield,  Rush 

Register  and  Northern  Farmer 

Jan.    15.  Fancher,  Samuel,  Bridgewater,  to  Betsy  Robinson, 

Mar.  19.  Camp,    Horace    W.,    Wyalusing,    to    Adaliza    O. 

Chase,  South  Bainbridge 
April    7.  Wayman,  Joel  (Jacob),  New  Milford,  to  Almira 

Page,  New  Milford 
April    7.  Vaughn,   Crispin   B.,   Bridgewater,  to   Ruth  Ann 

Shoefelt,  Bridgewater 
April  14.  Little,  Ralph  B.,  Montrose,  to  Ann,  youngest  dau. 

D.  Post,  Montrose 
April  15.  Price,  Ryerson  W.,  Vestal,  to  Mary  M.  Truesdell, 

April  16.  Macumber,  Andrew,  Otis,  Conn.,  to  Martha,  dau. 

Maj.  Daniel  Ross,  Rush 
April  16.  Wheeler,  John  J.,  Rush,  to  Hannah,  dau.  Wm. 

Ross,  Rush 
April  23.  Miles,  James,  Dimock,  to  Maria  Meiggs,  Sanford, 

N.  Y. 
May  21.  Barton,    Heusted,    Choconut,    to   Elizabeth    Vaile, 

May  27.  Woodworth,  Wm.  C,  New  Milford,  to  Ann  Eliza, 

dau.  Calvin  Summers,  New  Milford 
May  27.  Richardson,   Willard,    Harford,   to    Harriet   Ann, 

dau.  John  Tyler,  Harford 
June  21.  Seymour,  Horace,  to  Amanda,  dau.  Maj.  F.   N. 

Avery,  New  Milford 
July   15.  Scott,  Samuel  T.,  Bridgewater,  to  Sarah  R.,  dau. 

Samuel  Gregory,  Bridgewater 


July  29.  Bonney,  James  M.,  Davenport,  Iowa,  to  Sarah  Ann 
Parker,  formerly  of  Susqua.  Co. 

Aug.     5.  Todd,  David,  Liberty,  to  Helen  M.  Vance,  Franklin 

Aug.  20.  Stephens,  Benjamin,  Nicholson,  to  Delilah  Rosen- 
crants,  Springville 

Aug.  23.  Button,  Nelson,  Springville,  to  M.  C.  Burdick, 

Aug.  30.  Mitchell,  Thomas,  Eaton,  to  Maria  Whipple, 

Sept  2.  Ridgeway,  Deacon  Debir,  Wysox,to  Olive  Amanda 
Ball,  Thomson 

Sept.  3.  Richardson,  Dr.  Braton,  Brooklyn,  to  Lucy  Caro- 
line, dau.  Joshua  Miles,  Brooklyn 

Aug.  25.  Messenger,  John  N.,  to  Susan  Frink,  Montrose 

Sept.  6.  Baldwin,  Edmund,  Tunkhannock,  to  Phebe  M. 
Fordham,  Montrose 

Sept.  10.  Adams,  James  Wallace,  Milford,  Pike  Co.,  to  Julia 
Ann,  dau.  Capt.  Chas.  Gere,  Brooklyn 

Oct.  15.  Bentley,  George  V.,  Montrose,  to  Catherine  C, 
dau.  Benj.  Sayre,  Montrose 

Oct.  15.  Mott,  Amasa,  Montrose,  to  Mary  Baldwin,  Bridge- 

Oct.  15.  Maxwell,  Volney  L.,  Wilkes-Barre,  to  Lydia  M., 
dau.  Geo.  Haines,  Lancaster 

Oct.  15.  Wells,  George  H.,  Wilkes-Barre,  to  Charlotte 
Halleck,  Minisink,  N.  Y. 

Oct.  15.  Jennings,  George,  Jackson,  to  Almira  Pickering, 

Oct.    15.  Dunn,  Joseph,  Herrick,  to  Olive  M.  Witter,  Gibson 

Sept.  30.  Farrar,  Daniel  M.,  Harford,  to  Mary  Hart,  Har- 

Oct.  I.  Hewitt,  William,  Brooklyn,  to  Adelia  Lord, 

Dec.  20.  Harrington,  William  H.,  Moravia,  N.  Y.,  to  Mir- 
anda, dau.  late  Martin  Lane,  Lanesboro 

Dec.  31.  Updike,  Hampton,  to  Ann  E.  Kellum,  Standing 

Dec.  31.  Knight,  Austin,  Springville,  to  Cynthia  Hobbs, 

Independent  Volunteer  1841 

April  II.  Kittle,  Harmon,  to  Keziah  Yeomans,  Brooklyn 

April  14.  Jones,  George,  Carbondale,  to  Harriet  Fordham, 


April  15.  Collins,  Samuel  P.,  Wilkes-Barre,  to  Elizabeth 
Beaumont,  Wilkes-Barre,  eldest  dau.  Hon.  A. 

April  18.  Sweet,  Almon,  Harford,  to  Caroline  Foster,  Gibson 

April  21.  Freeman,  Elijah  A.,  Canaan,  to  Mary  Lyon, 

April  22.  Beebe,  Lyman,  Franklin,  to  Phebe  Jane  Maryott, 
Franklin,  dau.  Benjamin 

May  3.  Dean,  Judson  A.,  Dimock,  to  Adah  Robinson,  dau. 
Noah,  Freemansburg 

Jan.  13.  Dwyer,  W.  H.  H.,  Smithfield,  Pa.,  to  Amanda  D. 
Whitcomb,  Windham 

Jan.  13.  Sutton,  Edward  L.,  Bridgewater,  to  Hannah  M. 
Young,  Rush 

Jan.    14.  Stevens,   Nicholas,   Tunkhannock,   to   Hannah   D. 
Butterfield,  Auburn 
Baldwin,  Charles  A.,  Bridgewater,  to  Emily  Wil- 
son, New  York 

Feb.  4.  Warner,  Gilbert,  Bridgewater,  to  Miss  P.  T.  P. 
French,  Auburn,  N.  Y. 

Feb.  II.  Mott,  Myron  M.,  Bridgewater,  to  Henrietta  Nick- 
erson,  Forest  Lake 

Mar.  28.  Benjamin,  Caleb,  Bridgewater,  to  Ann  McRoy, 

Jan.  27.  Glidden,  Benjamin,  Friendsville,  to  Emma  Ste- 
phens, Warren 

Feb.  3.  Carter,  William,  Bridgewater,  to  Louisa  Hickok, 

Feb.      6.  Stewart,  Robert  J.,  to  Jane  E.  Gary,  Lanesboro 

Feb.  25.  Norris,  Nathaniel,  Jackson,  to  Betsy  Read,  Har- 

Feb.  25.  Arnold,  Geo.  W.,  Clifford,  to  Mary  A.  Peck, 

Mar.  18.  Lenox,  Hugh,  Delaware  Co.,  New  York  State,  to 
Genett  Conklin,  New  York  State 

April  8.  Marky,  Zopher  R.  S.,  Clififord,  to  Esther  Baker, 

May  26.  Chandler,  Francis  B.,  Montrose,  21st  child  of 
father's  family,  to  Mary  S.  Jessup,  Montrose, 
dau.  Hon.  Wm.  Jessup 

May  25.  Read,  Charles  F.,  Montrose,  to  Lucilla  Mulford, 
dau.  of  Ehsha  Mulford,  L.  L 

June  I.  Thomas,  Francis,  Springville,  to  Louisa  Gardner, 


June     2.  Smith,    Andrew    Lee,    Franklin,    to    Phebe    Law, 

June     6.  Fennell,    William,    Middletown,    to    Mrs.    Louise 

Lowry,  Middletown 
June  13.  Herkimer,  Lyman,  Brooklyn,  to  Malinda  Darrow, 

June  15.  Kennard,    Dr.    George    D.,    Skinner's    Eddy,    to 

Abigail  Lane,  Lanesboro 
June     8.  Brown,  John,  Forest  Lake,  to  Lorentine  A.   M. 

Glidden,  Forest  Lake 
June  20.  Catlin,  George  L.,  Bridgewater,  to  June  D.  West, 

New  Berlin 
June  23.  Bartley,  John,   New  York,  to  Elizabeth  Walker, 

New  Milford 
June  23.  Stiles,  Erastus,  New  Milford,  to  Marantha  Capron, 

July     I.  Haverly,    William,    Auburn,    to    Ann    H.    Tyler, 

July     4.  Terpinning,   Orlando,   to   Charlotte   Any    {Sic   in 

July   18.  Olmstead,  A.  D.,  to  Sarah  Williamson 
June     7.  Beers,    Jerome    F.,    Windham,    to    Malinda    Hix, 

July     7.  Law,  Garry,  Liberty,  to  Eliza  Smith,  Franklin 
July   20.  Grant,  Josiah   N.,   Bridgewater,   to   Julia  Taylor, 

July   15.  Noteware,  Geo.  W.,  Owego,  N.  Y.,  to  Mary  Ann 

Mahew,  Owego 
July    II.  Whitaker,  Stephen  H.,  Forest  Lake,  to  Betsy  Brad- 

shaw,  dau.  William 
July  21.  Stark,    Samuel,    3rd,    Tunkhannock,    to    Rosanna 

Waggoner,  Tunkhannock 
Aug.     5.  Cooley,  Wm.,  2nd,  Auburn,  to  Eleanor  Runnel 
Aug.     8.  Woodruff,  Jacob,  Great  Bend,  to  Penila  Wilson, 

Great  Bend 
Aug.     8.  Morley,  Eben  P.,  Braintrim,  to  Alzina  Lansing, 

Fabins,  N.  Y. 
Aug.  18.  Millard,  Stephen  J.,  to  Polly  Felton 
Aug.  26.  Mills,  Bartlett  H.,  Jr.,  Montrose,  to  Delia  Halsey, 

Fairfield,  N.  Y. 
Aug.  16.  Piper,    Harvey,    Gibson,    to    Sally    Ann    Claflm, 

Aug.  26.  Granger,  Charles,  Rush,  to  Sarah  Bunnell,  Rush 


Aug.  26.  Leonard,  Hollis,  to  Eliza  Lancaster 

Sept.  18.  Fuller,  S.  S.  N.,  Esq.,  Great  Bend,  to  Clarissa  Day, 

dau.  Dr.  E.  Day,  of  Herrick 
Sept.  14.  Meylert,   Amos    N.,   Esq.,    Montrose,   to   Ann   C. 

Dennis,  Montrose 
Sept.  15.  Jayne,    David,   Washington,    Pa.,   to    Nancy   Ann 

Shove,  Rush 
Sept.  15.  McCollum,  Peter,  Bridgewater,  to  Harriet  Brewster, 

dau.  Nathan,  Bridgewater 
Sept.  30.  Webb,  J.  Edwin,  Montrose,  to  Susanna  P.  Hinds, 

Sept.  30.  Gilmore,   William,   Binghamton,   to   Mary   North, 

Silver  Lake 
Oct.    II.  Moss,  Josiah,  New  Milford,  to  Catherine  S.  Lord, 

New  Milford 
Sept.  30.  Rogers,    Thomas,    recently    of    England,    to    Jane 

North,  Silver  Lake 
Sept.  23.  Sterling,  Theodore  Daniel,  Braintrim,  to  Susan  A. 

Loomis,  Springville 
Oct.      4.  Hollister,  Chuzer,  Bridgewater,  to  Mrs.  Olive  Sills- 
bee,  Braintrim 
Oct.    10.  Smith,  Urbane,  Dimock,  to  Adaline  Baker,  Dimock 
Oct.      6.  Sprout,  A.  R.,  Binghamton,  to   Mary  M.   Bates, 

Oct.      4.  Goss,  Thomas,  Sterling,  to  Almeda  Guard 
Oct.      7.  Lathrop,  William  F.,  Dimock,  to  Emeline  Sprout 
Oct.    20.  Richards,    Joseph   T.,    Montrose,   to    Ann    Marie 

Sayre,  dau.  Benjamin,  Montrose 
Oct.    14.  Jenks,  Perry,  Forest  Lake,  to  Susan  Baldwin,  dau. 

Samuel,  Bridgewater 
Oct.    13.  Tyler,   Major   M.   C,   Montrose,   to   Cornelia   G. 

Read,  dau.  Almon  G.  Read 
Oct.    13.  Wellman,  David,  Jr.,  New  Milford,  to  Lucy  T. 

Howland,  New  Milford 
Oct.      7.  Tiffany,    Daniel    M.,    Bridgewater,    to    Jane    M. 

Hunter,  Clifford 
Oct.    14.  Ward,   Rev.    Elias   O.,   Dundaff,   to   Emeline   A. 

Farrar,  Harford 
Oct.    24.  Frink,  Tracy,  Auburn,  to  Harriet  L.  Griffin,  dau. 

Robert,  Esq.,  of  Rush 
Oct.    21.  Barnes,  George  W.,  to  Mary  Williams,  dau.  Capt. 

Stephen  Williams 


Oct.  22.  Hyde,  Amasa  L.,  Lebanon,  Conn.,  to  Hulda 
Chandler,  Gibson 

Nov.  9.  Frans,  William,  Owego,  N.  Y.,  to  Caroline  Slatter, 
Forest  Lake 

Nov.  3.  Aldrich,  Alanson,  Harford,  to  Electa  E.  Loomis, 

Nov.  2.  Barton,  Edward,  Little  Meadows,  to  Mary  Finley, 

Nov.  14.  Crocker,  Daniel  W.,  Montrose,  to  Zervia  Finch, 

Nov.  17.  Hickok,  H.  C,  Bloomfield,  Pa.,  to  Margaret  L. 
Parke,  youngest  dan.  Col.  Thomas  Parke, 

Nov.  10.  Taylor,  Thomas,  Tuscarora,  to  Mrs.  Ann  Bos- 
worth,  Wyalusing 

Nov.  3.  Hopkins,  Rev.  George  Payne,  Pike,  Pa.,  to  Sarah 
Waller  Bostwick,  dau.  D.  Bostwick 

Nov.  4.  Helme,  J.  C,  Wilkes-Barre,  to  A.  L.  Gere,  Bridge- 

Oct.    27.  Davis,  Willard,  Honesdale,  to  Lydia  P.  Sutton 

Nov.  4.  Bagley,  Horace,  Brooklyn,  to  Ann  C.  Adams, 

Nov.  II.  Mericle,  Jacob,  Vestal,  N.  Y.,  to  Phebe  Kellum, 

Nov.  24.  Keeney,  Henry  F.,  Braintrim,  to  Antoinette  Lacy, 

Nov.  24.  Keeney,  William,  Braintrim,  to  Sarah  Skinner, 

Nov.  23.  Fargo,  James  L.,  Dimock,  to  Caroline  Frost,  Car- 

Dec.  3.  Gregory,  Taylor,  Tuscarora,  to  Marcey  Green, 

Dec.  15.  Mott,  Elijah,  Middletown,  to  Jane  Woodhouse, 

Dec.  23.  Scott,  Davis,  Dimock,  to  Servia  Park,  2nd  dau. 

Dec.  29.  Stroud,  Billings,  Bridgewater,  to  Caroline  Eliza- 
beth Fessenden 

Dec.  26.  Adams,  Thomas,  Auburn,  to  Orpha  DePue,  Stand- 
ing Stone 

Dec.  29.  Lake,  Elder  Isaac  B.,  Braintrim,  to  Polly  Bixby, 


Register  and  Northern  Farmer 

Jan.      4.  Carrier,    Myron,    Bridgewater,   to    Phebe    Faurot, 

Jan.      6.  Brewster,    Tyler,    Bridgewater,    to    Sarah    Maria, 

dau.  Samuel  Lyon,  Harford 
Jan.    23.  Grant,  John  L.,  New  Jersey,  to  Catherine  Green, 

Feb.      3.  Tiffany,    Arunah,    Gibson,    to    Clarissa    Bronson, 

Feb.      4.  Smith,  Dr.  J.  F.,  Jackson,  to  Diantha,  dau.  Dr. 

Joseph  B.  Streeter,  Harford 
Feb.    10.  LeGrange,  Moses,  Vestal,  to  Nancy  K.,  dau.  Capt. 

David  Morgan,  Brooklyn 
Feb.    24.  Nutt,  Henry  K.,  Springville,  to  Lydia  Saunders, 

Feb.    28.  Taylor,  Edwin,  Pike,  to  Angela  Snell,  Herrick 
Mar.     4.  Ackley,  Phares,  Tuscarora,  to  Emeline,  dau.  Israel 

Camp,  Wyalusing 
Mar.  21.  Spencer,  Thaddeus,  Troy,  Pa.,  to  Laura  Young, 

April    8.  Parmeter,  David,  Harford,  to  Hannah  Gard,  Har- 
May  10.  Walker,  John  W.,  Abington,  to  Mary  H.  Foster, 

May  22.  Townsend,  Oliver  H.  P.,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.,  to  Phebe 

Ann,  youngest  dau.   Davis  Gere  of   Brooklyn, 

N.  Y.,  formerly  Montrose 
May  26.  Keeney,  James   A.,   Tuscarora,   to   Mary   Cooley, 

June  27.  Beers,  Jerome  F.,  Windham,  to  Malinda  Hill 
June  27.  Waters,  William  C,  Friendsville,  to  Susan  Moore, 

July     4.  Potter,  Stephen,  Gibson,  to  Emeline  Thayer,  Gibson 
July  27.  Painter,   W.    P.    L,    Muncy,    to    Savina    Mensch, 

Bloom,  Pa. 
Aug.     2.  Ward,  W.  S.,  Carbondale,  to  Mary  King,  Sugar 

Loaf,  Pa. 
Aug.     7.  Way,   Wm.   H.,  to  Betsy,   dau.   Chester  Adams, 

Aug.  10.  Wells,  Guy,  Fort  Madison,  Iowa,  to  Sarah  G.,  dau. 

Samuel  Sturdevant,  Skinners  Eddy,  Pa. 
Aug.  19.  Van  Gelder,  Hosea  G.,  Honesdale,  to  Irene  Ross, 

Pike,  Pa. 


Sept  2.  Adams,  Gaylor  V.,  Brooklyn,  to  Susan  M.,  dau. 
Thos.  Garland,  Brooklyn 

Sept.  7.  Lewis,  Elisha,  Wyalusing,  to  Philena  Stevens, 

Sept.  7.  Moore,  John  L.,  Rushville,  to  Maria  L.  Terry, 

Sept.  14.  Barnes,  Philander,  Orwell,  to  Abigail  Wage,  Orwell 

Sept.  23.  Sterling,  Daniel  T.,  (given  Theodore  in  other  list), 
Braintrim,  to  Susan  A.,  dau.  Jasper  Loomis, 

Sept.  30.  Tewksbury,  Isaac  S.,  Brooklyn,  to  Ruth  A.  Saun- 
ders, Brooklyn 

Oct.  4.  Manning,  Rev.  Samuel,  Montrose,  to  Eliza  Barker, 
dau.  Judge  Barker  of  Durham 

Oct.  5.  Bard,  Wilson,  Bridgewater,  to  Charity  Rogers, 
Romulus,  N.  Y. 

Oct.    18.  Green,  Jerome,  to  Polly  Taylor,  Tuscarora 

Oct.  22.  Hyde,  Amasa  L.,  Lebanon,  Conn.,  to  Hulda  Chand- 
ler, Gibson 

Oct.  28.  Bayless,  Daniel,  Conklin,  to  Charlotte  Burnett, 

Nov.  14.  Wright,  Harrison,  Attorney,  Wilkes-Barre,  to 
Emily  Lindsley,  dau.  late  Jacob  Cist,  Wilkes- 

Nov.  20.  Jagger,  Luke,  Bridgewater,  to  Harriet  N.  Fessen- 
den,  Bridgewater 

Dec.  9.  Hinds,  Loami  B.,  Montrose,  to  Anna,  dau.  Rev.  W. 
Brown,  Ridgway,  Pa. 

Dec.  22.  Smyth,  Rev.  Anson,  Orange,  Conn.,  to  Caroline 
Augusta  Fitch,  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Dec.  23.  Warner,  John,  Bridgewater,  to  Jane  Tupper, 

Dec.  24.  Sterns,  John,  Mt.  Pleasant,  to  Maria  Coleman, 

Independent  Volunteer  1842 

Jan.      3.  West,  Nathaniel  J.,  Thomson,  to  Lucretia  Williams, 

Jan.    18.  Corbitt,   Ira,   Corbittsville,  to  Juliette  E.   Bowes, 

Great  Bend 
Jan.  15.  Wilber,  Jonathan,  Nichols,  N.  Y.,  to  Caroline  Gaige, 

Jan.    21.  Foster,  George,  New  York,  to  Maria  L.  Bennett, 



Feb.      2.  Catlin,  Martin,  Bridgewater,  to  Aurelia  E.  Read. 

2nd  dau.  A.  H.  Read,  Esq. 
Feb.      3.  Baldwin,    Jeremiah,    Bridgewater,    to    Nancy    M. 

Tinker,  New  Milford 
Jan.    27.  Roe,  Henry,  Liberty,  to  Charlotte  Tennant,  Liberty 
Feb.    20.  Palmer,    Burdon,    Brooklyn,    to    Pedy    E.    Gere, 

Feb.    16.  Birchard,  Ralph  S.,  Rush,  to  Avilda  E.  Sherman, 

dau.  Jonathan  C.  Sherman 
Feb.    21.  Green,    Simeon    E.,    Bradford    Co.,    to    Miranda 

Feb.    27.  Davie,  Wm.  M.,  Bradford  Co.,  to  Celestia  Beeman, 

Forest  Lake 
Mar.     6.  Burdick,  John,  Springville,  to  Lydia  Ann  Burdick 
Mar.     5.  Huffman,  Gilbert,  Great  Bend,  to  Esther  Birge, 

Mar.     6.  Pickering,  John  M.,  Bridgewater,  to  Ellen  West, 

Mar.  15.  Oakley,  Thomas,  Jr.,  to  Pauline  Sterling 
Mar.  16.  Curtis,  Ira  W.,  to  Eunice  Oakley 
Mar.  21.  Shepherd,   John    M.,    Bridgewater,   to    Fanny   C. 

Martin,  Towanda 
Mar.  24.  Moe,  Silas,  Cayuga  Co.,  N.  Y.,  to  Pluma  Barton, 

Little  Meadows 
April    3.  Tuttle,  Friend,  Franklin,  to  Emeline  Cole,  Franklin 
April  II.  Earle,  Benjamin,  Tunkhannock,  to  Nancy  Seeley, 

April  21.  Perigo,  John,  to  Sarah  Oakley 
April  21.  Lathrop,    Oliver,    Springville,    to    Almeda    Ladd, 

Monroe,  Bradford  Co. 
May     I.  Brown,    Hosea,    Brooklyn,    to    Jemima    Hawkins, 

May  21.  Parmer,  John,  Skinner's  Eddy,  to  Catherine  Sher- 
man, Bradford  Co. 
May  15.  Maddigan,  Kennedy,  Canada,  Ontario,  to  Margaret 

Kelly,  Montrose 
May  24.  Meredith,  William,  Clifford,  to  Roxana  M.  Dimock, 

June     I.  Johnston,  John  B.,  Great  Bend,  to  Phebe  Cham- 

berlin,  dau.  James  Chamberlin,  Gibson 
June    9.  Hewitt,  Chas.  B.,  Franklin,  to  Lucy  Peck,  Franklin 
June  14.  Phelps,  Sherman  B.,  Tunkhannock,  to  Susan  E. 

Porter,  dau.  late  Major  O.  Porter,  Wilkes-Barre 


June  26.  Weaver,  John  J.,  Dundaff,  to  Maria  L.,  Chambers, 

June  26.  Merriman,  Harmon  N.,  Carbondale,  to  Emehne  E. 

Chambers,  Dundaff 
May  II.  Weeks,    Caleb,    Bridgewater,    to    Roxana   Weeks, 

West  Chester 
May  10.  Vadakin,  Ira,  Bethany,  Wayne  Co.,  to  Almeda  M. 

Sweet,  Harford 
May  II.  McKune,  Wm.,  Bridgewater,  to  Jane  Lathrop,  dau. 

Col.  Daniel  Lathrop 
June  28.  Mann,  John  S.,  Coudersport,  to  Mary  W.  King,  of 

Ceres,  McKean  Co. 
July     7.  Adams,  James  L.,  Brooklyn,  to  Lydia  T.  Chapman 
July     6.  Reynolds,   Samuel,  Brooklyn,  to  Keziah  A,   Colt, 

July     4.  Melvin,    Elder    Jonathan,    Dimock,    to    Clarinda 

Barnes,  Dimock 
July   10.  Culver,  Roswell,  Jackson,  to  Maria  Jane  Storms, 

New  York 
Aug.     3.  Little,  George,  Esq.,  Bridgewater,  to  Mary  A.  Is- 

bell,  Havana,  N.  Y. 
Aug.     9.  Green,    William.    Thomasville,    Ga.,    to    Sarah   J. 

Smith,  dau.  Titus  Smith,  Franklin 
Aug.   18.  Fargo,  Orrin  F.,  Dimock.  to  Emily  Kellogg,  dau. 

William  Kellogg,  Dimock 
Aug.  18.  Stark,  Henry,  Nicholson,  to  Elizabeth  M.  Shibley, 

Aug.  22.  O'Neal,    Thomas,    Montrose,    to    Anna    Grimes, 

Aug.  31.  Rugg,   David,   Auburn,  to  Anna   C.   Lacey,  dau. 

David  Lacey,  Auburn 
Sept.    8.  Cooley,    Robert   W.,   Auburn,   to   Eliza   Williams, 

Sept.  21.  Robins.  Elisha,  L.  A.,  Auburn,  to  Caroline  Bullard, 

Sept.  15.  Lacey,  George,  Laceyville,  to  Agnes  L.  Scott,  elder 

dau.  of  Deacon  N.  Scott.  Bridgewater 
Sept.  18.  Sprout,  Charles,  Bridgewater,  to  Jane  Hinds,  dau. 

of  Deacon  Conrad  C.  Hinds,  Bridgewater 
Sept.  20.  Turrell,  James,  Forest  Lake,  to  Hannah  N.  Gur- 

ney,  Friendsville 
Sept.  II.  Fancher,   William,   Bridgewater,  to   Susan   Mack, 



Sept.  i8,  Sutton,  Nathaniel  C,  Bridgewater,  to  Henrietta 
Reynolds,  Bridgewater 

Sept.  i8.  Conroy,  George,  Conklin,  N.  Y,,  to  Emily  Rogers, 

Oct.  8.  Robjohn,  William,  late  Devonshire,  Eng.,  to  Har- 
riet Lance,  Friendsville 

Oct.      3.  Fuller,  Henry,  Johnstown,  O.,  to  Margaret  Thayer 

Oct.  9.  Riley,  Minot,  Auburn,  to  Emily  C.  Baldwin,  dau. 
Orin  Baldwin,  Tunkhannock 

Oct.  26.  Rogers,  Erastus,  Montrose,  to  Mary  Fancher, 

Oct.  26.  Hawes,  Homer,  Forest  Lake,  to  Lydia  Cordelia 
Taylor,  dau.  of  Seth  Taylor 

Oct.  23.  Dailey,  James,  Wyoming  Co.,  to  Zilpha  Taylor, 

Nov.  15.  Arnold,  Wm.  J.,  Warren,  Pa.,  to  Hannah  J.  Rob- 

Nov.  17.  Green,  Wm.,  Philadelphia,  to  Abigail  True,  War- 
ren, Pa. 

Nov.  28.  Watkins,  Andrew  J..  Philadelphia,  to  Elizabeth  M. 
Leet,  dau.  Dr.  Calvin  Leet,  Friendsville 

Dec.  II.  Champlin,  Oliver  W.,  Norwich,  Conn.,  to  Sarah 
Butterfield,  Bridgewater 

Nov,  23.  Hoag,  Daniel  S.,  Silver  Lake,  to  Elizabeth  T.  Gur- 

Dec.     8.  Otis,  George,  Rush,  to  Sally  Cook,  Rush 

Dec.  24.  Seeley,  Isaac  D.,  Great  Bend,  to  Nancy  Hall,  Jack- 

Dec.  22.  Sheldon,  David,  Middletown,  to  Mary  Ann  Guard, 

Dec.  28.  Hull,  Samuel,  Candor,  N.  Y.,  to  Julia  Ann  Oakley, 

Register  and  Northern  Farmer 

Jan.      9.  Coon,    John,    Bridgewater,    to    Lucretia    Roberts, 

Jan.    ID.  Breed,  Stephen  W.,  Orwell,  Pa.,  to  Lucy  Beardsley, 

Mar.     2.  Sharer,  James,  Pike,  Pa.,  to  Caroline,  dau.  Samuel 

Picket,  Auburn 
Mar.  23.  Dougherty,    John,    Middletown,    to    Peggy    Ann 

Minkler,  Silver  Lake 
Mar.  23.  Birchard.  Mr. ,  Rush,  to  Miss  Froat  (Fau- 

rot),  Bridgewater 


April    2.  Nourse,  Charles,  to  Dency,  2nd  dau.  Joseph   P. 

May  II.  Cazely,   Fredk.,   Silver  Lake,   to  Elcina  Baldwin, 

May  15.  Palmer,    Rev.    James    S.,    to    Caroline    M.,    dau. 

Thomas  N.  Hickok,  Bridgevi^ater 
May  15.  Fuller,  Francis,  Providence,  to  Polly  Ann  Vaughn, 

June  12.  Sterling,  James   H.,   Brooklyn,  to   Sophia  Reese, 

June  19.  Hayden,  James  M.,  Quincy,  Mass.,  to  Adaline  S. 

Wild,  Milton,  Mass. 
June  29.  Chandler,   Wm.   C,   Gibson,   to   Laura   M.   Low, 

June  30.  Sturdevant,  John  C,  Windham,  to  Junia  B.  La- 

throp,  Springville 
July     9.  Decker,  Andrew,  Blakely,  to  Emily  E.  Emmons, 

Aug,     2.  Kellum,  Jonah,   Forest  Lake,  to   Sarah  Glidden, 

Forest  Lake 
Aug.  22.  Warner,  Henry,  Great  Bend,  to  Julia  Truesdell, 

Sept.    8.  Lane,  George  W.,  Catskill,  N.  Y.,  to  C.  Winters, 

Sept.    4.  Gere,  Christopher  M.,  Brooklyn,  to  Emma  Smith, 

Sept.  13.  Poulson,   Chas.   A.,  Jr.,   to   Christine,   dau.   Peter 

Graham,  Dundaff 
Sept.  17.  Kennedy,    Harvey,    Mt.    Pleasant,    to    Catherine 

Thayre,  Gibson 
Sept.  22.  Yaw.   Hiram,   Sherburn,   N.  Y.,   to  Ann   Moody, 

Sept.  22.  Cole,  Lyman  B.,  to  Jerusha  B.  Harding,  New  Mil- 
Sept.  22.  Dennison,  Dr.  J.  W.,  Windham,  to  Caroline,  dau. 

Maj.  J.  Fassett,  Windham 
Sept.  28.  Smith,  Richard,  Bridgewater,  to  Hepsabeth  Bissell, 

Oct.    13.  Shappee,  George  P.,  Elmira,  to  Mary  M.  Saunders, 

Oct.    13.  Reed,  Joshua  F.,  Lenox,  to  Almira  Smith,  Brooklyn 
Oct.    13.  Backus,    Samuel    G.,    Bridgewater,    to    Caroline 

Eldridge,  Vestal,  N.  Y. 


Oct.  13.  Barron,  Alexander,  Franklin,  to  Eliza  Crofut,  New 

Oct.  II.  Bradford,  John  W.  H.,  New  Milford,  to  Hannah 
M.  Page,  Jackson 

Oct.  25.  Wakely,  Burton,  Franklin,  to  Eliza  Sturdevant, 

Oct.  30.  Langdon,  Rev.  George,  Massachusetts,  to  Sally 
Ann  Lum,  Braintrim 

Nov.  5.  Wallace,  Charles,  Benton,  to  Bethia  Johnson,  Ben- 
ton, Luzerne  Co. 

Nov.  3.  Grow,  Frederick  P.,  Millardsville,  to  Helen  A. 
Fuller,  dau.  Uriah,  of  Brooklyn,  Connecticut 

Nov.  3.  Ball,  Mr.  ,  Harford,  to  Miss  Hal- 
stead,  Harford 

Nov.  20.  Cote,  Thomas,  Lanesboro,  to  Margaret  Brown, 

Dec.   15.  Cannon,  John  S.,  to  Jerusha  Miles,  Dimock 

Dec.  18.  Chichester.  George,  Silver  Lake,  to  Milly  Briggs, 
Silver  Lake 

Dec.  21.  Martin,  Alexander,  Franklin,  to  Eunice,  dau. 
Nathan  Northrup,  Bridgewater 

Independent  Volunteer  1843 

Jan.  3.  Murphy,  Wm.,  Esq.,  Montrose,  to  E.  C.  Dunmore, 

Jan.  12.  Durand,  Joshua.  Herrick  Bradford  Co.,  to  Betsy 
Bryan,  Choconut 

Jan.    16.  Seeley,  Daniel,  Rush,  to  Mary  Ann  Devine,  Rush 

Jan.  20.  Burdick,  Elijah,  Jr.,  Springville,  to  Lovencia  Bur- 

Jan.  24.  Place,  Anan,  to  Sarah  Fisk.  Married  by  Erastus 
Brown — a  promulgator  of  the  Mormon  Doctrine 

Jan.  29.  Strange,  Isaac,  Bridgewater,  to  Ann  Eliza  Gregory, 
Forest  Lake 

Feb.  5.  Hewin,  Orange,  Rush,  to  Celeste  Newcomb,  Mid- 

Feb.    10.  Woodward.  Albert  P.,  to  Laura  Gardner,  Lenox 

Mar.  5.  Russell,  Isaac  R.,  New  Milford,  to  Melissa  Well- 
man,  New  Milford 

Feb.  23.  Buffum,  William,  Choconut,  to  Betsy  Babcock, 

Mar.  27.  Buck,  Julius,  Great  Bend,  to  Margaret  McCollum, 
Great  Bend 


April  20.  Griffis,  Abner,  Forest  Lake,  to  Lucy  A.  Turrell, 

Forest  Lake 
May  10.  Bard,  Cyrus  W.,  Springville,  to  Clarissa  Kingsley, 

May     7.  Miles,  William,  Dimock,  to  Eliza  Handrick,  dau. 

W.  G.  Handrick,  Friendsville 
May  II.  Resseguie,    James,    Bridgewater,    to    Mrs.    Mary 

Miller,  Bridgewater 
May  15.  Bailey,  Joseph,  Liberty,  to  Mercy  Dawley,  Liberty 
May  24.  Tingley,  Mason,  Dimock,  to  Lydia  Frink,  Montrose 
May  10.  Snyder,  John  M.,  Berwick,  Pa.,  to  Sarah  S.  Wal- 

dren,  Harford 
May  26.  Ackley,     Sterling,    Wyalusing,    to    Mary    Tyler, 

May  25.  Stevens,    Henry,   Chemung   Co.,   to    Mahala   Ely, 

June  12.  Holiday,  James  K.,  Tunkhannock,  to  Mary  Sterl- 
ing, dau.  late  Major  Daniel  Sterling,  formerly 

Braintrim,  Luzerne  Co. 
June  20.  Fordham.   William,   Montrose,   to   Laura   Brown, 

Great  Bend 
July     4.  Gregory,  Joseph,  Tuscarora,  to  Unice  B.  Cornwell, 

Forest  Lake 
July     4.  Fargo,  Norris,  Tuscarora,  to  Fanny  Gregory,  same 

July     4.  Robertson,  Wm.,  Bridgewater,  to  Alvira  C.  Arnold, 

July  25.  Baldwin,  Jackson  S.,  Bridgewater,  to  Polly  Cham- 

berlin,  Bridgewater 
July  21.  Root,  Dennison,  to  Mrs.  Laura  Brush 
July  21.  Van  Antwerp,  James,  Harmony,  to  Hannah  Root, 

Aug.  17.  Taylor,  Amos,  Gibson,  to  Mrs.  Prudence  Entrott, 

Aug.  21.  Toe,  Thomas,  Green,  N.  Y.,  to  Mrs.  Susan  Brede, 

Aug.  28.  Keeney,  Nelson,  Braintrim,  to  ParmeliaK.Tupper, 

Aug.  24.  Ames,  Rev.  G.  S.,  Honesdale,  to  Mary  E.  Tmgley, 

eldest  dau.  Milton  T.  Tingley,  Esq. 
Sept.  13.  Stewart,  E.  L.  C,  Bridgewater,  to  Emeline  Allen, 

Sept.  13.  Smith,  Edmund,  to  Cynthia  L.  Allen 


Sept.  6.  Baldwin,  Philo  B.,  Plymouth,  to  Ruth  W.  Bacon, 

Sept.  14.  Wright,  Chester,  Forest  Lake,  to  Julia  A.  Nicker- 
son.  Forest  Lake 

Sept.  12.  Cooper,  Isaac,  Springville,  to  Adelia  Doolittle, 

Oct.  I.  Smith,  Gilbert  A.,  Brooklyn,  to  Almira  Cole, 

Oct.  18.  Blakely,  David,  Jr.,  Otsego  Co.,  N.  Y.,  to  Mary 
Ann  Blackman,  dau.  Dr.  Josiah  Blackman 

Oct.  12.  Stone,  James  E.,  Middletown,  to  Anorillis  Beebe, 
dau.  Joseph  Beebe,  Choconut 

Oct.  I.  Jackson,  Chauncy,  Windham,  N.  Y.,  to  Silva 
Smith,  Windham 

Oct.  24.  Bowen,  William,  Harford,  to  Sally  Ann  Wash- 
burn, Harford 

Oct.    26.  Waller,  John,  Gibson,  to  Almira  Tiffany,  Harford 

Oct.  17.  Brown,  German  S.,  Conkhn,  N.  Y.,  to  Caroline 
Wood.  New  Milford 

Oct.  21.  Watson,  George,  New  Milford,  to  Malvina  Ham- 

Nov.  I.  Fraser,  Philip,  late  Montrose,  to  Mrs.  Mary  E. 
Willie,  Florida 

Nov.  23.  Webster,  Hiram,  Liberty,  to  P.  L.  Vance,  Franklin 

Oct.  25.  Green,  Leonidas,  Abington,  Luzerne  Co.,  to  Miss 
D.  Leighton,  Franklin 

Nov.     I.  Griffis,  Seymour,  Jackson,  to  Betsy  C.  Dix.  Gibson 

Nov.  6.  Ball,  Horace,  Dimock,  to  Harriet  Williams, 

Oct.  28.  Adams,  Charles  D.,  Liberty,  to  Permelia  Tarbox, 
Silver  Lake 

Nov.  19.  Davis,  William,  Bridgewater,  to  Charlotte  Wil- 
liams, Bridgewater 

Nov.     2.  Harding,  Chapman,  to  Harriet  Oram 

Nov.  5.  Sheldon,  Benjamin,  Auburn,  to  Hulda  Cox, 

Nov.  19.  Moore,  Edward  T.,  Wyoming  Co.,  to  Mary  Gard- 
ner, Dimock 

Nov.  21.  Estabrook,  E.  H.,  married  St.  Paul's  Church,  Buf- 
falo, N.  Y.,  to  Mary  Ann  Day,  dau.  Ebenezer 

Nov.  23.  Moony,  Joseph,  Montrose,  to  Sarah  M.  Hawley, 


Nov.  22.  Pierce,   Dr.  John   H.,   Springville,  to   Amelia  A. 

Griswold,  dau.  of  Judson  Griswold  of  former 

Nov.  29.  Wells,  Col.  Charles  F.,  Jr.,  to  Elizabeth  La  Porte, 

dau.  of  Hon.  John  La  Porte 
Dec.     7.  McCollum.  James  F.,  Great  Bend,  to  Nancy  R. 

Baker,  Great  Bend 
Dec.    10.  Newton,  Otis,  Springville,  to  Mary  Ophelia  Jen- 
son,  dau.  J.  W.  Cory 
Dec.    14.  Passmore,  John,  Bradford  Co.,  to  Jane  Shoemaker, 

dau.  late  Elijah  Shoemaker,  Luzerne  Co, 
Dec.    15.  Burtis,  John  J..  Haverstraw,   N.  Y.,  to  Vaolitta 

Merriman,  Montrose 
Dec.    II.  Ellis,  John,  Pittston,  to  Diana  Gardner,  Brooklyn 
Dec.   30.  Deator,  Peter  D.,  Chenango,  N.  Y.,  to  Lucy  Ann 

Russell,  Bridgewater 
Dec.  28.  DeWitt.  Evi,  Brooklyn,  to  Anna  E.  Wilson,  Car- 


Register  and  Northern  Farmer 

Jan.  I.  Rogers,  Andrew,  Brooklyn,  to  Elizabeth  Babcock, 

Jan.  I.  Dunn,  John  P.,  Bridgewater,  to  Mahala  Parmenter, 

Jan.  2.  Lindsley,  George,  Bridgewater,  to  Laura  O.  Rich- 
ardson, Harford 

Jan.  3.  Plant,  Dr.  John,  Lacyville,  to  Alice  Black,  Tus- 

Jan.  3.  Murphy,  Matthew,  Carbondale,  to  Catherine  Dum- 
mox,  Montrose 

Jan.  4.  Watrous,  Dann  S.,  Bridgewater,  to  Sara  E.  Bard, 

Jan.  29.  Booth,  Joseph  A.,  Kingston,  to  Eliza  M.  Wilson, 

Feb.  2.  Herington,  William,  Bridgewater,  to  Maria  Potter, 

Jan.  25.  Lacy,  Paul  O.,  Lacyville,  to  Mary  Sturdevant, 

Feb.  14.  De  La  Montayne,  Robert,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y.,  to 
Polly  Ann  Foot.  New  Milford 

Feb.  23.  Corwin,  William  T.,  New  Milford,  to  Caroline 
Sutliff,  Brooklyn 

Mar.  I.  Follett,  Charles  H.,  Franklin,  to  Nancy  Card,  Har- 


April  27.  Hayden,  John,  New  Milford,  to  Catherine  McDivit, 

New  Milford 
May  29.  Wolfe,  Edward  L.,  son  of  Gov.  Wolfe,  Easton,  to 

Mary   Gager,   only   dau.   of    S.   G.   Troope  of 

June     I.  Hornet,  Francis,  Wyalusing,  to  Mary,  dau.  Oliver 

Gilbert,  Durell 
June  12.  Smith,  Hervy  C.,  Masonville,  Delaware  Co.,  Pa., 

to  Lydia  C.,  dau.  late  Rev.  Samuel  Manning  of 

Chenango  Forks,  N.  Y. 
July     4.  Hance,  Asher,  to  Johanna,  dau.  Joseph  Whipple, 

Silver  Lake 
July     9.  Scott,    Spencer,     Petersburg,    Va.,     formerly    of 

Springville,    to    Susan    Mason,    dau.    Capt.    R. 

Mason  of  the  ship  Jefferson 
Aug.     2.  Fuller,    Stillman,    Liberty,    formerly    of    Carver, 

Mass.,  to  Henrietta  Webster,  Choconut 
Aug.     5.  Shipman,   Joseph  W.,   Bridgewater,   to   Mary   P. 

Slocum,  Bridgewater 
Aug.  13.  Chamberlin,  Melvin,  Choconut,  to  Orpha  Rogers, 

late  of  Toland,  Mass. 
Sept.  18.  Estabrook,  Joseph  H.,  Conklin,  to  Mary  M.  Ensign, 

Sept.  21.  Spencer,  John,  Prompton,  Pa.,  to  Mary  Ann  Bab- 
cock,  Bridgewater 
Sept.  29.  Ensign,  Harmon  C,  Conklin,  to  Caroline  E.  Lines, 

Oct.      I.  Jackson,    Thomas,    Springville,    to    Julia    Abigail 

Muzzy,  Springville 
Oct.      4.  Tiffany,  Mr.  ,  Dimock,  to  Julia  Hempsted, 

Oct.      9.  Newton,  Isaac  A.,  Brooklyn,  to  Candace  Wilmarth, 

Oct.    15.  Cobb,  Elmer  A.,  Middletown,  to  Prudence  Arsella 

Wandell,  Middletown 
Oct.    19.  Turrell,  Abel,  Montrose,  to  Delia  Catlin,  Montrose 
Dec.     3.  Griffis,  Calvin  B.,  Forest  Lake,  to  Jane  M.  Vaughn, 

Dec.   24.  Benjamin,  J,  A.,  New  York  City,  to  Harriet  F. 

Robinson,  Skinner's  Eddy 
Dec.   24.  Benjamin,  A.   G.,   South  Egremont,  to  Lucy  F. 

Robinson,  Skinner's  Eddy 


Dec.  24.  Terry,  Daniel  M.,  Rush,  to  Ann  Deud,  Middle- 

Dec.  28.  Galloway,  Theodore,  Bridgewater,  to  Betsy  Ann 
Northrup,  Bridgewater 

Independent  Volunteer  1844 

Jan.      3.  Griffis,  Calvin  B.,  Forest  Lake,  to  Jane  M.  Vaughn, 

Jan.      5.  Bennett,  Joseph,  Providence,  R.  I.,  to  Sarepta  G. 

Cross,  Harford 
Jan.      4.  Allard,    Jacob,     Franklin,    to    Catherina    Staple, 

Jan.    II.  Nevin,    J.,    Esq.,    Montrose,    to    Elizabeth    Stone, 

Jan.    13.  Hibbard,  John  M.,  Auburn,  to  Almary  Blakesley, 

Pike,  Pa. 
Jan.    24.  Soley,  Merritt,  Harford,  to  Maria  Hotchkiss,  Har- 
Jan.    20.  West,  Isaac  G.,  Forest  Lake,  to  Clementine  Glidden 
Jan.    27.  Risley,    Benjamin,    Bridgewater,    to    Mary    Ann 

Johnson,  Bridgewater 
Feb.    14.  Montayne,    Samuel,    Qifford,    to    Julia    Silvius, 

Feb.    12.  North,   Anton   W.,    Silver   Lake,   to    Mary   Jane 

Briggs,  Silver  Lake 
Feb.      8.  Finch,  John  M.,  Nauvoo,  III,  to  Mary  E.  Bost- 

wick,  Fort  Madison 
Feb.    14.  Warner,    Eli,    Forest   Lake,   to   Sally   Ann    Cole, 

Forest  Lake 
Mar.     3.  Bramhall,    Wm.,    Towanda,    to    Hannah    Beebe, 

Mar.     5.  Chase,  Lorey,  Bridgewater,  to  Sarah  Maria  Lillie, 

Feb.    15.  Osterhout.  David,  Tunkhannock,  to  Elizabeth  Bar- 

num,  Franklin 
Mar.  20.  Gillett,  Jacob  L.,  Gibson,  to  Almedia  Parmenter 

Little,  R.  R.,  Atty.,  Tunkhannock,  to  Mrs.  Har- 
riet Bruce 
April  10.  Smith,   Loren   J.,   Forest   Lake,   to   Maria   West, 

Forest  Lake 
April  13.  Kinsman,   John   N.,   Brighton,   la.,  to   Lydia   M. 

Birchard,  Rush 


April  25.  Chamberlin,    Charles,    Springville,   to    Mary   Ann 

April  30.  Sines,  Herman,   Dimock,  to   Sally   Mary  Hewitt, 

May     I.  Miller,    Nehemiah    P.,    N.    Milford,    to   Julia   M. 

Guernsey,  dau.  Hiram  C.  Guernsey 
April  24.  James,  Thomas  S.,  Auburn,  to  Sarah  Devine,  Rush 
May  16.  Wilcox,  Erastus,  to  Almira  H.  Avery,  dau.  Eben- 

ezer  Avery 
June  10.  Webster,  Henry  M.,  Franklin,  to  Almira  Vance, 

July     2.  Tiffany,  Charles  H.,  to  Emeline  Oakley,  Brooklyn 
Aug.     2.  Green,  Wm.   L.,  Alba,   N.   Y.,  to  Wealthy  Ann 

Simons,  Troy 
Aug.  29.  Tuttle,  C.  W.,   Montrose,  to  Helen   S.  Bronson, 

Sept.    3.  Taylor,  Levels  S.,  Auburn,  to  Joanna  Lull,  Spring- 
Sept.  10.  Austin,  Nicholas  L.,  Silver  Lake,  to  Ann  Maria 

Packer,  Troy 
June     4.  Smith,  Dr.  L.  A.,  New  Milford,  to  Mary  J.  Burritt, 

eldest  dau.  Henry  Burritt 
Aug.  21.  Virgil,  Clinton  D.,  to  Angeline  S.  Turner,  Silver 

Sept.    5.  Lung,  Alanson  B.,  Rush,  to  Maria  H.  James,  Rush 
Sept.    4.  Chidester,  Adolphus,  Steuben  Co.,  N.  Y.,  to  Clarissa 

Wilmarth,  Middletown 
Sept.    7.  Clark,  Daniel,  Forest  Lake,  to  Mary  Ann  Deuel, 

Forest  Lake 
Sept.  16.  Lewis,   George   B.,   Bridgewater,   to   Elizabeth   L. 

Rogers,  Brooklyn 
Sept.  23.  Salisbury,  J.  B.,  Montrose,  to  Jane  Jessup,  dau. 

Hon.  Wm.  Jessup,  Montrose 
Sept.  25.  Smith,  Wm.  W.,  Montrose,  to  Hannah  Lathrop, 

Sept.    5.  Daniels,  Joseph  G.,  formerly  Montrose,  to  Mary  A. 

Van  Buren,  dau.  late  Peter  Van  Buren 
Sept.  12.  Benson,    Lewis,    Jackson,    to    Maria    L.    Warner, 

Sept.    I.  Any  (Ainey),  Seth,  Bridgewater,  to  Mrs.  Hanna 

Sutton,  Bridgewater 
Oct.      2.  Brown,  John,  Forest  Lake,  to  Lovisa  Hill,  dau. 

James  W.  Hill,  Bridgewater 


Oct.    20.  Halstead,    Nathaniel,    Bridgewater,    to    Fally    A. 

Thacher,  dau.  Orin  and  Minerva,  all  of  Clifford 
Oct.    23.  Simpson,  Robert  C,   Montrose,  to   Mary  Avery, 

dau.  of  Charles  Avery,  Esq.,  Montrose 
Oct.    23.  Eldred,  Gabriel  B.,  Montrose,  to  Jane  H.  Tuttle, 

Nov.     6.  Barney,  Harry,  Little  Meadows,  to  Floretta  Graves, 

Little  Meadows 
Nov.  23.  Fancher,    David    B.,    Bridgewater,    to    Sarah    A. 

Barker,  Bridgewater 
Nov.  22.  Mapes,  David  B.,  Newburg,  N.  Y.,  to  Frances  M. 

Day,  Herrick 
Nov.  27.  Thompson,   Wm.   G.,   Montrose,   to   Betsy   Scott, 

Nov.  12.  Goodrich,  E.  S.,  Esq.,  Bradford  Co.,  to  Rose  W. 

Cross,  Harrisburg 
Dec.       5.  Robbins,   Isaac  W.,   Bridgewater,  to  Lucy  Ann 

Day,  Bridgewater 
Dec.    19.  Roberts,  David  M.,  Falls,  Wyoming  Co.,  to  Lydia 

Adams,  Auburn 
Dec.    12.  Wood,  Leander,  Bridgewater,  to  Margaret  Howe, 

Dec.   23.  Castle,   Samuel,   Binghamton,  to   Sarah   Parmelia 

Picket,  Rush 
Dec.  25.  Wheeler,  Joseph,  Rush,  to  Phoebe  Ann   Sutton, 

Dec.    15.  Wylie,  Joseph  N.,  Rush,  to  Ruth  Elizabeth  Bald- 
win, Montrose 
Dec.    31.  Walker,  George,  to  Eunice  Packer,  Brooklyn 
Dec.    19.  Barnard,  Alfred,  Harford,  to  Esther  Tiffany,  Har- 
Jan.      I.  Burrows,    William    E.,    Braintrim,    to    Parna    E. 

McLoud,  Auburn 
Jan.    22.  Ackley,   Alfred,   Tuscarora,   to    Margaret   Lacey, 

Jan.    22.  Nichols,  Zenas,  Bridgewater,  to  Eliza  Merriman, 


Register  and  Northern  Farmer 

Jan.      I.  Lawrence,    Freeman    H.,    Auburn,    to    Clarinda 

Myers,  Dimock 
Jan.    24.  Grippen,   Martin,   Luzerne   Co.,  to   Eliza   Moore, 

Jan.    25.  Chever,  Samuel  S.,  Braintrim,  to  Clarissa  Grey, 



Feb.  5.  Spaulding,  Thomas,  Vestal,  to  Narcissa  Fisher, 
Forest  Lake 

Feb.  14.  Chandler,  Uriah,  Thomson,  to  Miss  C.  Benson, 

Feb.  15.  Barron,  John,  Bridgewater,  to  Irene,  dau.  Samuel 
Rogers,  Bridgewater 

Feb.  18.  Tewksbury,  Edwin,  Brooklyn,  to  Melissa  Robin- 
son, Brooklyn 

Mar.  7.  Knapp,  Jacob,  Braintrim,  to  Mrs.  Jane  Gaylord, 

Mar.     9.  North,  Daniel  L.,  Ithaca,  to  Mary  E.  Lane,  Dimock 

Mar.  13.  Williams,  Capt.  Stephen,  Brooklyn,  to  Mrs.  Debora 
Newton,  Brooklyn 

Mar.  21.  Chapman,  James  W.,  Montrose,  to  Betsy,  dau. 
Maj.  S.  Bisbee,  Brooklyn.  Recorder's  office  in 
the  presence  of  Almighty  God  and  other  wit- 

April  2.  Lacey,  Edwin  J.,  Lacyville,  to  Ruth  Ann  Sage, 
Mt.  Upton,  N.  Y. 

April  4.  Whitney,  Wm.,  Conklin,  to  Fanny  Underbill, 

April  4.  Wright,  Alanson,  Brooklyn,  to  Hannah  Sterling, 

April  18.  Dicks,  John  A.,  New  Milford,  to  Emeline,  dau. 
Gurdon  Williams,  New  Milford 

April  24.  Tingley,  Francis,  Dimock,  to  Sally  Mead,  Bridge- 

April  28.  Benjamin,  S.  Sherwood,  Brooklyn,  to  Mary  Steele, 

May  4.  Piper,  Daniel  G.,  Harford,  to  Mrs.  Sylvia  Sweet, 

May  4.  Smith,  Hubbard  N.,  Brooklyn,  to  Sarah  Adams, 

May  5.  Pope,  Daniel  R.,  Gibson,  to  Elizabeth  Thayer, 

May  18.  Young,  James,  to  Almira  Baldwin,  Montrose 

May  16.  Smith,  Capt.  Lucius  N.,  Franklin,  to  Ann  Read, 

May  22.  Meredith,  Hugh,  Stuben,  N.  Y.,  to  Sarah  P.  Ingals, 

May  27.  Gardner,  Jabez,  Gibson,  to  Electa  Potter,  Gibson 

May  27.  Stevens,  Wm.  B..  Pike,  Pa.,  to  Esther  W.,  dau. 
Col.  F.  Bailey,  Brooklyn 


June  20.  Ives,  William  H.,  Liberty,  to  Jane  Ross,  Liberty 

July  8.  Leighton,  George,  Tunkhannock,  to  Phebe  Gard- 
ner, Tunkhannock 

Aug.  15.  Smith,  William,  Montrose,  to  Betsy  Lusk,  Mont- 

Aug.  24.  Baldwin,  Lyman,  Bridgewater,  to  Rebecca  M.  Steb- 
bins,  Bridgewater 

Aug.  29.  Wilsey,  Arnold  L.,  Damascus,  to  Louisa,  dau. 
Chas.  Payne,  Harford 

Oct.  3.  Austin,  Wm.  P.,  Bridgewater,  to  Amela  S.,  dau. 
Preston  Tiffany,  Dimock 

Oct.  8.  Foster,  Joseph  W.,  Bridgewater,  to  Roxana  M. 
Horton,  Bridgewater 

Oct.  14.  Ginnell,  Otis,  Harford,  to  Angeline  Tiffany,  Har- 

Oct.  14.  Tiffany,  Amos  V.,  Harford,  to  Silva  Warner,  New 

Oct.  23.  Preston,  Colborn,  to  Eliza  Jane  Baldwin,  Columbia, 
Bradford  Co. 

Nov.  3.  Pickering,  Nathaniel,  Gibson,  to  Caroline  M.  Pep- 
per, Rush 

Nov.  4.  Worden,  O.  N.,  Tunkhannock,  to  Jane  Martha, 
eldest  dau.  Dr.  T.  T.  Houston,  Athens,  Pa. 

Nov.  12.  Hadsell,  H.  L.,  Wayne  Co.,  to  Miss  S.  Richardson, 

Nov.  17.  Thompson,  George,  Springville,  to  Matilda  Bur- 
dick,  Dimock 

Nov.  21.  Brooks,  Roswell,  Springville,  to  Hester  Ann,  dau. 
Caleb  Fish,  Springville 

Dec.  I.  Rouse,  Lotrop,  Gibson,  to  Mrs.  Rebecca  Perkins, 

Dec.  16.  Green,  John  M.,  Silver  Lake,  to  Deborah  A.  Bailey, 

Dec.  19.  Birchard,  E.  Lyman,  Rush,  to  Martha  S.  Howard, 
Silver  Lake 

Independent  Volunteer  1845 

Jan.      I.  Walker,  William,  to  Jane  Adams 

Jan.      I.  Shelp,  John,  Jr.,  Bridgewater,  to  Clarissa  P.  Lewis, 

Jan.      8.  Post,    William    L.,    Montrose,    to    Lydia    Maria 

Dimock,  widow  late  Hon.  Davis  Dimock,  Jr., 



Jan.  4.  Greenwood,  Stephen  L.,  Jackson,  to  Louisa  M. 
Buck,  Harford 

Jan.  I.  Peck,  Freeman  H.,  Harford,  to  Emeline  Seeley, 

Jan.      2.  Packer,  Ary,  Harford,  to  Susan  Lilly,  Harford 

Jan.  I.  Ossencup,  Charles,  Auburn,  to  Abby  Harris, 

Jan.  I.  Goss,  Edward,  Dimock,  to  Sally  Jane  Gard,  Bridge- 

Jan.  12.  Phillips,  Warren,  Abington,  Pa.,  to  Mary  Aldrich, 

Jan.  12.  Allen,  Luman  W.,  Liberty,  to  Harriet  Comstock, 

Jan.  I.  Keen,  Wm.  M.,  Luzerne  Co.,  to  Melissa  Ives, 

Jan.  I.  Packer,  Austin,  Herrick,  Bradford  Co.,  to  Melissa 
Ann  Merical,  Rush 

Jan,  21.  Hadsell,  Francis,  Bridgewater,  to  Harriet  R.  Per- 
kins, Bridgewater 

Jan.  23.  Warner,  Dr.  Sidney  H.,  Huntington,  Pa.,  to  Cor- 
nelia Matilda  Machett,  dau.  late  Samuel  T. 
Machett,  Trenton,  N.  J. 

Jan.  23.  Roe,  John  F.,  Honesdale,  to  Harriet  Ketchum, 

April  10.  Stark,  Dana,  Wyoming  Co.,  to  Laura  Rosencrants, 

Jan.  21.  Holmes,  John,  Jr.,  Middletown,  to  Mary  C.  How- 
ard, Silver  Lake 

Jan  30,  Carpenter,  Stephen  E.,  Harford,  to  Mrs.  Hannah 
E.  Tiffany,  Brooklyn 

Jan.  12.  Newcomb,  Enos,  Bridgewater,  to  Susan  Ann  Web- 
stervelt.  New  York 

Jan.  II.  Parsons,  E.  A.,  Sr.,  Editor,  Towanda,  to  Ethlin  A. 
Brown,  dau.  Jesse 

Feb.  12.  Holman,  John,  Jr.,  Middletown,  to  Mary  E. 
Howard,  dau.  S.  C. 

Feb.  24.  Peat,  Thomas,  Pike,  Bradford  Co.,  to  Adah  Bald- 
win, Forest  Lake 

Feb.  15,  Quick,  James,  Springville,  to  Sarah  Knapp,  dau. 
Justus  K. 

Feb.  9.  White,  George,  Pike,  Bradford  Co.,  to  Electa 
Brister,  Middletown  


Mar,     8.  Jenkins,  Henry,  Thompson,  to  Amanda  Benson, 

dau.  Hosea  Benson  of  Jackson 
Mar.     9.  Jennings,  Lancaster,  New  Milford,  to  Eliza  Rich- 
ardson, Harford 
Mar.  12.  Corby,  Cyrus  C,  to  Mrs.  Joanna  Smith 
Feb.    20.  Peckham,   A.   K.,   Tunkhannock,   to   Jane   A,   P. 

Manville,  Towanda 
Feb.      9.  Stevens,  S.  M.,  Dimock,  to  Hulda  Burr,  Benton, 

N.  Y. 
Mar.  12.  Garrison,   Abraham,    Hector,    N.   Y.,   to   Harriet 

Spencer,  Spencerville 
Mar,  18.  Hill,  Sherman  H.,  Susquehanna  Co.,  to  Julia  A. 

Porter,  Troy 
Mar.      8.  Jagger,  Luther,  Bridgewater,  to  Lydia  Ann  Fuller, 

Mar.      4.  Birdsall,  Harvey,  Middletown,  to  Mary  O,  Stone, 

Mar.  14.  Stone,  Judson,  2nd,  Middletown,  to  Betsy  L.  Smith, 

Forest  Lake 
Mar.  10.  Chicks,   Maj.    Nathaniel,   Ohio,   to   Widow   Lucy 

Heald,  Choconut 
Mar.  12.  Smith,  James  P.,  Franklin,  to  Caroline  D.  Bradley, 

Mar.  19.  Miles,  Jonathan  H.,  Dimock,  to  Lucinda  Handrick, 

Mar.  23.  Jackson,  Benj.  B.,  to  Hannah  Lilley,  Brooklyn 
April  10.  Say  re,    Robert   H.,    Mauch    Chunk,   to    Mary   E. 

Smith,  Bridgewater 
Mar.  19.  Tiffany,  Edwin  T.,  Harford,  to  Margaret  Harden- 

brook,  Harford 
Mar.  20.  Greenwood,  Asa  W.,  Harford,  to  Aurelia  Barnard, 

Mar.  23.  Van  Fleet,    George,    Benton,    Pa.,    to    Lexa    P. 

Thacher,  dau.  Orin  and  Minerva  Thacher,  Clif- 
March  10.  Turrell,  Mason  L.,  to  Rachel  Barker 
Mar.  27.  Simmons,    Charles    M.,    Montrose,   to    Laura   A. 

Van  Winkle,  Montrose 
April    I.  Brewster,  Horace,  Montrose,  to  Augusta  McNeil, 

Mar.  19.  Dennison,  William,  Middletown,  to  Diana  Baulch, 

Mar.  22.  Turner,  Grasmus,  Abington,  to  Fidillia  Ball,  same 



May  29.  Main,  Peter  A.,  Binghamton,  to  Phila  Ann  Lewis, 
Conklin,  N.  Y. 

April  3.  True,  Lauren,  Green  Co.,  Wis.,  to  Polly  Robinson, 

April  6.  Roberts,  Nelson  H.,  Auburn,  to  Elizabeth  H.  Lath- 
rop.  Rush 

April  17.  Redmund,  Augustus,  to  Lydia  A.  Crandall 

April  2.  Brainard,  Nathan  G.,  Harford,  to  Sarah  A.  Averv, 
dau.  Ebenezer  Avery,  New  Mil  ford 

April  10.  Roe,  Daniel  T.,  New  Milford,  to  Clarissa  B.  Farrar, 

April  ID.  Freeman,  John,  Montrose,  to  Betsy  Morgan,  Mont- 

April  10.  Waldo,  Anson,  New  Milford,  to  Jane  Leach,  New 

April  26.  Post,  Wm.  M.,  New  Milford,  to  Lucy  Jane  Hatch, 
New  Milford 

April  18.  Heald,  Edward,  Choconut,  to  Irene  Gould,  Che- 

April  24.  Smith,  Oristus,  New  Milford,  to  Ferdelia  Ann 

May  21.  Austin,  John,  Bridgewater,  to  Mrs.  Mary  O'Neal, 

May  9.  Carr,  Ariel,  Esq.,  Bridgewater,  to  Comfort  S. 
Taylor,  Forest  Lake 

May  22.  White,  Warren,  to  Sally  Hawes 

June  21.  McKeeby,  Solomon,  Bridgewater,  to  Lucinda 
Taylor,  Forest  Lake 

June  18,  Hall,  Perry  W.,  Jackson,  to  Thankful  P.  Robinson, 

June  17.  Corah,  J.  W.,  Bridgewater,  to  Mrs.  Marion  Moody, 
dau.  Adonijah  Moody,  Towanda 

July  3.  Morse,  Charles,  Forest  Lake,  to  Hulda  Ann  Lin- 
coln, Forest  Lake 

July     4.  Stanford,  Calvin,  Liberty,  to  Anna  Kenyon,  Liberty 

July  4.  Young,  Daniel  L.,  Greenfield,  to  Margaret  Banker, 

July     7,  Reynolds,  David,  to  Temperance  Gavitt 

July  14.  Newton,  Dr.  Addison,  Dimock,  to  Mary  Butter- 
field,  Auburn 

July  3.  Gere,  Albert  R.,  Brooklyn,  to  Sarah  Tewksbury, 
dau.  Jonathan  Tewksbury,  Brooklyn 

June  II.  Patrick,  H.  W.,  to  Harriet  T.  Goodrich 


June  14.  Pratt,  Chester,  Pike  Co.,  to  Abigail  Knapp,  Pike 

June  25.  Meredith,  Samuel,  Carbondale,  to  Betsy  H.  Russell, 

June  5.  Drinker,  Henry,  Montrose,  to  Frances  C.  Morton, 
dau.  John  Morton — married  at  Friends  Meetin£j 
House,  Wilmington,  Del. 

May  20.  Otis,  James  M.,  Wisconsin,  to  Mary  Chaffee,  Wis- 

July  20  Benjamin,  Lathrop,  Harford,  to  Eliza  Jane  Wash- 
burn, Harford 

May  14.  Blakeslee,  G.  Herman,  Jackson,  to  Hester  Ann 
Cargill,  Jackson 

July   20.  Goodrich,  E.  O'Meara,  Bradford  Co.,  to  Miss  S. 

O'Hara,  Binghamton 
July     8.  Chapman,  Henry,  Senator,  Bucks  Co.,  to  Nancy  F. 

Shunk,  dau.  Gov.  Shunk 
July  22.  Parsons,  Thomas,  M.  D.,  Troy,  to  Julia  Adams, 

dau.  J.  Adams,  Troy 
Aug.  12.  Stowell,  Elder  A.  B.,  Bishop  of  Baptist  Church, 

Factory ville,  Tioga  Co.,  to  Lucy  S.  Le  Barron, 

Columbia,  Pa. 
Aug.  14.  Hinds,  Maj.  David,  Bridgewater,  to  Malvina  Jenks, 

Aug.  24.  Althouse.    Zachariah,    Silver    Lake,    to    Julia    A. 

Crofoot,  Silver  Lake 
Aug.  14.  Ring,   Moses   H.,   Choconut,   to   Lydia   L.   Allen, 

Aug.  28.  Badger,  Luther,  Harpersville,  to  Betsy  D.  Avery, 

Aug.  14.  Taft,  David  H.,  Harford,  to  Elizabeth  C.  Fargo, 

Aug.  26.  Kimber,    David    L..    New   Milford,   to   Sarah   A. 

Chamberlin,  Bridgewater 
Sept.    2.  Marsh,  Jacob,  Liberty,  to  Hannah  Ann  Southworth, 

Sept.  10.  Brown,  D.  D.,  Friendsville,  to  Mary  E.  Graves, 

Sept.  22.  Rowley,  Fayette,  Owego,  N.  Y.,  to  Mary  King, 

Sept.  17.  North,  John.   Silver   Lake,  to  Elizabeth   Meeker, 

Silver  Lake 


Oct.    1 6.  Gillespie,  Robert,  Jackson,  to  Martha  E.  Worden, 

Oct.    19.  Cairns,  James,  Great  Bend,  to  Elizabeth  McElwee, 

Great  Bend 
Oct.    17.  Leighton,    Rev.    Nathan,   Tunkhannock,    to    Ruth 

Gardner,  dau.  John 
Aug.  21,  Lyon,  Isaac  R.,  Little  Fort,  111.,  to  Loranda  Car- 
penter, Harford 
Sept.    9.  Hayden,  Dr.  William,  Canaan,  Pa.,  to  Henrietta 

Kingsley,  Harford 
Sept.  13.  Perry,  Oliver  H.,  Jackson,  to  Amelia  A.  Walker, 

Sept.  16.  Vanness,    George,    Standing    Stone,    to    Elizabeth 

Faurot,  Bridgewater 
Sept.    8.  Dawley,  Daniel,  Liberty,  to  Sally  M.  Allard,  Lib- 
Sept.  23.  Smith,    Alexander,     Montrose,    to    Julia    Dufify, 

Sept.  24.  Lathrop,   Dr.   Israel   B.,   Springville,  to   Mary  E. 

BoUes,  Dimock 
Sept.  30.  Hempsted,  Rev.  O.  G.,  Dimock,  to  Eliza  O.  Tyler, 

dau.  Simeon  Tyler,  Dimock 
Oct.      8.  Hays,  Thomas,  Conklin,  N.  Y.,  to  Betsy  Newcomb, 

Great  Bend 
Oct.    23.  Sprout,  Erastus  T.,  Dimock,  to  Mary  E.  Eady, 

Oct.    23.  Hall,  John  H.,  Dimock,  to  Alice  L.  Eady,  Dimock 
Oct.    29.  Riley,    Rev.    Henry    A.,    Montrose,    to    Blandina 

Miller,  2nd  dau.  John  Miller,  Truxton 
Nov.     I.  Lung,  G.  W.,  Rush,  to  Anna  Shove,  Rush 
Nov.     I.  Jenners,    Henry,    Forest   Lake,   to   Jane   Horton, 

Forest  Lake 
April  20.  Alexander,  J.  Marim,  Attorney,  Mt.  Pleasant,  to 

Annie  T.  Atwater,  dau.  Eldad 
Nov.     5.  Webster,  J.  D.,  Liberty,  to  Laura  Dolly 
Nov.     6.  Warner,  John  P.,  Montrose,  to  Ann  P.  Lathrop, 

Nov.     9.  Sherman,  Christopher,  Rush,  to  Mary  Ann  Dewers, 

Nov.  13.  Baker,  Townsend,  Middleton,  to  Elizabeth  Fessen- 

den,  Bridgewater 
Nov.   17.  Caswell,    Henry,    Brooklyn,    to    Lydia   W.    Carr, 

Otego,  N.  Y. 


Nov.  18.  Doolittle,  Enos  B.,  New  Milford,  to  Clarinda 
Smith,  Franklin 

Nov.  30.  Tyler,  Simeon,  Dimock,  to  Mary  Roberts,  Bridge- 

Nov.  26.  Van  Vorst,  Aaron,  to  Maria  Blowers 

Nov.  26.  Brooks,  Dr.  J.,  Great  Bend,  to  Lydia  Jane  DuBois, 
Great  Bend 

Nov.  23.  Castles,  Elijah,  Binghamton,  to  Minerva  Pickett, 

Nov.  I.  Tallon,  James  T.,  Friendsville,  to  Climenia  Day, 

Oct.  16.  Summers,  David,  New  Milford,  to  Mary  McHenry, 
dau.  William 

Dec.     4.  Streeter,  Ferris  B.,  to  Sarah  B.  Olmstead 

Nov.  29.  Shelp,  Henry,  Rush,  to  Hannah  Elizabeth  Warner, 

Dec.    13.  Vanness,  Benjamin,  to  Sarah  C.  Jagger 

Dec.  4.  McGill,  Col.  James  P.,  Tioga,  to  Sarah  Eliza  Good- 
rich, dau.  James  Goodrich,  all  of  Tioga 

Dec.  17.  Robbins,  Henry  P.,  Bridgewater,  to  Fanny  Cross- 
man,  Bridgewater 

Dec.     3.  West,   Joseph   D.,   Honesdale,  to  "^ 

Harriet  Foster  iBothdaus.  of 

Dec.     3.  Woodhouse,  Horace  A.  Honesdale,  [Isaac  Foster 
to  Millicent  Foster 

Dec.    16.  Hill,  Ruben,  Esq.,  Jackson,  to  Ann  Taylor 

Dec.    16.  Stone  or  Stow,  John,  Jackson,  to  Sarah  Miller 

Dec.    16.  Griffis,  Leander,  Jackson,  to  Jane  Miller 

Dec.  16.  Benson,  Lorenzo  D.,  Jackson,  to  Dorothy  Emeline 

Dec.    16.  Moxley,  Almon,  Harford,  to  Ann  Eliza  Benson 

Register  and  Northern  Farmer 

Dec.  15.  Blakesley,  O.  S.,  New  Milford,  to  Clarissa  Curtis, 

Dec.  16.  Greenhill,  Harvey,  Harford,  to  Olive  Patent,  Har- 

Dec.  23.  Jewett,  Allen,  Brooklyn,  to  Joanna  Passmore, 

Dec.  24.  DuBois,  Nicholas,  Great  Bend,  to  Louisa,  dau. 
Dr.  Griffin,  Great  Bend 

Dec.  31.  Mack,  Silvanus,  Brooklyn,  to  Mary  Jayne, 



Jan.  I.  Meeker,  G.  E.,  Silver  Lake,  to  Electa  Austin,  Silver 

Jan.      8.  Beebe,  Wm.  L.,  to  Susan  M.  Bush 

Jan.  22.  Yumans,  David  M.,  Brooklyn,  to  Fanny  Spencer, 

Jan.  26.  Bryan,  P.  R.,  Montrose,  to  Clarissa  Turrell,  Mont- 

Feb.  4.  Read,  Guilford  M.,  Harford,  to  Clarissa  Roe,  New 

Feb.  4.  Sanford,  Francis,  Harford,  to  Harriet  E.  Rice, 

Feb.  15.  Turrell,  S.,  Pike,  Pa.,  to  Henrietta  M.  Reed, 

Feb.  22.  Card,  Lev^^is,  Springville,  to  Sarah  Jane  Woolsey, 

Mar.  5.  Shay,  Dennis,  Bridgev^^ater,  to  Bulu  (Bulah)  Ann 
Bertholf,  Rush 

Mar.  5.  McKune,  Wm.  P.,  Harmony,  to  Nancy  V.  Hunt, 

Mar.  II.  Sutton,  James  H.,  Honesdale,  to  Abigail  C.  Nor- 
ton, Clinton,  Wayne  Co. 

April    I.  VanHorn,  Jacob  W.,  to  Candace  Stoddart 

April    9.  Davis,  Christian,  Rush,  to  Sally  Roberts,  Dimock 

April  9.  Bedell,  Wm.  H.,  Brooklyn,  to  Lauraine  L.  Coy, 

May     7.  Lamb.  Charles,  Troy,  Pa.,  to  Eliza  Greene,  Troy 

May  28.  Martin,  Lawrence,  Jessup,  to  C.  A.  Lovely,  Jessup 

June  I.  Fassett.  Amos,  Rockton,  111.,  to  Sarah  L.  Miles, 
Sterling,  111. 

June  16.  Ladd,  Rev.  Francis  B.,  Farmington,  Maine,  to  Car- 
oline, dau.  of  late  Robert  H.  Rose,  Silver  Lake 

June  17.  Dimock,  Dr.  G.  Z.,  Montrose,  to  Elizabeth  V,  Post, 

June  17.  Smith,  Joseph  J.,  Silver  Lake,  to  Catherine  E. 
Mosier,  Silver  Lake 

July  2.  Morse,  Benj.  W.,  Binghamton,  to  Fidelia  Emeline 
Bissell,  Brooklyn 

July  4.  Davison,  Asa,  Brooklyn,  to  Juliana  Brown,  Brook- 

July  4.  Knapp,  Lyman,  Springville,  to  Maria  Perkins, 


July     5.  Pierson,  Wm.  W.,  Rockaway,  N.  J.,  to  Mehala, 

dau.  Stephen  Barnum,  Franklin 
June  21.  Patrick,  Dr.  Ezra,  Montrose,  to  Elizabeth  J.  Niven, 

July     6.  Allard,   Oliver   H.,   Liberty,   to   Susanna  Kinyon, 

July   24.  Jessup,  Henry,  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y.,  to  Minerva  R. 

Williams,  Brooklyn 
July   28.  Post,  Isaac  L.,  Montrose,  to  Harriet  A.,  dau.  Hon. 

Wm.  Jessup,  Montrose 
Aug.     4.  Gillett,  David  H.,  South  Creek,  to  Olive  W.  Smith, 

South  Creek 
Aug.     8.  Newcomb,    William   P.,   Jessup,   to   Catherine   J. 

Bedell,  Jessup 
Aug.  II.  Rose,  Edward  W.,  Silver  Lake,  to  Marion,  dau. 

Jno.  Simpson,  formerly  of  England 
Aug.  22.  Baker,  Wm.  H.,  Dimock,  to  Catherine  M.  Thomp- 
son, Dimock 
Aug.  17.  Lyons,  David  A.,  Lanesboro,  to  Emelie  E.  Lyons, 

dau.  L  Lyons,  Lanesboro 
Aug.  23.  Ives,  John,  Liberty,  to  Asenath  Truesdell,  Liberty 
Aug.  26.  Simmons,  James  B.,  Montrose,  to  Mary  B.  Cox, 

Sept.    I.  Tupper,    George   H.,   Rush,   to   Julia   A.    Peters, 

Ulster,  Pa. 
Sept.    7.  Mercereau,  Laterrette,  Vestal,  to  Sarah,  dau.  Capt. 

David  Morgan,  Brooklyn 
Sept.    6.  Crandall,  Charles  W.,  Jessup,  to  Mary  Ann  Wool- 

sey,  Jessup 
Sept.  10.  Marcy.  Theron,  Tunkhannock,  to  Susan  Strickland, 

Sept.  15.  Patterson,  David,  Jessup,  to  Mary  S.  Robertson, 

Sept.  17.  Hill,   Edwin,   Bridgewater,   to   Diadema  Gregory, 

Sept.  22.  Haws,  Oliver,   Forest  Lake,  to  Cynthia  Machue, 

Tioga,  N.  Y. 
Sept.  24.  Smith,    Henry    M.,    Franklin,   to    Eliza   A.    Cole, 

Oct.    12.  Calkins,  O.  F.,  Earlville,  N.  Y.,  to  Martha  M.,  dau. 

Maj.  E.  Long,  Troy,  Pa. 
Oct.    12.  Baldwin,  Myron,  Bridgewater,  to  Eliza  C.  Slocum, 

Delhi,  N.  Y. 


Oct.    15.  Case,  William  P.,  Montrose,  to  P.  Jane  Dewers, 

Oct.    17.  Crane,  Oliver,  Bridgewater,  to  Ann  Maria  Smith, 

Oct.    18.  Lloyd,  Isaac,  Bridgewater,  to  Mrs.  Maria  Douse, 

Oct.    22.  Baker,  Samuel  S.,  Troy,  to  Emily  Califf,  Smith- 
Nov.  12.  Estabrook,  T.  D.,  Great  Bend,  to  Eliza  T.,  dau. 

Wm.  Buck 
Nov.  12.  Gillespie,  Andrew,  New  Milford,  to  Mary  Esther 

Avery,  of  Great  Bend 
Nov.  17.  Myers,  Heny,  Windsor,  N.  Y.,  to  Christiana  B. 

Smith,  late  Montrose 
Dec.     8.  Caldwell,  Robert,  Great  Bend,  to  Triphena  Skinner, 

Great  Bend 
Dec.    16.  White,  James,  Conklin,  N.  Y.,  to  Lucy  C.  McKin- 

ney.  Great  Bend 
Dec.   23.  Keeler,    Edwin,    Pike,    Pa.,   to    Phebe   Ann    Sill, 

Dec.   30.  Meylert,    Michael,    New    Milford,    to    Ann,    dau. 

Hiram  Finch,  Montrose 


Jan.  I  3.  Matthews,  Hiram  P.,  Nichols,  N.  Y.,  to  Rebecca 

Feb.  I  B.  Taylor,  Troy,  Pa. 

Mar.  4.  Blaine,  Joslyn,  Barkon,  N.  Y.,  to  Jerusha  C.  Ham- 
lin, Forest  Lake 

Mar.  II.  Howell,  John  A.,  Jessup,  to  Olive  L.  Birchard, 
Forest  Lake 

Mar.  16.  Dean,  Dr.  George,  formerly  this  County,  to  Elmira, 
dau.  John  McA.  Moody,  Veteran,  N.  Y. 

Mar.  27).  Sterling,  Wm.  Enoch,  Brooklyn,  to  Mary  Ann 
Lanstaflf,  Brooklyn 

April  4.  Bennett,  Charles,  Springville,  to  Tirza  Ann  Ben- 
nett, Springville 

April  10.  Hoff,  Daniel,  Jessup,  to  Mrs.  Eve  FuUington, 

April  13.  Messenger,  H.  P.,  to  Sarah  V.,  only  dau.  Wm. 
Tompkins,  Pittston,  Pa.  Hickory  Run,  school 
room,  Penn  Forest,  Carbon  Co.  Scholars'  fam- 
ilies invited 


May     6.  Van  Fleet,  John  A.,  Auburn,  N.  Y.,  to  Nancy  M. 
Gere,  Brooklyn 

May  10.  Sturdevant,  Sylvester  D.,  Windham,  to  Sarah  H. 
Rugg,  Lacyville 

May  24.  Thurston,  Rev.  Richard  B.,  Waterville,  Maine,  to 
Jane  M.,  dau.  Henry  M.  Pierce,  Friendsville,  Pa. 

June     2.  Beebe,     Henry,     Franklin,    to    Sarah    Churchill, 

June  18.  Smith,  Theodore,  Montrose,  to  Helen,  dau.  Charles 
Avery,  Montrose 

June  28.  Lacey,  Wm.  B.,  Lacyville,  to  Emely  Hall,  Lacy- 

Aug.  19.  Locke,  Parmenas  A.,  Montrose,  to  Bertha  A.  Bald- 
win, Montrose 

Sept.  22.  Blakeslee,  Wm.  W.,  Mauch  Chunk,  to  Julia  M. 
Baker,  Dimock 

Dec.    13.  Sherman,  Russell  B.,  Exeter,  R.  L,  to  Phebe  Ken- 
yon,  Liberty 

Dec.   20.  Hill,  Reuben,  Jackson,  to  Lucinda  Curtis,  Jackson 

Dec.  22.  Ellet,  George  W.,  Herrick,  Bradford  Co.,  to  Lois 
Pickett,  Jessup 

Dec.   29.  Smith,    John    W.,    Auburn,    to    Mary    E.    Ross, 


Jan.      2.  Fassett,  James,  Scottsville,  to  Rachel  E.  Spaulding, 

Jan.    26.  Austin,  Dana  F.,  Montrose,  to  Cecelia  W.  Lathrop, 

Feb.      7.  Goss,  William  H.,  Bridgewater,  to  Betsy  Ann  Rey- 
nolds, Bridgewater 

Feb.    10.  Hempsted,    Stephen   A.,   Montrose,   to   Sarah  A. 
Brewster,  Bridgewater 

Feb.    13.  Tiffany,  Dr.  Alonzo  W.,  Gibson,  to  Betsy  M.  Wal- 
dron,  Harford 

Feb.    16.  Blakeslee,  Dr.  Wm.  R.,  Susquehanna  Co.,  to  Mary 
Malvina,  dau.  John  J.  Joyce,  Philadelphia 

Feb.    24.  Lewis,  Shepard,  Jessup,  to  Susanna  Allen,  Bridge- 

Feb.    28.  Maine,  Alanson  W.,  Dimock,  to  Nancy  E.  Austin, 

April    5.  Marsh,    H.    Franklin,    Choconut,   to   Miranda   A. 
Chamberlin,  Choconut 


May  2.  Hayden,  Tracy,  New  Milford,  to  Henrietta,  dau. 
Ira  Summers,  New  Milford 

May  9.  Mead,  Hugh,  Lenox,  to  Mrs.  Polly  Robbins,  late 
New  York 

May  15.  Raymond.   John   G.,   Montrose,  to   Elma   Cooper, 

June     6.  Gamble,  George  M.,   M.  D.,  to  Catherine  Guile, 

July     2.  Hamilton,   Wm.,   Lenox,   to   Clarissa  A.   Millard, 

July  4.  Casen,  Edward  M.,  Great  Bend,  to  Julia  A.  Fitz- 
gerald, Silver  Lake 

July  20.  Leighton,  Andrew,  Albany,  N.  Y.,  to  Frances  M. 
Sisson,  Abington 

Oct.  7.  Stone,  George  L.,  Towanda,  to  Martha  H.  Warner, 

Oct.  17.  Payne.  Charles  C,  Harford,  to  Phila  Chase,  Har- 

Oct.  II.  Peckham.  James,  Brooklyn,  to  Sarah  E.  Ely, 

Oct.  II.  Smith,  Zenas,  Jessup,  to  Louisa  M.  Cornwell, 

Oct.  14.  Banks,  Uriah,  Syracuse,  to  Irene  A.  Dexter, 

Oct.  19.  Wartrous,  Benjamin,  Bridgewater,  to  Julia  A. 
Thatcher,  Harford 

Oct.  25.  Tingley,  Dr.  Henry,  Equinunk,  to  Lovisa  S.  Ells- 
worth, Harford 

Nov.  20.  Moxley,  Wm.  T.,  New  Milford,  to  Sophia  Roe, 
New  Milford 

Nov.  23.  Bailey,  Robert  M.,  formerly  Brooklyn,  Derry,  N. 
H.,  to  Sarah  L.,  dau.  Moses  Smith,  West  New- 
berry, N.  H. 

Nov.  28.  Sachett,  Nathan  B.,  to  Gertrude  V.,  only  dau.  John 
Raynor,  all  New  York 

Nov.  29.  Smith.  Wellington  C,  Franklin,  to  Anna  Leighton, 

Nov.  30.  Carpenter,  Lorenzo,  Harford,  to  Esther  Bingham, 
New  Milford 

Dec.  6.  Maryott,  Joseph  W.,  Franklin,  to  Sarah  Ann 
Green,  Franklin 

Dec.  25  Mead,  E.  W.,  Bridgewater,  to  E.  H.  Sanderson, 
New  York  City 


Dec.  25.  Stewart,  Charles  M.,  Herrick,  to  Sarah  A.  Roberts, 

Dec.  27.  Crane,  Henry,  Franklin,  to  Judith  Simons,  Franklin 

Dec.  27.  Harding,  Wm.,  New  Milford,  to  Amelia  S.  Hand- 
rick,  New  Milford 

Dec.  27.  Dobson,  Jacob  D.,  Windsor,  to  Margaret  Jones, 


Jan.  I.  Hickok,  Ambrose,  Cooperstown,  formerly  Susque- 
hanna Co.,  to  Clestia  Bergen,  dau.  Col.  J.  S.,  all 
Louisville,  N.  Y. 

Jan.  I.  Hitchcok,  George,  Cooperstown,  formerly  Susque- 
hanna Co.,  to  Eliza  Bergen,  dau.  Col.  J.  S.,  all 
Louisville,  N.  Y. 

Jan.  I.  Stone,  Gerrad,  Middletown,  to  Catherine  Leonard, 

Jan.  3.  Watrous,  Orlande,  Bridgewater,  to  Sarah  M.  Hill, 

Jan.  3.  Jameson,  R.  F.,  Montrose,  to  Miss  M.  E.  Wilson, 

Jan.  3.  Stanton,  John  A.,  Bridgewater,  to  Mary  S.  Bullard, 

Jan.  4.  Lathrop,  Fredk.  A.,  Beloit,  formerly  of  Susque- 
hanna Co.,  to  Maria  P.,  dau.  Col.  Morris,  Graf- 
ton, Wis. 

Jan.  7.  Richardson,  Dr.  Wm.,  Brooklyn,  to  Mary  Fish, 

Jan.  9.  Lathrop,  Azar,  Springville,  to  Sarah  E.  Cornell, 

Jan.  17.  Morgan,  James  C,  Brooklyn,  to  Mary  E.  Town- 
send,  Brooklyn 

Jan.  25.  Carpenter,  Alonzo  L.,  Harford,  to  Emily  W. 
Jeffers,  Harford 

Feb.  12.  Steele,  George  P.,  Wilkes-Barre,  to  Mrs.  Lydia 
Doak,  Wilkes-Barre 

Feb.  15.  Packer,  Elisha,  Carbon  Co.,  to  Rhoda,  dau.  War- 
ren Carey,  Tunkhannock 

Feb.  18.  Lathrop,  C.  E.,  Tunkhannock,  to  Charlotte  Dilley, 
dau.  of  Jesse,  Wilkes-Barre 

Feb.  20.  Eldred,  Luther  H.,  Choconut,  to  Sardinia  Guard, 

Feb.  21.  Tififany,  Joseph  W.,  to  Esther  M.  Safford, 


Mar.  6.  Scott,  Matthew,  Silver  Lake,  to  Caroline  Hare, 
Silver  Lake 

Mar.  14.  Babcock,  Gardner  G.,  to  Amanda  Carpenter,  Har- 

April  I.  Sturges,  Benj.  R.,  Chicago,  111.,  to  Sarah  A.  Giffis, 

April  9.  Irish,  Edmund  W.,  Choconiit,  to  Emeline  Guard, 

April  10.  Canfield,  Northrop,  Rush,  to  Caroline  Patterson, 

April  3.  Williams,  Elisha  G., Brooklyn, to  Clarissa  Williams, 

April  19.  Osburn,  Jabez,  Bridgewater,  to  Amanda  C.  Smith, 

April  26.  Woodhouse,  Alonzo,  Springville,to  Eleanor  Blakes- 
lee,  Springville 

April  26.  Lewis,  Mr.  ,  Braintrim,  to  Hannah  Lee 

April  23.  Bunnell,  Aaron,  Tunkhannock,  to  Clementine  Lane, 

April  26.  Whitney,  Dr.  H.  T.,  Jackson,  to  Miss  E.  E.  Tif- 
fany, Gibson 

May  7.  Mulford,  Wm.  Jessup,  Montrose,  to  Mary  Hunt- 
ting,  dau.  Luther  D.  Cooke,  Sag  Harbor,  L.  I. 

May  10.  Whitney,  Silas  Merriman,  Jackson,  to  Calphurina 
Parminter,  Gibson 

May  II.  Denny,  Rufus,  Gibson,  to  Paulina  Entrott,  Gibson 

May  16.  Brewster,  Daniel,  Bridgewater,  to  Abigail  Parke, 

May  29.  Lathrop,  George,  Springville,  to  Lucy  Ann  Knapp, 

May  30.  Russell,  Lawrence,  Windsor,  to  Mary  Griffith, 
White  Pigeon,  Mich. 

June  7.  Beebe,  Edward  L.,  Franklin,  to  Dolly  H.  Smith, 

June  9.  Young,  John,  Jessup,  to  Uranie  Kingsley,  Bridge- 

June  22.  Norton,  George  I.,  Smithboro,  N.  Y.,  to  Betsy  M. 
Wellman,  New  Milford 

June  26.  Tyler,  Harvey,  Bridgewater,  to  Amanda  Bullard, 

June  30.  Foster,  Thomas  J.,  Conklin,  to  Eliza  A.,  dau.  Ansel 
Wartrous,  Conklin 


July  8.  Dimock,  Warren  S.,  son  Col.  Asa  Dimock,  to  Julia 
Ann,  dau.  Joseph  McKune,  Harmony 

July  9.  Edgcomb,  Lyman,  Union,  N.  Y.,  to  Hester  G. 
Addison,  Choconut 

Aug.  I.  Hall,  Artemus,  Great  Bend,  to  Sarah  Gaige,  Silver 

Sept.  12.  Webster,  A.  L.,  Montrose,  to  Sophia  C.  Tulley, 

Sept.  16.  Johnston,  Cyrus  S.,  Harford,  to  Louisa  H.  Ed- 
wards, Gibson 

Sept.  17.  Henstick  (Henstock),  Wm.,  Forest  Lake,  to  Ann 
Cockayne,  Forest  Lake 

Sept.  27.  Hatch,  Wm.  K.,  Liberty,  to  Susan  M.  Smith, 

Oct.  I.  Baldwin,  Edmund,  Montrose,  to  Jane  M.  Denison, 

Nov.  18.  Blakeslee,  Lucius,  White  Haven,  to  Mrs.  Huldah 
Coy  Kindale,  Owego,  N.  Y. 

Nov.  29.  Truesdell,  J.  Calvin,  Fon  Du  Lac,  Wis.,  to  Juliette, 
dau.  Cap.  Lambert  Smith,  Liberty 

Dec.  4.  Gugenheimer,  Geo.,  Montrose,  to  Caroline  M.  Pal- 
meter,  Bridgewater 

Dec.     9.  Baldwin,  Silas,  Jessup,  to  Nancy  Bolles,  Jessup 

Dec.  9.  Ely,  Ami,  Brooklyn,  to  Emily  L.  Tewksbury, 

Dec.  II.  Hickok  Oscran  B.,  Springville,  to  Ehzabeth,  dau. 
Amos  Williams,  Springville 

Dec.    13.  Coddington,  John,  Rush,  to  Anna  Keeny,  Rush 

Dec.  20.  Rice,  William,  Gibson,  to  Emeline  Perry,  Jackson 

From  loose  sheets 

Mar.     8.  Griffis,  Bartlett,  Jessup,  to  Lucy  Baldwin 

Mar.  18.  Potter,  Deacon  Eben,  Washington,  Pa.,  to  Sarah 

Ann  Gurney,  Friendsville 
Mar.  25.  Potter,  Benjamin,  Gibson,  to  Betsy  Pickering,  same 

Mar.  29.  Stevens,  James  S.,  Pike,  to  Sarah  E.,  dau.  Capt. 

John  Birge 
April  14.  West,  Joshua,  Forest  Lake,  to  Mrs.  Rosetta  Bush, 


These  records  of  the  Marriages  and  Deaths  in  Susque- 
hanna County,  Pennsylvania,  from  1816-1849  inclusive  have 
been  copied  from  the  files  of  newspapers  in  the  Susquehanna 
County  Historical  Society  Library  in  Montrose  by  Mrs.  D. 
C.  Harrington. 

Any  discrepancies  in  data  or  conflicting  dates  are  due  to 
incompleteness  of  notice  in  paper.  In  some  cases  the  date 
of  paper  has  been  inserted.  In  others,  the  date  left  blank. 
Deviation  from  chronological  order  is  caused  by  the  arrange- 
ment of  the  newspapers  in  the  bound  volumes  and  in  scatter- 
ing small  collections. 

The  records  will  be  of  great  value  and  assistance  in  all 
search  for  genealogical  and  legal  data  in  the  period  and 
region  covered  and  also  for  some  items  reprinted  there  from 
newspapers  outside  of  Susquehanna  County.  Inquiries  often 
come  from  the  western  states,  even  as  far  as  Seattle,  from 
people  whose  ancestors  were  born,  or  married  in  the  east, 
but  whose  dates  have  been  lost,  or  were  never  known.  These 
searchers  are  greatly  pleased  and  helped  when  the  old  news- 
paper data  supply  their  wants. 


Susquehanna  Centinel  1816 

Howell,  Zervia  H.,  dau.  Austin  Howell,  Montrose  Mar.  27 

Owen,  Lydia,  Choconut  Dec.  7 

Rose,  Mrs. ,  wife  of  James,  Choconut  Dec.  9 

Staple,  John,  Liberty  Dec.  23 

Shipman,  Mrs.  Caroline,  wife  of  Nathan,  ae.  36, 

Montrose  Jan.  31 

Harris,  David,  ae.  56,  Bridgewater  Aug.  9 

Burnham,  Mrs.  Ruhannah,  Rush  Dec.  12 

Gazette  1818 

McCarty,  Charles,  Silver  Lake  Jan.  23 

Rockwell,  Cynthia,  dau.  of  William  Rockwell, 

Bridgewater  Jan.  26 

Price,  Zachariah,  ae.  56  (lately  from  Wysox, 

Bradford  Co.),  Montrose  April  i 

Baldwin,  Abigail,  wife  of  Seth  C.  Baldwin, 

at  Balston  April  24 

Mitchell,  Maj.  Genl.  David,  one  of  the  fathers  of 

the  Republic,  Revolution,  Junetta  May  25 

Post,  Agnes  Ann,  dau.  Maj.  Isaac  Post,  Montrose  June  22 
Warren,  Mrs.  Amy,  ae.  84,  relict  of  William 
Warren,  deed.  She  had  borne  her  part  in  the 
sufferings  of  the  inhabitants  both  before  and 
after  the  Wyoming  Massacre  and  was  a  resi- 
dent of  this  country  upwards  of  forty  years. 
In  Hanover  July  i 

Bowman,  Capt.  Samuel,  in  Wilkes-Barre.  He 
was  born  in  Massachusetts.  At  breaking  out 
of  Revolutionary  War  he  engaged  on  the  side 
of  Republicanism  with  ardor  which  character- 
ized the  young  men  of  New  England  June  25 
Barrett,  William,  killed  by  lightning  July  4 
Barnett,  dau,  of  Peter  Barnett  killed  by  lightning, 

no  christian  name  given  July  5 

Thayer,  James,  ae.  24,  Montrose  July  17 

Agard,  Levi  S.,  Rush  Sept.  i 

Brewster,  Betsy,  ae.  67,  wife  of  Nathan  Brewster 

Bridgewater  Sept.  17 


Huntington,  General  Jedediah,  ae.  79.  a  distinguished 

officer  of  the  Revolution,  of  New  London  Oct.  19 

Birchard,  Capt.  Israel,  a  native  of  Connecticut,  one 

of  the  earliest  settlers  in  this  county.   Rush  Dec.  12 

Burrows,  Mrs.  Lydia  of  Bridgewater,  wife  of 

Urial  Burrows  Jan.  15 

Post,  Susan,  only  dau.  of  Maj.  Isaac  Post,  Montrose    Feb.  9 
Dennison,  George,  son  of  Dr.  Mason  Dennison, 

Montrose  Feb.  10 

Lyons,    Mrs.    Jerusha,    wife    of    Nathan    Lyons, 

ae.  20,  recently  from  Brattleboro,  Vt.   Montrose       Feb.  11 
Gregory,  Amy,  dau.  of  Eli  Gregory,  Montrose  Feb.  17 

Carr,  Chapman,  Montrose  Feb.  17 

Burrows,  Wealthy,  Bridgewater  May  i 

Raynsford,  Mrs.  Ann,  wife  of  Joseph  Raynsford, 

Bridgewater  May  6 

Bliss,  Beza  E.,  ae.  18,  son  of  Zenas  Bliss  of  Silver 

Lake.     Montrose  May  7 

German,  Lieut.  Lewis,  Sacket's  Harbor  May  14 

Daniels,  Phoebe,  dau.  of  Richard  Daniels,  Bridge- 
water  June  7 
Bowman,   Peggy  Ann,   dau.  of  Rufus   Bowman, 

Montrose  July  11 

CatHn,  Julia,  dau.  of  Erastus  Catlin,  Montrose  July  15 

Webster,  Luna,  dau.  of  Amos  Webster,  Choconut       July  15 
Baldwin,  Asa,  ae.  43,  Bridgewater  Aug.  9 

Miller,  Elihu,  ae.  17,  Montrose  Aug.  21 

Kingsbury,  Hannah,  ae.  23,  dau.  of  Ebenezer 

Kingsbury,  Harford  Aug.  18 

Tiffany,  Ruth,  ae.  34,  wife  of  Thomas  Tiffany, 

Harford  Oct.  6 

Avery,  Maria,  ae.  18,  dau.  of  Widow  Clarissa 

Avery,  Montrose  Oct.  9 

Stephens,  Alfred,  son  of  James  Stephens,  Bridge- 
water  Oct.  II 
Gregory,  Mrs.  Joseph,  Bridgewater  Oct.  20 
Gregory,  Parna,  dau.  of  Joseph  Gregory,  Bridge- 
water                                                                               Oct.  29 
Messenger                             1820 
Paine,  Rev.  Edward,  Water  ford  (now  Brooklyn) 

drowned  in  Niagara  River  July  8 


Waldie,  James  Traquair,  "son  of  the  Editor", 

Montrose  July  i8 

Pieronette,  Thomas,  a  native  of  England,  Friends- 

ville  July  22 

Nash,  John,  formerly  this  county,  Plymouth  Aug.  2 

Hart,  Mrs.  Phoebe,  wife  of  Jacob  Hart,  New 

Milford  Aug.  26 

Fuller,  Mary,  dau.  of  Edward  Fuller  of  Montrose, 
Exeter  Aug.  28 

Horton,  Nicholas  F.,  formerly  this  county.  Clay- 
born,  Ala.  Oct.  25 

Darrow,  George,  ae.  76,  Bridgewater  Nov.  16 

Ashley,  Col.  Samuel,  Capt.  in  Revolution,  frozen  to 

death,  Springville  Dec.  16 

Tuttle,  Friend,  ae.  39,  Lawsville  Dec.  19 

Cooley,  Mrs.  John  Jacob,  Bridgewater  May  10 

Warner,  Rebecca,  ae.  37,  wife  of  Samuel  Warner, 

Bridgewater  June  22 

Waldie,  Helen  Scott,  dau.  and  only  child  of 

Editor  of  the  Herald,  Montrose  Sept.  15 

Stephens,  Capt.  Jarah,  a  soldier  in  the  Revolution, 

Bridgewater  Dec.  13 

Susquehanna  Herald  1822 

Scott,  Walter,  of  Britania,  Silver  Lake  Twp.  July  13 

Hinds,  Albert,  son  of  Stephen  Hinds,  Montrose  July  15 
Lyons,  Ellen  Maria,  dau.  of  Jerre  Lyons,  Montrose  July  18 
Parmelee,  David  L.,  son  of  Simeon  Parmelee, 

Bridgewater  July  31 

Foster,  Mrs.  Phoebe,  ae.  66,  wife  of  Daniel  Foster, 

Bridgewater  Aug.  20 

Nickerson,  Ethan,  ae.  25,  Aug.  22 

Kingsbury,  Noah  W.,  son  of  Rev.  E.  Kingsbury, 

Harford  Sept.  8 

Hinds,  Bartlett,  "He  took  his  tour  thro  the  whole 

of  the  Rev.  War."     Montrose  Oct.  11 

Mott,  Christiana,  wife  of  Ithamer  Mott,  New 

Milford  Oct.  II 

Messinger,  Ruby,  ae.  18,  Bridgewater  Sept.  11 

Mead,  Mary,  wife  of  William  Mead  of  New  York, 

Bridgewater  Oct.  19 


Bush,  Caleb,  Bridgewater  Nov.  6 
Post,  Agnes  and  Susan,  children  of  David  Post, 

Bridgewater  Feb.  6 

Carbine,  Eliza,  wife  of  Horace,  Bridgewater  Feb.  8 

Snow,  Mrs.,  Bridgewater  Feb.  13 

Wilbur,  Ebenezer,  Bridgewater  Feb.  14 
Clark,  Justin,  at  Cooperstown,  formerly  of  this 

county  May  6 

Chamberlin,  Benjamin,  ae.  60,  Choconut  May  19 
Woodhouse,  William,  a  wife  and  seven  children 

left,  Bridgewater  May  22 

Republican  1824 

McDivit,  Mrs.  Catherine,  wife  of  J.,  and  dau.  of 

Wm.  McKinzy,  Lawsville  Jan.  12 

Woodhouse,  Gilbert  R.,  son  of     Walker  G. 

Woodhouse,  Montrose  Jan.  7 

Ward,  Ichabod,  New  Milford  Feb.  23 

Chandler,  Clark,  ae.  54,  notify  son  John  W., 

Bridgewater.    Colraine,  Mass.  Feb.  27 

Butler,  Lord,  Wilkes-Barre.  Mch.  9 

DuBois,  Mina,  Great  Bend  Mch.  14 

Curtis,  Mrs.  Abigail,  ae.  70,  Bridgewater  Mch.  17 

Wagoner,  George,  Montrose  Mch.  18 

McCoy,  Joseph,  ae.  33,  formerly  this  county, 

Wilkes-Barre  Mch.  21 

Mallery,  Sylvania  P.,  wife  of  Garrick,  and  dau. 

Lord  Butler,  Wilkes-Barre  Mch.  28 

Curtis, ,  son  of  Daniel,  Montrose  Mch.  28 

Crandall,  Rev.  Amos,  Waterford  (now  Brooklyn)  July  2 
Drinker,  Henry  S.,  formerly  Philadelphia,  Silver 

Lake  July  3 

Catlin,  Lynde,  ae.  16,  son  of  Putnam  Catlin, 

Hopbottom  July  24 

Welles,  Abigail,  ae.  62,  wife  of  Reuben  Welles, 

Montrose  Aug.  i 

Warner,  Phineas,  Montrose  Aug.  10 

Webb,  Elizabeth,  dau.  Dr.  L.  W.  Bingham,  New 

Milford  Aug.  17 

Bullock,  Sarah,  wife  of  John  Bullock,  Springville  Aug.  18 
Upson,  Charlotte,  ae.  36,  wife  of  Allen  Upson, 

Lawsville  Aug.  20 

Harkins,  William,  ae.  78,  Springville  Nov.  5 

Capron,  Labon,  Harford  Nov.  22 


Susqa.  County  Republican 

Baldwin,  James,  ae.  29,  Montrose  Feb.  6 

Washburn,  Eliza,  dau.  Joseph  Washburn,  Gibson  Feb.  14 

Green,  Fanny,  dau.  John  Green,  Lawsville  Feb.  16 

Aldrich,  Levi,  ae.  42,  Harford  Mch.  30 

Hudson,  Mrs.  Esther,  ae.  76,  Bridgewater  Apr.  23 
Washburn,  Polly,  dau.  of  Joseph  Washburn, 

Gibson  May  9 
Trowbridge,  Mrs.,  ae.  43,  wife  of  Lyman  Trow- 
bridge, Great  Bend  May  13 
Avery,  Mrs.  Joanna,  wife  of  Elijah  Avery, 

Tunkhannock  June  27 

Brownson,  Amos,  ae.  55,  Springville  Aug.  4 

Hewett,  Latham,  ae.  38  Aug,  10 

Snow,  Hannah,  dau.  of  John  Snow,  Bridgewater  Aug.  10 
Moflfet,  Samuel,  ae.  35,  Editor  of  Susqa.  Democrat, 

Wilkes-Barre  Aug.  14 
Stephens,  William,  ae.  16,  formerly  Bridgewater, 

Montrose  Aug.  20 
Roy,  Michael,  ae.  25.    Gazette  says  Le  Roy. 

Montrose  Aug  26 

Crocker,  John,  ae.  21,  Bridgewater  Aug.  30 

McNamara,  Luke,  ae.  63,  Lenox  Sept.  27 

Spencer,  Jeremiah,  ae.  76,  Brooklyn  Oct.  20 
Finch,  Minerva,  ae.  32,  wife  of  Hiram,  buried 

Montrose  cemetery.     Montrose  Nov.  19 

Hewett,  Mrs.  Jerusha,  ae.  78,  Bridgewater  Nov.  21 

The  Gazette 

Backus,  Samuel,  ae.  45,  Bridgewater  May  ii 

Jewett,  Catherine,  dau.  of  Nathan  Jewett,  Brooklyn  May  21 
Heister,  Elizabeth,  ae.  76,  wife  of  Joseph,  this 

county,  Reading  June  1 1 

Evans,  Cadwallader,  ae.  67,  of  Phila.,  Wheeling,  Va.  June  24 

The  Register 

Warner,  Samantha,  dau.  Samuel  Warner,  Montrose  Nov.  30 

Brewster,  Joseph,  Montrose  Dec.  21 

Warner,  William,  ae.  28,  Lawsville  Dec.  31 

The  Register  1826 

Fuller,  Charles  Hepburn,  son  of  Charles  Fuller, 

Montrose  Feb.  i 


Coggswell,  Jemima,  ae.  91,  Bridgewater  Feb.  19 

Hyatt,  David,  Great  Bend  Feb.  22 

Clark,  Ebenezer,  ae.  44,  formerly  Harford, 

Fishkill,  N.  Y.  Feb.  23 

Williams,  Thomas,  ae.  104.  Revolutionary  soldier, 

also  in  the  French  and  Indian  War.    Pensioner. 

Montrose  Feb.  28 

Whitcomb,  Jacob  J.,  ae.  30,  Springville  Mch.  i 

Coonrod,  Betsy,  ae.  yj,  wife  of  John  Coonrod, 

Harford  Mch.  4 

Hilborn,  John,  ae.  84,  one  of  the  earliest  settlers, 

Harmony  April  15 

Stephens,  Melvin  Fayette,  son  of  John  Stephens, 

Montrose  May  23 

Foot,  John,  ae.  72,  Nevi^  Milford  June  16 

Harding,  John,  ae.  63,  of  Susquehanna  Co., 

Exeter,  Luzerne  Co.  June  26 

Peieronette,  Sophia  Margareta,  dau.  of  Charles 

Vernon  Francis  Wilson  of   British  Artillery 

and    niece    of    James    Stephen    Peieronette, 

Friendsville  July  31 

Marks,  Elizabeth  Boyd,  dau.  Rev.  S.  Marks  Aug.  9 

Coy,  Thursy  Louisa,  ae.  26,  wife  of  Alanson  Coy, 

Montrose  Aug.  17 

Gregory,  Laura,  dau.  of  Samuel  Gregory, 

Bridgewater  Aug.  20 

Wade,  Sylvanus,  New  Milford  Aug.  19 

Hyde,  Lydia  J.,  ae.  22,  dau.  Jabez,  Jr.,  Rush  Sept,  2 

Austin,  Betsy,  ae.  25,  Bridgewater  Sept.  17 

Pickett,  Ebenezer,  ae.  80  Sept.  26 

Avery,  Dimock,  son  of  Hubbard,  Montrose  Oct.  5 

Case,  Charles,  son  of  B.  T.  Case,  Montrose  Oct.  11 

Lamb,  Lucy,  ae.  61,  wife  of  Major  Joel,  Jackson  Oct.  21 
Whipple,  Ebenezer,  ae.  72,  Bridgewater  Nov.  2 

Lewis,  Nathan,  Harford  Nov.  24 

Taylor,  Edith,  ae.  35,  wife  of  Thomas  Taylor, 

Great  Bend  Dec.  5 

Risley,  Deborah  W.,  dau.  of  George  Risley, 

Springville  Dec.  10 

Fordham,  Jeremiah,  ae.  33,  formerly  of  Montrose, 

Southampton,  N.  Y.  Dec.  26 


The  Register  1827 

Baldwin,  Noah,  ae.  84,  Bridgewater  Jan.  20 

Turrell,  Caleb,  ae.  91,  Bridgewater  Jan.  26 

Was  at  taking  of  Quebec,  under  Wolfe  ;  was  five 
years  in  the  service  of  his  country  during  Revo- 
lutionary War  and  was  with  brave  Montgomery 
in  attempt  to  take  Quebec. 
Catlin,  Phineas,  ae.  69,  in  Catherine  Jan.  31 

Judge  Catlin  was  one  of  the  first  settlers  in  this 
county  and  an  unpensioned  Revolutionary  soldier 
having  served  with  distinction  in  Col.  Sheldon's 
Regt.  of  Dragoons  through  the  whole  war. 
Hill,  Eliza  Ann,  dau.  of  Joseph  Hill,  Gibson  Feb.  26 

McClaskey,  Charles,  Springville  Mch.  17 

Hinman,  Elijah  S.,  ae.  50,  in  Catherine  Mch.  20 

Shipman,  Senaca  Wheeler,  Bridgewater  April  7 

Lynn,  John,  late  this  county,  en  route  Philadelphia      April  12 
Fansher   )  Margaret,  dau.  of  John  Fansher, 
Fancher   3       Bridgewater  May  18 

Hine,  Elena  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Merritt  Hine, 

Jackson  June  13 

Smith,  Mrs.  Anna,  ae.  60,  Bridgewater  June  22 

Coonrod,  Cynthia  Maria,  dau.  of  Jacob  Coonrod, 

Harford  July  3 

Post,  Lodrich,  dau.  of  D.  Post,  Montrose  July  24 

Bixby,  Darius,  Jr.,  ae.  30,  Middletown  Aug.  18 

Bentley,  Charles  Westall,  son  of  Marshall  Bentley, 

Montrose  Aug.  23 

Lathrop,  Asa,  ae.  73,  an  early  settler,,  Springville        Sept.  2 
Dart,  Olin,  ae.  62,  Middletown  Sept.  6 

Clark,  Harry,  ae.  26,  formerly  Montrose.  Exeter  Oct.  3 

Duncan,  Judge  Thomas,  of  Supreme  Court  of 

Pennsylvania,  Lancaster  Nov.  16 

Chapman,  Isaac  A.,  Mauch  Chunk  Dec.  8 

Webb,  Mrs.  Stephen,  Bridgewater  Dec.  1 1 

Lynn,  Joseph,  formerly  Philadelphia,  Montrose  Dec.  27 

Dart,  Samuel  M.,  son  of  Selah  M.  Dart,  Middle- 
town  Dec.ii8 

The  Register  1828 

Stephens,  William,  ae.  65,  a  Revolutionary  soldier. 

New  Mil  ford  Jan.  30 

Marsh,  Charles  R.,  formerly  of  Vermont,  Brooklyn    Mch.  17 


Frink,  Marantha,  Bridgewater  Mch.  23 
Grigg,  Lemuel,  a  native  of  Hampton,  Windham 
Co.,   Conn.    Eldest   son    of    Nathan   Grigg   of 

Gibson,  Pa.    Harford  April  8 

Bennett,  John,  ae.  40,  Clifford  April  19 

Wylie,  Daniel  Buck,  Great  Bend  April  23 

Gage,  Ira,  ae.  31,  Bridgewater  May  16 
Maryott,  Wm.  C,  son  of  William  Maryott  of 

Brooklyn,  Rush  June  4 

Tiffany,  Nathan  S.,  ae.  44.  Lenox  June  5 
Barnard,  Mary,  ae.  50,  wife  of  Samuel  Barnard, 

Montrose.     In  New  York  June  18 

Morse,  Lorenzo,  son  of  Jonas  Morse,  Harmony  June  26 

Wicks,  Nathaniel,  New  Milford  July  9 

Ives,  Titus,  ae.  43,  New  Milford  July  17 

Curtis,  Warren,  ae.  39,  Bridgewater  Aug.  17 
Brock,  Theresa,  only  dau.  of  Frederick  Brock  of 

Susqua.  Co.,  at  Brockville  Aug.  20 

Ellis,  Capt.  Hezekiah  H.,  ae.  32,  Herrick  Aug.  26 
Hickok,  Darius,  ae.  45,  son  of  Benj.  Hickok  of 

Waterbury,  Conn.     Bridgewater  Sept.  2 
Buck,  Olive  Stevens,  ae.  "jy,  wife  of  Rev.  Daniel 

Buck,  Great  Bend  Sept.  6 
Weeks,  Maria,  dau.  of  Cajeb  Weeks,  Montrose  Sept.  24 
Catlin,  Julius,  ae.  25,  formerly  Montrose,  Rochester  Sept.  26 
Curtis,  Ira,  ae.  36,  Bridgewater  Oct.  22 
Chase,  David,  ae.  35,  Great  Bend  Nov.  13 
Passmore,  Mrs.  Sarah,  formerly  Auburn,  Bridge- 
water  Dec.  7 
Beebe,  Mrs.  Clark,  Bridgewater  Dec.  21 

The  Register  1829 
Crocker,  John  H.,  son  of  Hyde  Crocker,  Bridge- 
water  Jan. 8 
Wyllys,  Mrs.  Heziah,  ae.  74,  Gibson  Feb.  20 
Williams,  John,  ae.  61,  Bridgewater  April  20 
Tewksbury,  Ephraim,  ae.  61,  Brooklyn  May  28 
Passmore,  Norman,  ae,  31,  Auburn  July  8 
Bissell,  Dr.  Samuel,  ae.  41,  Brooklyn  July  20 
Post,  James  M.,  son  of  David  Post,  Montrose  July  30 
Hill,  Orson,  son  of  J.  W.  Hill,  Bridgewater  July  30 
Trowbridge,  Noble,  ae.  40,  Great  Bend  Aug.  5 


Lord,  Mrs.  Matilda,  ae.  35,  wife  of  Capt.  Elisha 

Lord,  Brooklyn  Aug.  21 

Searle,  Henry,  son  of  Daniel  Searle,  Montrose  Sept.  6 

Chapman,  Joseph,  Jr.,  son  of  Joseph  Chapman, 

Brooklyn  Sept.  17 

Pickett,  Anson,  son  of  Major  Jacob  Pickett  of 

Rush,  at  Clarkson,  Wayne  Co.  Oct.  20 

Blaisdell,  Elijah,  Oct.  25 

Olmsted,  David,  ae.  79,  Bridgewater  Nov.  29 

Born,  Norwalk,  Conn.  He  identified  himself  at 
an  early  day  with  the  cause  of  his  country's  free- 
dom in  the  War  of  Revolution.  He  participated 
in  the  toils  and  subsequent  glory  of  the  Northern 
Campaign  under  Genl.  Gates.  Was  with  Wash- 
ington in  his  retreat  from  N.  Y.  Also  in  action 
at  Ticonderoga.  Pioneer  of  this  country  of 
trackless  forest  and  unfathomed  wild. 

Wright,  Capt.  Samuel,  ae.  72,  Brooklyn  Sept.  20 

He  was  one  of  a  band  of  patriots  who,  during 
the  War  of  the  Revolution,  risked  their  lives  and 
their  all  to  establish  their  country's  liberty. 

The  Register  1830 

Kasson,  Phebe,  ae.  22,  dau.  of  Myron  Kasson, 

Springville  Jan.  7 

Downer,  Margaret,  ae.  87,  widow,  Bozrah,  Conn.  Jan.  3 

Lincoln,  Daniel,  Middletown  Jan.  6 

Mylert,  Henry,  son  of  Seeker  Mylert,  New  Milford    Jan.  14 
Flynn,  Jeremiah,  ae.  41,  Roman  Catholic  Priest, 

Montrose  Jan.  16 

Sweet,  Wm.  Henry,  son  of  Capt.  Elias  Sweet, 

Harford  Jan.  16 

Wellman,  Jacob,  ae.  92,  a  Revolutionary  soldier, 

New  Milford  Jan.  18 

Jones,  Julius,  Lawsville  Jan.  19 

Chandler,  Huldah,  ae.  55,  wife  of  James  Chandler, 

Gibson  Jan.  20 

Bennett,  Elias,  a  Revolutionary  soldier  and  pensioner, 

Auburn  Jan.  26 

Maine,  Mary,  ae.  81,  widow  of  Ezekiel  Jan.  26 

Phinney,  Dorothea,  ae.  68,  wife  of  Samuel, 

New  Milford  Mar.  12 

Whiteley,  Frederick  M.,  ae.  2.3,  Bridgewater  Mar.  13 


Kellum,  Samuel,  Jr.,  ae.  20,  Springville  Mar.  28 

Frink,  Minerva,  dau.  of  Amos  Frink,  Bridgewater  April  5 
Frink,  Charles,  son  of  Amos  Frink,  Bridgewater  April  12 
Ressigue,  Mrs.,  ae.  42,  wife  of  James,  Silver  Lake  April  21 
Corah,  Jemima,  wife  of  Jeremiah  Corah  and  dau.  of 

Jacob  Roberts,  Bridgewater  May  5 

Hines,  Mrs.  Martha,  ae.  28,  Pike  May  7 

Phinney,  Samuel,  ae.  73,  formerly  Canterbury,  Conn., 

New  Milford  May  8 

Hartson,  Beriah,  ae.  62,  locality — western  Pennsyl- 
vania where  treaty  with  the  Indians  was  com- 
promised, German  Flats  May  16 
Smith,  Maria,  dau.  of  Thomas  A.  Smith,  Bridgewater  June  27 
Newcomb,  Jabez,  ae.  42,  formerly  Bridgewater, 

Vestal,  N.  Y.  Sept.  23 

Lyon,  Barney,  ae.  25,  Montrose  Oct.  19 

Southworth,  Sally,  dau.  of  Gideon  Southworth, 

Bridgewater  Oct.  30 

Cook,  Mrs.  Lois,  ae.  106  yrs.,  6  mos., 

Chenango,  N.  Y.  Nov.  26 

Stephens,  Francis  H.,  son  of  Henry  S.  Stephens, 

Bridgewater  Dec.  15 

Burrows,  David  Emilus,  son  of  Jesse  Burrows, 

Bridgewater  Dec.  26 

Fish,  Rhoda,  ae.  80,  wife  of  Pardon  Fish,  Springville  Dec.  26 
Wright,  Charles  Merritt,  eldest  son  of  James  Wright, 

Tunkhannock  Dec.  20 

Hinds,  Conrad,  son  of  Deacon  Conrad  Hinds, 

Bridgewater  Dec.  28 

The  Register  1831 

Mott,  Sabra,  ae.  26,  Middletown  Jan.  9 

Rockwell,  Timothy,  ae.  73,  at  residence  of  son-in- 
law  Chauncy  Wright,  Choconut,  formerly  Alle- 
gheny Co.  Feb.  5 
Parke,  Henry,  late  of  Springville,  New  York  City      Mar.  16 
Raynsford,  Hannah,  ae.  52,  wife  of  J.  W.  Raynsford, 

Montrose  Mar.  17 

Summers,  David,  ae.  30,  Lawsville  Mar.  25 

Hall,  Timothy,  ae.  71,  a  Revolutionary  veteran, 

Great  Bend  April  i 

Thomas,  Joseph,  ae.  70,  Great  Bend  April  24 

A  Revolutionary  soldier  and  pensioner — served 


two  years  against  the  infamous  Brandt  and 
Butler;  also  enlisted  in  Col.  Baldwin's  Regt.  of 
Artificers;  also  in  Cap.  —  West's  Company  of 
Artillery  Artificers  and  marched  to  Virginia  and 
assisted  at  capture  of  Cornwallis. 
West,  Sally,  ae.  22,  wife  of  Dr.  Edmund  West, 

Bridgewater  April  28 

Tracy,  Mary  Ann,  Wilkes-Barre  April  29 

Bentley,  Capt.  Stephen,  ae.  60,  Bridgewater  May  ii 

Warner,  Jared  C,  ae.  30,  Bridgewater  May  26 

Milligan,  Ann,  wife  of  Samuel  Milligan  formerly 

Philadelphia  now  Ellerslie,  Susq.  Co.,  Chester  Co.    July  23 
Lord,  Eliza,  ae.  19,  wife  of  Capt.  Elisha  Lord, 

Brooklyn  July  31 

White,  Francis  P.,  ae.  22,  Friendsville  Aug.  19 

Dennison,  George,  ae.  42,  Wilkes-Barre  Aug.  21 

Wood,  Emeline,  adopted  dau.  of  Milton  Wood, 

Bridgewater  Aug.  19 

Kidder,  Luther,  ae.  64,  Pike  Sept.  2 

Westbrook,  Mrs.  Jane,  ae.  69,  Brooklyn  Sept.  8 

Roberts,  Julia  Ann,  ae.  24,  wife  of  Zina  Roberts, 

Bridgewater  Sept.  15 

Westbrook,  Cornelius,  ae.  72,  a  soldier  of  the  Rev- 
olution, Brooklyn  Sept.  18 
Raynor,  Nathan,  ae.  42,  of  Montrose,  Carbondale  Sept.  27 
Allen,  Iruna,  ae.  18,  Montrose  Sept.  30 
Bosworth,  Salmon,  ae.  57,  Pike  Nov.  4 
Lathrop,  Mrs.  Cynthia,  ae.  38,  wife  of  Col.  Daniel 

Lathrop,  Montrose  Nov.  7 

Brewster,  Eldad,  Bridgewater  Nov.  11 

CarcuflP,  Thomas,  ae.  33,  Sheriff  elect,  Montrose  Nov.  12 

Barton,  Genl.  Wm.,  a  patriot  of  the  Revolution, 

liberated  from  Danville  prison  by  LaFayette  Nov.  18 

Congdon,  Mrs.  Sarah,  ae,  82,  Bridgewater  Dec.  29 

Susquehanna  Register  1832 

Blowers,  Lucy,  ae.  41,  wife  of  John  Blowers, 

Lawsville  Jan,  7 

Scott,  Thomas  Jackson,  ae.  32,  Bridgewater  Jan.  19 

Champion,  J.  Rachel,  dau.  of  John  Champion, 

Bridgewater  Jan.  19 

Nichols,  Amos,  son  of  Zenas  Nichols,  Bridgewater        Feb.  7 
Hawley,  Mrs,  Phebe,  ae.  80,  Lawsville  Mar.  19 


Munson,  Almon,  ae.  71,  a  Revolutionary  soldier, 

Great  Bend  Mar.  20 

Bush,  Amy  Ann,  dau.  of  Adrian  Bush,  Bridgewater  Mar.  23 
Burns,  Henry  Horace,  son  of  Ziba  Burns,  Herrick  April  15 
Lord,  Sarah  Bacon,  dau.  of  Elisha  Lord,  Brooklyn  April  26 
Frink,  Mrs.  Mary,  ae.  52,  Montrose  May  4 

West,  Jonathan,  ae.  71,  an  early  settler  in  a  rugged 

wilderness,  Bridgewater  May  4 

Simmons,  Hannah,  ae.  35,  wife  of  Ira  Simmons, 

Bridgewater  May  8 

Pickett,  Capt.  Joab  and  wife,  both  ae.  61,  Rush  May  13 

Coxe,  Eliza,  wife  of  Henry  W.  Coxe  and  dau.  James 

L.  and  Susan  Pieronette,  Friendsville,  Philadelphia  May  26 
Keeler,  Morrell,  son  of  S.  F.  and  Diantha  Keeler, 

Montrose  June  5 

Wells,  Levi,  ae.  33,  Springville  June  5 

Geri,  Charles  Denison,  ae.  26,  Brooklyn  June  3 

Slocum,  Benjamin,  Tunkhannock  July  7 

Marks,  Julia  Amanda,  dau.  Rev.  Samuel  Marks, 

Montrose  July  8 

Reynolds,  Joseph,  ae.  43,  Bridgewater  July  10 

Mallery,  Mrs.  Catherine,  ae.  28,  wife  of  Hon. 

Garrick  Mallery,  at  Reading  July  23 

Stuart,    Mrs.    Elizabeth,    ae.    56,    relict   of    Wm. 

Stuart  and  2nd  dau.  of  General  James  Clinton 

and  sister  of  DeWitt  Clinton,  formerly  Governor 

of  New  York.    Montrose  Sept.  3 

Crocker,  Almon,  only  son  of  Hyde  and  Sally 

Crocker,  Bridgewater  Sept.  29 

Cotrill,  Evangeline,  wife  of  N.  Cotrill,  Providence  Oct.  i 

Avery,  Nancy,  ae.  38,  wife  of  Ebenezer  Avery, 

New  Milford  Oct.  3 

Steele,  John,  ae.  67,  Nicholson  Oct.  26 

Scott,  Catherine,  ae.  39,  wife  of  Hon.  David  Scott, 

Wilkes-Barre  Nov.  29 

Buck,  Silas,  ae.  44,  Great  Bend  Dec.  13 

Cook,  Solon,  son  of  Eunice  and  Lyman  Cook,  Jr., 

Bridgewater  Dec.  9 

Tyler,  William  W.,  son  of  Simeon  and  Wealthy 

Tyler,  Bridgewater  Dec.  28 

Darrow,  Joseph,  ae.  45,  Bridgewater  Feb.  4 


Whitely,  John,  ae.  78,  Bridgewater  Feb.  4 

He  was  one  of  them  who  endured  the  sufferings 
and  trials  of  the  Revolutionary  struggle. 

Powers,  Capt.  Hazard,  ae.  67,  buried  at  Gibson, 

Gibson,  Feb.  7 

Kingsbury,  Samuel  Ely,  ae.  30,  Harford  Feb.  12 

Dimock,  David,  ae.  87,  Bridgewater  Feb.  14 

At  the  residence  of  his  son  Elder  Davis  Dimock. 
A  soldier  of  the  Revolution.  Served  9  mos.  in 
Continental  Army  as  a  private  and  afterwards 
4  years  in  Vermont  troops  as  Lieutenant. 

Pierce,  Mary,  dau.  of  H.  Pierce,  Friendsville  Feb.  24 

Chamberlin,  Moses,  ae.  83,  Gibson  Feb.  14 

A  soldier  of  the  Revolution,  among  the  daring 
few  engaged  at  Bunker  Hill,  among  the  troops 
who  invaded  Canada  under  Montgomery ;  was 
in  the  Battle  of  Trenton,  Princeton,  and  at  sur- 
render of  Burgoyne.  He  entered  the  army  very 
early  as  a  private  but  was  eventually  promoted 
to  rank  of  Lieutenant. 

Mott,  Mrs.  Fanny,  ae.  35,  wife  of  Elihu  Mott. 

Middleton  Mar.  3 

Lamb,  Major  Joel,  ae.  64,  Jackson  Mar.  13 

He  was  an  industrious  and  highly  useful  citizen 
of  that  township  where  his  loss  will  be  severely 
felt.     A  member  of  M.  E.  Church. 

Bowen,  James,  ae.  41,  a  native  of  South  Wales, 

England,  Carbondale.  Mar.  16 

Independent  Volunteer 

Watrous,  Lucy  Maria,  dau.  Major  Ansel  Watrous, 

Bridgewater  Oct.  10 

Sayre,  Priscilla,  dau,  Benjamin  Sayre,  Montrose         Oct,  22 
Green,  Barney  R,,  son  Aaron  Green,  Montrose  Nov,  7 

Wurts,  Harriet,  dau.  J.  J,  Wurts,  Montrose  Nov,  7 

Lane,  Stillman,  son  of  George  W,  Lane,  ae.  21, 

Springville  Nov.  23 

Williston,  Asa,  formerly  of  Lowell,  Mass., 

Athens,  Pa,  Dec.  24 

Susquehanna  Register  and  Northern  Pennsylvania 
Richardson,  Thomas,  formerly  Attleboro,  Mass. 

New  Milford  Jan.  5 


Leet,  Capt.  Luther,  ae.  70,  Friendsville  Jan.  13 

He  had  been  a  soldier  in  the  Revolution,  very 
courageous,  enduring  many  hardships. 

Baker,  Joshua  B.,  ae.  40,  Rush  Jan.  16 

Jones,  Frances  May,  dau.  Bela  and  Polly  Jones, 

Bridgewater  Jan.  21 

Beardsley,  Philomas,  Auburn  Jan.  28 

Turner,  Daniel,  ae.  50,  Great  Bend  Feb.  8 

Avery,  Cyrus,  ae.  62,  Tunkhannock  Feb.  8 

Williams,  Robert  S.,  son  of  Ebenezer  Williams, 

Bridgewater  Feb.  23 

Pickering,  Ann,  ae.  26,  consort  of  Thomas  W. 

Pickering,  Bridgewater  Mar.  10 

Bates,  Rachel,  ae.  74,  wife  of  Thomas  Bates, 

Great  Bend  Mar.  23 

Bell,  Sarah,  ae.  yj,  wife  of  Elisha,  deed.,  Lenox  April  8 

Tiflfany,  Hosea,  ae.  79,  Harford  April  22 

He  was  a  soldier  of  the  Revolution  and  en- 
gaged in  many  of  the  most  trying  scenes  and  oc- 
currences. Was  one  of  the  earliest  settlers  of 
the  county. 

Gere,  Helen  Louisa,  dau.  of  Geo.  M.  and  Sarah 

C.  Gere,  Brooklyn  Aug.  2 

Taylor,  Betsy,  at  home  of  William  Thompson, 

Great  Bend  Aug.  4 

Baldwin,  Stanley,  formerly  West  Bridgewater, 
Addison,  N.  Y.  Aug.  16 

Isbell,  Gibbon,  son  of  Garner  and  Elizabeth  Isbell, 

Montrose  Sept.  6 

Hickok,  Adelaide,  dau.  of  James  Hickok,  Springville    Sept.  7 

Oakley,  Daniel  Chauncy,  son  of  Daniel  and  Sally 

Oakley,  Harford.  Sept.  10 

Turrell,  Flora,  dau.  of  Nathan  Turrell  of  Kent, 

Litchfield  Co.,  Conn.,  Middletown  Sept.  11 

Fish,  Joseph,  ae.  42,  Great  Bend  Sept.  25 

Warner,  Mary,  wife  of  Albert  Warner  of 

Bridgewater,  Carbondale  Dec.  3 

Dimock,  Asa,  ae.  62,  Herrick  Dec.  18 

Independent  Volunteer 

Tyler,  William  W.,  son  of  Simeon  and  Wealthy 

Tyler,  Bridgewater  Jan.  8 

Baldwin,  Samuel  A.,  son  of  Matthew,  Bridgewater        Jan.  2 

Whipple,  Isaac,  son  of  Augustus  and  Sybil  Convers, 

Brooklyn  Feb.  17 


Mills,  Capt.  Josiah,  a  soldier  of  the  Revolution, 
ae.  70.  A  son  Chas.  C.  Mills,  lives  Springfield, 
111.     Bridgewater  Mar.  17 

Hopkins,  Larned,  formerly  of  Rhode  Island,  at 
house  of  Lyman  Lewis,  a  martyr  to  the  cause  of 
intemperance  Mar.  25 

Hatch,  Milo — ae.  25 — at  father's  residence,  Gt.  Bend    Apr.  4 

Brush,  Dennison,  son  of  Lewis  Brush,  Bridgewater     Apr.  15 

Butler,  Mrs.  Julia,  ae.  44,  consort  of  Steuben  Butler, 

Wilkes-Barre  May  16 

Williams,  Thomas,  ae.  19,  Bridgewater  June  i 

Bush,  Mrs.  Nancy,  wife  of  Caleb,  Bridgewater  June  10 

Peck,  Mrs.  Olin  K.,  ae.  31,  consort  of  Rev.  A.  Peck, 

Montrose  June  24 

Richardson,  Col,  Lee,  Harford  June  25 

Foster,  Mary  Ann,  dau.  of  William  Foster, 

Montrose  July  13 

Tyler,  J.  Wadsworth,  formerly  Harford,  Eddyville, 

N.  Y.  July  II 

Kingsbury,  Edw.  Payson,  son  of  E.  Kingsbury,  Jr., 

Carbondale  July  31 

Pinkney,  Octavia,  ae.  26,  Montrose  Aug.  17 

Moore,  Francis,  ae.  93,  Lynn,  Mass.  Aug.  7 

He  was  one  of  the  few  daring  individuals  con- 
cerned in  the  celebrated  act  of  throwing  over 
the  tea  in  Boston  Harbor — Left  his  widow  and 
three  sisters — the  eldest  90  years — youngest  80 
years  of  age. 

Hill,  Wakeman  W.,  ae.  17,  son  of  James  W.  Hill, 

Bridgewater  Apr.  28 

Peck,  Maria  Celina,  only  dau.  Rev.  Alfred  Peck, 

Bridgewater  Sept.  13 

Susquehanna  Register  and  Northern  Farmer 

Sweet,  Elias,  drowned  in  his  millpond,  Harford  Oct.  10 

Dimock,  Geo.  Washington,  son  of  Col.  Asa  Dimock, 

Jr.,  Montrose  Oct.  6 

Beardsley,  Cathleen,  dau.  Albert  Beardsley, 

Springville  Sept.  26 

Backus,  Abigail,  consort  of  Joseph  Backus, 

Bridgewater  Oct.  11 

Thatcher,  Samuel,  ae.  65,  one  of  9  partners  who 

emigrated  from  Mass.  to  Harford,  1790,  Harford    Oct.  9 


Pickett,  Pruda,  ae.  21.  wife  of  Almon.  Rush  Nov.  4 

Handrick,  Elizabeth  AdeHa,  dau.  of  Wm.  G. 

Handrick,  Middletown  Nov.  5 

Thayer,  Elder  Thomas,  ae.  27,  Windsor,  N.  Y.  Nov.  10 

Warefield,  Anna,  ae.  69,  wife  of  Ephraim  Warefield      Dec.  4 
Baker,  Joshua  P.,  ae.  40,  Rush  Jan.  16 

Wood,  Mrs.  Zurenda,  ae.  30,  consort  of  Peleg  Wood, 

Bridgewater  June  15 

r  died  Monrovia,  Africa, 
Laird,  Rev.  Matthew  and  wife  J  of  fever.  Presbyterian 
Cloud,  Rev.  John  1   and     Methodist     Mis- 

l  sionaries  July  3 

Barnes,  Anson,  son  of  Joel  of  Orwell,  Bradford  Co., 

Nichols,  N.  J.  July  5 

Susquehanna  Register  and  Northern  Farmer 
Adams,  Dea.  Asa,  ae.  84,  Great  Bend  Jan.  14 

Dorrance,  Nancy,  wife  of  Col.  Benjamin  Dorrance, 

Kingston  Feb.  2 

Scott,  George,  ae.  50,  Towanda  Mar.  2 

DeVol,  Abraham,  ae.  78,  of  town  of  Catlin,  N.  Y., 

a  Revolutionary  soldier,  Williamsport  Mar.  20 

Locke,  Capt.  John,  ae.  83,  Choconut,  Mar.  31 

A  soldier  of  the  Revolution,  was  in  the  battle  of 
Bunker  Hill,  White  Plains  and  the  taking  of 
Burgoyne  at  Saratoga.  He  lived  to  enjoy  the 
liberties  for  which  he  fought  and  the  last  year  a 
pension  from  the  government. 
Hall,  Timothy,  ae.  71,  Great  Bend  Apr.  i 

A  Revolutionary  soldier  who  served  his  country 
faithfully.  In  Battle  of  Trenton  he  received  a 
bayonette  wound  in  the  engagement  at  Mon- 
mouth. Taken  prisoner  by  the  British  among 
whom  he  found  his  father  enlisted  in  the  cause 
of  freedom.  At  this  time  strong  efiforts  were 
made  to  secure  his  services  against  his  country 
but  without  eflfect.  After  being  exchanged  he 
entered  the  American  Army  at  White  Plains 
serving  faithfully  until  discharged. 
Fuller,  George  Augustus,  son  of  Geo.  and  Mary 

Fuller,  Montrose  April  6 

Conyngham,  David,  son  of  John  N.  of  Wilkes- 

Barre,  Montrose  May  i 


Butler,  Thiriza,  ae.  40,  wife  of  Capt.  L.  C.  Butler, 

Lawsville  May  9 

Wood,  Ezra,  ae.  30,  Bridgewater  May  15 

Miles,  Dr.  Caleb,  ae.  74,  a  Revolutionary  soldier, 

Towanda  May  24 

Franklin,  Rev.,  a  Presbyterian  Divine,  Smithfield        May  24 
Sickler,  Mrs. — ae.  50,  consort  of  Philip  Sickler,  2nd, 

Wysox  June  i 

Wood,  Zurinda,  ae.  30,  wiie  of  Peleg  Wood, 

Bridgewater  June  15 

Carpenter,  Mary,  wife  of  Cyril  Carpenter  and  dau. 

of  Dea.  Jno.  Tyler,  Harford,  Greenfield  July  3 

Barnes,  Anson,  son  of  John  Barnes  of  Orwell, 

Nichols,  N.  Y.  July  5 

Wilkinson,  Mrs.  Ann,  ae.  31,  wife  of  Anthony 

Wilkinson,  Hanover  July  14 

Scutt,  Betsy,  ae.  55,  at  Jacob  Saunders,  Wilkes-Barre  July  18 
Burwell,  Nelson,  at  residence  of  Michael  Collins, 

Great  Bend  July  21 

Fuller,  Chas.  Francis,  son  of  Isaac  and  Abigail 

Fuller  of  Montrose,  Honesdale  July  28 

Albro,  Samuel,  formerly  Susquehanna, 

New  York  City  July  30 

Watts,  James,  ae.  40,  Towanda  Aug.  i 

Walbridge,  Susan  H.,  wife  of  Henry  Walbridge  and 

eldest  dau.  Eleazer  Dana,  Owego  Aug.  13 

Lester,  Ruth  Elizabeth,  dau.  Orin  and  Matilda  Lester, 

Bridgewater  Aug.  18 

Hatch,  Mrs.  Hannah,  ae.  36,  Great  Bend  Aug.  11 

Hopkins,  James,  ae.  77,  a  distinguished  counselor, 

Lancaster  Aug.  14 

Carey,  Daniel,  ae.  37,  Plymouth  Aug.  24 

Kite,  Lydia,  dau.  of  John  L.  Kite,  Choconut  Sept.  13 

Packer,  Samuel  J.,  Sunbury  Oct.  21 

Catlin,  Julia  Ann,  of  Litchfield  County,  Conn., 

Pennsbury,  Chester  Co.  Oct.  21 

Paine,  Mrs.  Ann,  ae.  51,  wife  of  Clement  Paine, 

Athens  Oct.  25 

Butler,  Mrs.  Polly,  wife  of  Lord  Butler, 

Wilkes-Barre  Oct.  28  * 

The  Volunteer 
Birchard,  Howard  Rowland,  son  of  Asahel  and 

Esther  L  Birchard,  Middletown  Jan.  23 


Jones,  William  Thompson,  son  of  Bela  Jones, 

Bridgewater  Feb.  8 

Fraser,  Dr.  Charles,  ae.  56,  Montrose  Feb.  4 

Bingham,  Harriet  Ann,  dau.  Dr.  L.  W.  Bingham, 

New  Milford  Feb.  15 

Vaughn,  Mrs.  Frances,  wife  of  Stephen,  Montrose     Feb.  14 
Perrine,  Martha,  dau.  of  Henry  Perrine, 

Bridgewater  Mch.  12 

Locke,  Capt.  John,  ae.  83,  a  soldier  of  the  Revolu- 
tion, died  at  Choconut  Mch.  31 
Tyler,  Mary  A.,  dau.  of  Harvey  Tyler,  Bridgewater    April  11 
Tyler,  Casper  C,  son  of  Simeon  Tyler, 

Bridgewater  April  11 

Frink,  Sally  Esther,  wife  of  George  Frink, 

Bridgewater  May  14 

Hinds,  Agnes,  relict  of  Bartlet  Hinds,  ae.  70, 

Montrose  May  7 

Baldwin,  Lyman,  ae.  40,  Middletown  May  31 

Bostwick,  Philo,  ae.  51,  killed  by  falling  tree, 

Middletown  July  9 

Jones,  John,  ae.  91,  formerly  of  Brooklyn,  Braintrim     July  9 
Otis,  Dr.  Theron  B.,  ae.  24,  Friendsville  Aug.  4 

Catlin,  John,  ae.  23,  son  of  Putnam  Catlin,  Rome, 

N.  Y.  Aug.  19 

Hoar,  Wm.  L.,  ae.  40,  Dimock  Aug.  20 

Allen,  Lydia  M.,  ae.  23,  wife  of  Hiram  Allen,  Rush     Sept.  7 

Brewster,  Nathan,  ae.  89  yrs.,  one  of  the  earliest 

settlers  in  the  county.    A  soldier  in  the  French 

and  American  Revolution  Sept.  21 

Bailey,  Wm.  Pitt,  ae.  18,  son  of  Col.  Fredk.  Bailey, 

Brooklyn  Sept.  19 

BoUes,  Andrew,  ae.  35,  Springville  Nov.  18 

Dimon,  Mrs.  Abigail,  ae.  73,  one  of  earliest  settlers, 

Gt.  Bend  Nov.  5 

King,  Harriet,  ae.  21,  dau.  Rev.  Samuel  King, 

Warren  July  30 

Doty,  Nathan,  son  of  Zuri  and  Phebe  Ann, 

Bridgewater  Aug.  7 

Myers,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  ae.  105,  in  Shesequin, 

Bradford  Co.  Oct.  22 

Spalding,  Lieut.  Avery  G.,  ae.  24,  LaSalle,  Michigan 

Territory  (Formerly  Shesequin)  Sept.  19 


Justine,  James  K.,  son  of  Dellis  C,  Auburn  Dec.  30 

Wright,  Rev.  S.  O.,  Methodist  Missionary, 

Monrovia,  Africa  July  3 

Susquehanna  Register  and  Northern  Farmer* 
Weeks,  Lydia  Maria,  dau.  Caleb  and  Lora  Weeks, 

Bridgewater  Jan.  3 

Johnson,  Dr.  Charles  B.,  son  of  Dr.  Johnson  of 

Tenbury,  England,  Bridgewater  July  24 

Wallace,  Dr.  John  Y.,  ae.  38,  formerly  New  Milford, 

Texas  Nov.  4 

Tingley,  Abigail,  Harford  Nov.  21 

Catlin,  Mary  B.,  wife  of  Henry  Catlin,  formerly 

Susquehanna  County,  Lockport  Dec.  7 

Independent  Volunteer 

Garnsey,  Abigail,  wife  of  Levi  Garnsey,  ae.  29, 

Dimock  Jan.  5 

Benson,  Nathaniel,  son  of  Hosea,  ae.  18,  Jackson        Jan.  26 
Wilcox,  Daniel  B.,  ae.  29,  Honesdale  Feb.  2 

Jones,  Alice  C,  dau.  of  Alfred  Jones,  Bridgewater       Feb.  9 
Wylie,  Mrs.  Polly,  consort  of  Simeon  Wylie,  ae.  70, 

Gt.  Bend  Feb.  17 

Harding,  Ann,  ae.  18,  Harford  Feb.  22 

Passmore,  John,  Bridgewater  Mch.  i 

Watrous,  Dolly,  consort  of  Col.  Joseph  Watrous, 

Bridgewater  Mch.  i 

Tyler,  Brewster,  son  of  Simeon  and  Betsy  Tyler 

of  Bridgewater.  Coxtown,  Pa.  Apr.  17 

McFaul,  Dr.  Daniel,  ae.  51,  Great  Bend  Apr.  23 

Dean,  Mrs.  Olive,  ae.  65,  widow  of  late  Luther  Dean, 

Bridgewater  Apr.  16 

Myers,  Philip,  Esq.,  at  his  residence  in  Kingston, 

Luz.   Co.,   near  the   scite   of   Forty-Fort,   ever 

memorable   in   the   tragic   story   of    Wyoming, 

where  he  has  resided  for  upwards  of  50  years, 

in  76th  year  of  his  age.     The  Volunteer,  April  23,  1835 
Young,  Sabra,  wife  of  David  Young.    Eldest  dau. 

Joshua  Smith,  Dimock  Apr.  10 

Shipman,  Betsy,  wife  of  Nathan  Shipman, 

Bridgewater  Apr.  6 

*Changed  in  September  to  Register  and  Northern  Farmer 


Mitchell,  Thompson,  eldest  son  of  Seth  Mitchell, 

New  Milford  Apr.  8 

Scott,  Samuel,  ae.  "JJ,  a  Revolutionary  Soldier, 

Bridgewater  Apr.  8 

Rogers,  Patience,  ae.  93,  died  in  Gibson  Apr.  18 

Doty,  Charlotte,  eldest  dau.  Zurah  and  Phebe  Ann 

Doty  May  15 

Jessup,   Zerviah,   at   residence   of    son-in-law, 

S.    S.    Mulford,    Montrose,    relict    of    Maj. 

Zebulon  Jessup,  late  of  Southampton,  L.  I.  May  25 

Beardsley,  May,  relict  of  late  Philonus  Beardsley,  May  30 
Tiffany,  Thomas,  ae.  78,  soldier  of  the  Revolution, 

and  pensioner,  Harford  May  12 

Tiffany,  Melatiah,  ae.  72,  ux.  Thomas  (above), 

Harford  May  17 

This  couple  were  emigrants   from  Mass.  and 

among  the  first  settlers  of  this  County — had 

9  children, 
Lyons,  Hannah  Calista,  only  dau.  Capt.  Jacob  Lyons, 

Herrick  May  11 

Sherman,  Christopher.     Fought  the  battle  that  tried 

men's  souls.     He  enjoyed  a  pension.     Buried  in 

Sherman  Farm,  Forest  Lake,  Montrose  May  13 

Cassady,  Spencer,  formerly  of  Springville,  at  Lowry- 

town,  Northampton  June  3 

Green,  Phila,  consort  of  John,  Lawsville  June  2 

Rupley,  Catherine,  consort  of  Admiral  Rupley, 

Montrose  June  13 

Walbridge,  Lemuel,  ae.  80,  a  soldier  of  the 

Revolution,  Bridgewater  June  10 

Horton,  William,  ae.  22,  West  Bridgewater  June  25 

Merriman,  Sally,  ae.  72,  Lawsville  July  6 

Lines,  Rufus,  a  Revolutionary  soldier,  Lawsville  July  17 
Spencer,  Asro,  son  of  Daniel  Spencer,  Springville  June  10 
Campbell,  Artaimissi  Maria,  dau.  of  James  and  Maria 

Campbell,  Dimock  May  24 

Porter,  Amarilla,  consort  of  Isaac  Porter, 

Springville  May  18 

Chatfield,  Benaiah,  ae.  73,  Rush  Sept.  25 

Boyd,  James,  ae.  66,  Bridgewater  Aug.  2 

Birchard,  Asahel  W.,  ae.  35,  Middletown  Aug.  4 

Fuller,  Jesse  Darlington,  son  of  Isaac  and  Abigail 

Fuller,  Montrose  Sept.  6 


Boyd,  John  Patterson,  Bridgewater  Oct.  14 

Freeman,  Elijah  Peck,  son  of  Capt.  Freeman, 

Harford  Dec.  ^ 

Rugg,  Mrs.  Frances,  wife  of  Joseph  H.  Rugg, 

Binghamton.   Dau.  Hon.  John  A.  Collier  Dec.  i 

Heald,  Alfred,  Choconut  Dec.  14 

Shepherd,  Newton  D.,  son  of  Wm.  and  Theresa, 

Bridgewater  Sept.  21 

Register  and  Northern  Fanner 
Wilson,  Philena,  wife  of  Amzi  Wilson,  Editor  of 

Northern  Pennsylvania,  Carbondale  Jan.  12 

Smedley,  Betsy  Maria,  dau.  Joel  and  Mary  Smedly, 

Great  Bend  Jan.  9 

Trimble,  James,  late  Dep.  Secy,  of  Comth.  which 

office  he  held  ever  since  adoption  of  Constitution, 

nearly  90  years  of  age,  Harrisburg  Jan.  25 

Burrows,  Helen  Elizabeth,  only  dau.  of  Leonard 

Burrows,  Rush  Mar.  17 

Jameson,  Jane  Sophia,  ae.  39,  wife  of  Peter  Jameson, 

Bridgewater  June  27 

Weston,  Mary,  wife  of  William  Weston,  Brooklyn    Aug.  24 
Chamberlin,  Lewis,  Silver  Lake  Aug.  30 

Babcock,  John,  ae.  45,  Brooklyn  Oct.  14 

Pierpont,  Rufus,  Brooklyn  Oct.  29 

Fowler,  Samuel  B.,  ae.  54,  Rush  Dec.  29 

Independent  Volunteer 

Smith,  Thomas  Jefferson,  son  of  Thomas  and  Polly, 

Bridgewater  Jan.  8 

Stone,  Canfield,  only  son  of  Judson  and  Polly, 

Middletown  Feb.  8 

Ward,  Hannah,  wife  of  Christopher  L.,  and  dau. 

J.  W.  Raynsford  Feb.  25 

Drinker,  William,  formerly  of  Montrose. 

St.  Charles  Mo.  Feb.  18 

Bailey,  Joshua,  ae.  71,  Bridgewater  Jan.  6 

Hotchkiss,  Henry  D.,  Montrose  April  8 

Tower,  Nathaniel,  a  soldier  of  the  Revolution, 

ae.  88,  Lenox  Apr.  17 

Gregory,  Daniel.  Auburn  Apr.  26 

Castles,  Fred,  son  of  E.  S.  Castles,  Montrose  May  28 

Tyler,  Lucena,  dau.  Simeon  Tyler,  Bridgewater  June  12 


Buck,  Ethan,  ae.  58,  Gt.  Bend  June  30 

Webb,  Stephen,  ae.  57,  Bridgewater  July  26 

Guile,  Harlem,  ae.  21,  Harford  Aug.  2 

Doolittle,  Hannah,  ae.  90,  New  Milford  Aug.  3 
Deans,  Mrs.  Abigail,  consort  of  James  Deans, 

Bridgewater  Sept.  27 
Wylie,  Simeon,  ae.  78,  Revolutionary  soldier 

Great  Bend  Sept.  14 
Fordham,  Caroline  Elizabeth,  dau.  Chas.  and  Hannah, 

Middletown  Dec.  11 

Crowfut,  Josiah,  67,  New  Milford  Nov.  11 
Griffis,  Stephen,  a  Revolutionary  soldier,  89, 

Brooklyn  Nov.  18 

Tiffany,  Hosea,  Harford  Dec.  9 

Richardson,  Preston,  Harford  Dec.  11 
Ives,  Sarah  H.,  wife  of  Henry,  and  dau.  Dea.  John 

Hawley,  New  Milford  Dec.  2 

Foster,  Ann,  dau.  Wm.  Foster,  Montrose  Dec.  5 

Avery,  Hubbard,  ae.  36,  Montrose  Oct.  19 
Bailey,  Lodowick  Tyler,  son  of  Col.  F.  Bailey, 

Brooklyn  Aug.  25 
Bostwick,    Emma    L.,    ae.  21,  consort  of  Perry 

Bostwick,  eldest  dau.  Pliny  and  Patty  Birchard, 

Middletown  Dec.  18 

Register  and  Northern  Farmer 

Baker,  Joseph,  Sr.,  from  Chester  County,  Pa.,  Dimock  Jan.  9 
Roosa,  Dr.  Isaac,  ae.  56,  of  this  County,  Bethany  July  31 
Fowler,  Samuel  B.,  ae.  54,  Rush  Feb.  29  (sic) 

Hancock,  Louisa,  ae.  46,  formerly  Susquehanna  Co., 

Pike  Sept.  24 

Coonrod,  William,  ae.  84,  Harford  Oct.  14 

Griswold,  Abigail,  ae.  61,  wife  of  Jehiel  Griswold, 

Choconut  Oct.  9 

Grififis,  Sarah,  ae.  45,  wife  of  Thaddeus  Griffis, 

Bridgewater  Nov.  17 

Mann,   Isaachar,  ae.  44,  at  brother-in-law's,  Thomas 

Hicks,  Susquehanna  Co.,  Chester  Co.  Nov.  25 

Foster,  Lillis  C,  dau.  Wm.  C.  and  Mary  A.  Foster, 

Montrose  Nov.  27 


Volunteer,  and  Susquehanna  Register  and  Northern  Farmer 
Bailey,  Joshua,  ae.  71,  Bridgewater  Jan.  6 

Gregory,  Sidney  H.,  son  of  Levi  and  Miranda 

Gregory,  Bridgewater  Jan.  22 

Dow,  Elam  K.,  son  of  Joseph,  Jr.,  and  Abigail  Dow, 

Thompson  Jan.  ig 

Mitchell,  Mrs.  Comphy,  consort  of  Seth  Mitchell, 

New  Milford  Feb.  14 

Claflin,  Nathaniel,  Gibson  Feb.  5 

Denison,  Dr.  B.  A.,  ae.  64,  at  his  brother's. 

Mason  Denison,  Dimock  Feb.  8 

Bixby,  Elder  Smith,  Windham  Feb.  12 

Taylor,  Mrs.  Fidelia,  wife  of  Orin  Taylor,  dau.  of 

Daniel  Gregory,  Bridgewater  Mch.  i 

Ross,  Major  Daniel,  ae.  68,  Rush  Mch.  3 

Keeney,  Capt.  Joshua,  ae.  72,  Braintrim  Apr.  5 

Handrick,  Mrs.  Betsy,  consort  of  Wm.  G.  Handrick, 

ae.  47,  Middletown  Apr.  8 

Sherman,  Mrs.  Patience,  late  consort  of  Christopher, 

ae.  81,  Bridgewater  Apr.  17 

Lake,  Daniel,  only  son  of  Eleasor  Lake,  Windham  Apr.  16 
Sturdevant,  Ruth,  ae.  22,  Windham  Apr.  5 

Hatch.  Helim,  ae.  24,  Gt.  Bend  Apr.  8 

Hall,  Rachel,  dau.  Seth  and  Penila  Hall.  Gt.  Bend  Apr.  13 
Kellogg,  Polly,  dau.  Wm.  and  Sarah  Kellogg, 

Auburn  Apr.  22 

Crofut,  James,  formerly  of  New  Milford,  ae.  38, 

Burlington  Mch.  30 

Oakley,  Sarah,  ae.  69,  consort  of  Joham  Oakley, 

Harford  June  2 

Sheldon,  Robert,  ae.  66.   Emigrated  from  Nelson, 

N.  H.,  Middletown  May  16 

Brewster,  Hannah,  dau.  of  George  and  Anna 

Brewster,  Bridgewater  June  12 

Cruser,  Bela  W.,  infant  son  of  Henry  and  Julia 

Cruser,  Conklin,  N.  Y.  June  26 

Tyler,  Coleman  M.,  son  of  M.  C,  and  Mary  Tyler, 

Montrose  Aug.  26 

Boyd,  Matthew,  ae.  31,  Montrose  Sept.  3 

Roberts,  Zina,  ae.  35,  Bridgewater  Sept.  11 

Fields,  Mrs.  Ellen,  ae.  69,  Montrose  Sept.  13 

Lyons,  Mary  Aurelia,  dau.  of  Jerre  and  Melinda 

Lyons,  Montrose  Sept.  23 



Bronson,  Samuel  Ackley,  ae.  40,  Montrose  Sept.  27 

Bissell,  Elias  and  Mary  W.,  children  of  Dr.  Wm. 

and  Parthenia  Bissell,  Forest  Lake  Oct.  18 

Blakeslee,  Louisa,  wife  of  George  Blakeslee,  ae.  24, 

Dimock  Mch.  26 

Sherman,  Phillis,  ae.  61,  of  Barrington,  R.  L,  a  very 

much  respected  colored  woman  of  the  family  of 

Capt.  John  T.  Childs  May  3 

Tracy,  Dr.  Philemon,  father  of  Hon.  Albert  H.  Tracy 

of  New  York,  ae.  80,  Norwich,  Conn.  May  9 

Ludlow,  Rev.  Peter,  ae.  40,  New  York  May  6 

Sillsby,  Jonathan,  recently  of  State  of  N.  Y., 

buried  Bridgewater  May  18 

Baxter,  Wheeler,  Bridgewater  June  5 

Tyler,  Wealthy,  consort  of  Simeon,  Jr., 

Bridgewater  Mch.  24 

Dennison,  Georgiana  S.,  dau.  Dr.  Mason  and 

Wealthy  Dennison,  at  Mannington  Boarding 

School,  Choconut  Mch.  23 

Richardson,  Mrs.  Charlotte,  wife  of  Rev.  Lyman 

Richardson,  Harford  Apr.  24 

Bingham,  Olive  Tracy,  dau.  Dr.  L.  W.  Bingham. 

New  Milford  Apr.  23 

Mack,  Eliza,  wife  of  B.  E.  Mack,  formerly  this 

County,  Rockingham,  Vt.  Mch.  8 

Lord,  Mrs.  Sally,  consort  of  Josiah  Lord,  Jr.. 

ae.  36,  Brooklyn  Mch.  4 

Blanchard,  Capt.  Jeremiah,  at  advanced  age, 

Pittston  Twp.  May  26 

Register  and  Northern  Farmer 
Roberts,  Zina,  son  of  Mrs.  Mary  Roberts, 

Bridgewater  Jan.  3 

Park,  Hiram,  son  of  Dr.  Asa  Park  of  Montrose, 

Illinois  Jan.  30 

Myer,  Sarah,  dau.  of  William  Myer,  Wysox  Feb.  4 

Day,  Mrs,  Lucy,  ae.  52,  consort  of  Robert  Day, 

Bridgewater  Mar.  i 

Smith,  William,  ae.  76,  a  native  of  England  and 

Scotland,  Dimock  Mar.  13 

Bonner,  Charles,  ae.  63,  Herrick  Mar.  19 


Ward,  Deacon  Levi,  ae.  92,  Bergen,  N.  Y.  April  9 

Father  of  Dr.  Levi  Ward,  Jr.,  of  Rochester,  N. 
Y.  Deacon  Ward  was  born  at  KilHngworth, 
Conn.,  26  Nov.,  1745  (O.  S.),  died  27  Feb., 
1838.  3  children,  23  grandchildren,  65  great- 
grandchildren, 115  descendents  in  all. 

Grover,  Mary  J.,  dau.  Brazillia  and  Almira  Grover, 

Montrose  Apr.  22 

Beardsley,  infant  son  of  Albert  and  Eliza  Beardsley, 

Springville  Apr.  20 

Tyler,  Harvey,  son  of  Harvey  and  Sarah  Tyler, 

Bridgewater  May  13 

Stevens,  Charles,  ae.  23,  son  of  Simon  Stevens,  long 

obituary,  on  a  wonderful  life,  Dimock  May  13 

Burrows,  Urbane  A.,  son  of  Leonard  and  Charlotte 

Burrows,  Rush  May  15 

Stevens,  Clemantha,  dau.  Wm.  Stevens,  Lenox  May  21 

Tififany,  Hosea  Edwin,  son  of  Edwin  and  Sophronia 

Tiffany,  Harford  June  4 

Kenyon,  Josephus,  son  of  Austin  Kenyon  of  Bridge- 
water  (by  drowning).  Forest  Lake  June  13 

Chapman,  Charles  Henry,  son  of  Geo.  and  Lydia 

Chapman,  Brooklyn  June  18 

Tingley,  Elkhana,  ae.  78,  one  of  earliest  settlers, 
'  Rev.  soldier,  Harford  Aug.  12 

Hamlin,  Marietta,  eldest  dau.  Solmon  and  Clarissa 

Hamlin,  Forest  Lake  Aug.  14 

Hamlin,  Elias  B.,  son  of  Solmon  and  Clarissa 

Hamlin,  Forest  Lake  Aug.  20 

Bryan,  Rachel,  dau.  of  Edward  Jared  and  Naomi 

Bryan,  Choconut  Sept.  2 

Douglass,  Henry  H.,  formerly  Franklin,  Susquehanna 

Co.,  Texas,  Houston  Sept.  17 

Davis,  Mary,  ae.  85,  Bridgewater  Sept.  22 

Baldwin,  Nancy  A.,  wife  of  Silas  Baldwin  and  dau. 
of  Alex  McCollum,  this  Co.,  Bridgewater,  Kane 
Co.,  111.  Aug.  29 

Abbott,  Abiel,  ae.  43,  Kingston  Oct.  2 

Lyman,  Sally,  ae.  38,  wife  of  Dr.  E.  Lyman, 

Great  Bend  Oct.  13 

Hall,  Edw.  B..  son  of  Artemus  and  Lucinda  Hall, 

Great  Bend  Oct.  17,  William,  son  of  Anthony  Fish,  Brooklyn  Oct.  29 


Rogers,  Rev.  Seth  S.,  pastor  of  the  Episcopal  Church, 

Guilford,  N.  Y.  Nov.  4 

Post,  Dorothea  E.,  ae.  28,  wife  of  William  L.  Post, 

Montrose  Nov.  8 

Lane,  Gershom  F.,  ae.  86,  Springville  Nov.  20 

A  Revolutionary  soldier.     He  was  a  patriot  in 
the  glorious  struggle  for  American  independence. 

Lines,  Ransom,  son  of  Belisle  Lines  of  Franklin, 

Coonsville,  N.  Y.  Dec.  20 

Volunteer  and  Susquehanna  Register  and  Northern  Farmer 
Ives,  Almira,  Gt.  Bend  Jan.  i 

Sayre,  Mary  Priscilla,  dau.  Benj.  and  Priscilla  Sayre, 

Montrose  Jan.  10 

Torrey,  Jason,  only  son  of  Stephen  and  Mary  Torrey, 

Honesdale  Feb.  12 

Granger,  James  Haswell,  son  of  Henry  and  Elizabeth 

Granger,  Rush  Feb.  8 

Bushnell,  Mrs.  Flora,  ae.  51,  wife  of  Zina  Bushnell, 

Silver  Lake  Feb.  27 

Stanley,  Matthew,  ae.  72,  Choconut  Mch.  18 

Lathrop,  Esther,  ae.  83,  at  home  of  her  son,  Charles 

D.  Lathrop,  Bridgewater  Apr.  2 

Dimock,  Robert  Henry,  son  of  Asa  and  Electa 

Dimock,  Montrose  May  i 

Ross,  Anna,  ae.  41,  wife  of  William  Ross,  Rush  May  21 

Ethridge,  Isaac  N.,  ae.  45,  N.  Y.  City  May  — 

Scott,  Ursula,  only  dau.  Jesse  and  Susan  Scott, 

Springville  June  7 

Williams,  Jane  Matilda,  dau.  Orlando  and  Marilla 

Williams,  Bridgewater  June  5 

Cornwell,  Mary,  dau.  Zephaniah  and  Susanna, 

Forest  Lake  June  14 

Peck,  Rollin  George,  son  of  Alfred  and  Matilda 

Peck,  Bridgewater  June  4 

Crocker,  Mrs.  Julia  Ann,  consort  of  Daniel  W.,  and 

Georgiana,  infant  dau.,  Bridgewater  July  23 

Boyle,  Sarah  Jane,  dau.  James  and  Maria  Boyle, 

New  Milford  July  19 

Baldwin,   Nancy,  wife  of  Silas,,  dau.  of  Alex. 

McCcllum  of  Bridgewater,  Kane  Co.,  111.  Aug.  29 

Bennett,  Mrs.  Olive,  ux.  M.  B.  Bennett,  lately  of 

Montrose  Aug.  31 


Fuller,  Edward,  son  of  Isaac  and  Abigail,  Seneca 

Falls,  N.  Y.  Aug.  30 

Nichols,  Mindwell,  wife  of  Deacon  Nichols,  ae.  63; 

she  was  born  Sept.  5,  1775,  in  Wolcott,  Conn.,  being 

the  oldest  daughter  of  Zaar  and  Abigail  Brockett ; 

died  in  Montrose  Sept.  22 

Ward,  Emily  Maria,  dau.  Wm.  C,  and  Jane  Ward, 

New  Milford  Sept.  4 

Dennison,  Dr.  Mason,  ae.  50,  Montrose  Sept.  27 

Nash,  Mrs.  Sarah,  ae.  83,  Springville  Sept.  22 

Lawrence,  Amos,  ae.  20,  of  Susqa.  Co.,  at  Beloit, 

Wash.  Ter.  Aug.  19 

Taylor,  Olive,  dau.  Seth  and  Minerva  Taylor  Oct.  9 

Brown,  Wm.  H.,  son  of  Samuel  A.  Brown,  at 

Atlas,  111.  Nov.  16 

Worden,  Harriet  Mary,  dau.  Elder  J.  B.  Worden, 

Montrose  Dec.  21 

Taylor,  Rachel,  at  an  advanced  age,  a  native  of 

Delaware  County,  Pa.    Her  remains  taken  to 

Friendsville,  and  buried  with  Walker  family 

Shipman,  Israel  Halsey,  ae.  32,  formerly  Susqa.  Co., 


Register  and  Northern  Farmer 

Pumpelly,  Delphine,  wife  of  Herman  Pumpelly, 

Owego  Feb.  2y 
Ashley,  Rowena  Matilda,  dau.  Charles  and  Hannah 

Ashley,  Brooklyn,  Reading  Mar.  5 
Stewart,  Lucy,  ae.  71,  consort  of  John  Stewart, 

Bridgewater  Mar.  17 
Wilson,  William,  ae.  87,  a  native  of  Scotland, 

Bridgewater  Mar.  20 

Baker,  Col.  Jeremiah,  ae.  66,  Great  Bend  Mar.  22 

Day,  Dr.  Erastus  F.,  ae.  29,  Herrick  Mar.  23 
Tyler,  Betsy,  ae.  66,  wife  of  Simeon,  Sr., 

Bridgewater  Mar.  29 

Chandler,  James,  ae.  70,  Gibson  Mar.  31 

Stewart,  son  of  Walter  Stewart,  Gibson  April  5 

King,  Rev.,  at  advanced  age,  Gibson  April  5 
Parke,  Dr.  Wm.  C,  ae.  31,  a  native  of  Susquehanna 

County,  Halifax,  Pa.  April  10 

Coburn,  Dr.  Andrew,  ae.  50,  Warren  April  15 


Leisenring,  Conrad,  ae.  24,  son  of  John  Leisenring, 

Mauch  Chunki  May  3 

Sacheld,  Isaac,  ae.  59,  Easton  May  4 

Long,  Jesse,  from  Northampton  Co.,  Brooklyn  June  21 

Olmstead,  Britania,  ae.  39,  wife  of  A.  D.  Olmstead, 

and  dau.  Leman  and  Lucy  Turrell  of  Friends- 

ville,  Easton  June  30 

Tewksbury,  Abigail,  dau.  Sergeant  Tewksbury, 

Brooklyn  June  25 

Birch,  Henry,  at  advanced  age,  Dimock  July  3 

Fessenden,  Patty,  wife  of  Henry  Fessenden, 

Bridgewater  July  19 

Bowman,   Lt.  James   Monroe,  U.   S.  A.,  son  of 

Genl.  Isaac  Bowman,  Wilkes-Barre,  Ft.  Wayne, 

Ark.,  Creek  Nation  July  21 

Dodd,  William,  recently  of  this  Boro.,  Owego  July  26 

Loomis,  Caspar  Wister,  Springville  Aug.  8 

Pieronette,  Marianne,  dau.  James  S.  Pieronette, 

Friendsville  Aug.  22 

Turrell,  Hannah,  ae.  76,  wife  of  Isaac  Turrell, 

Franklin  Aug.  24 

Perkins,  Perez,  ae.  66,  Bridgewater  Sept.  24 

Hatch,  Nancy,  wife  of  Sabin  Hatch,  Great  Bend  Sept.  30 
Barnes,  Nehemiah,  ae.  78,  Gibson  Oct.  9 

Mack,  Elisha,  ae.  71,  an  early  settler  from  Lyme, 

Conn.,  Brooklyn  Oct.  18 

Tiffany,  Mrs.  Hannah,  ae.  46,  consort  of  Peletial 

Tiffany,  Brooklyn  Oct.  31 

Bristol,  Jane  E.,  ae.  31,  Cheshire,  N.  H.  Nov.  11 

Lane,  Charles  P.,  ae.  33,  Harrisburg  Nov.  12 

Melbourn,  Bloomfield,  ae.  68,  Brooklyn  Dec.  2 

Merriman,  Lydia,  ae.   52,  wife  of   David   Merri- 

man,  an  early  settler  in  the  wilderness,  Bridgewater    Dec.  3 
Taft,  Thusa  B.,  ae.  48,  Harford  Dec.  17 

Lyon,  Ellen  Sophia,  dau.  Isaac  and  Sally  Lyon, 

Harford  Dec.  22 

Fowler,  Samuel  B.,  ae.  54,  Rush  Dec.  29 

Young,  Mrs.  Phebe,  ae.  89,  oldest  resident  of  the 
borough,  having  resided  there  previous  to  and  at 
the  period  of  the  massacre  and  was  one  of  the 
few  who  escaped  through  the  wilderness  to  the 
settlements  on  the  Delaware,  Wilkes-Barre  July  20 


Harding,  EHsha.  One  of  the  first  settlers  of  Wyo- 
ming Valley,  was  a  participant  in  all  the  dangers, 
privations  and  sufiferings  consequent  upon  a  pro- 
tracted and  bloody  warfare  against  the  inhabi- 
tants of  the  Wyoming  Valley,  Eaton  Sept.  i 

Volunteer  and  Susquehanna  Register  and  Northern  Farmer 

Seymour,  Samuel,  ae.  76,  a  native  of  Hartford, 
Conn.,  and  for  many  years,  till  recently,  a  resi- 
dent of  Preston,  Wayne  Co.,  New  Milford  Jan.  6 

Bullock,  Saphronia,  wife  of  Jesse  E.,  ae.  26 

LeRaysville  Mch.  30 

Catlin,  Amanda  B.,  ae.  39,  formerly  Montrose,  in 

Scioto  Co.,  Ohio  May  6 

Cornell,  Joseph,  son  of  Samuel  D.  and  Lorinda 

Rush  May  27 

Lines,  Orin  P.,  ae.  26,  late  of  Binghamton,  Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio  June  5 

Franklin,  Roxana,  wife  of  Horace  Franklin,  late 

Montrose,  N.  Y.  City  June  i 

Volz,  C.  F.  A.,  a  native  of  Wurtemburg,  Germany, 

ae.  65,  Silver  Lake  June  20 

Hubbard,  Lucy,  wife  of  Isaac  Watrous  and 
mother  of  the  large  family  of  Watrous  in  this 
vicinity,  Susqua.  Co.,  Johnstown,  Mich.  May  29 

Ellis,  Lucy,  ae.  16,  wife  of  Noah,  and  dau.  of 
present  wife  of  Benj.  Russell  of  Forest  Lake, 
Johnstown,  Mich.  May  29 

Park,  James  Leland,  son  of  Coval  and  Merah 

Park,  Franklin  Aug.  15 

Stewart,  Ursula,  youngest  dau.  John  and  Milicent, 

Harford  Aug.  24 

Dimock,  David,  lost  at  sea,  son  of  Elder  Davis 

Dimock  May  17 

Green,  Mrs.  Ruth,  wife  of  Obediah,  ae.  67,  Forest 

Lake  Oct.  15 

Midcalf,  Joseph,  ae.  70,  Liberty  Oct.  17 

Williams,  Mrs.  Mary,  consort  of  Capt.  Stephen 

Williams,  Brooklyn  Sept.  17 

Simonds,  Sally  Ann,  ae.  25,  Brooklyn  Oct.  26 



Register  and  Northern  Farmer 

Lane,  Wm.  Whatsley,  son  Rev.  Freeman  Lane, 

Springville  Jan.  23 

Barrington,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  at  residence  of  son-in- 
law,  Thomas  Nicholson,  Springville  Jan.  28 
Mercereau,  Harriet  Elizabeth,  wife  Wm.  Mercereau, 

dau.  John  Dunbar,  Union,  N.  Y.  April  i 

Lindsey,  Oney  T.,  son  of  Myron  and  Malinda 

Lindsey,  Dimock  April  8 

Wilson,  Catherine  Elizabeth,  dau.  Mason  S.  Wilson, 

Montrose,  April  11 

Pickering,  Mary,  Bridgewater  April  15 

Rogers,  Silence,  ae.  41,  wife  Andrew  Rogers, 

Brooklyn  April  23 

Lott,  Peter,  ae,  63,  Bridgewater  April  25 

Hewitt,  Mrs.,  widow  late  Israel  Hewitt,  Dimock  June  29 

Johnson,  James,  ae.  17,  Conklin,  N.  Y.  July  15 

Sterling,  Charles,  son  of  Isaac  Sterling,  Brooklyn       Aug.  30 
Resseguie,  Mrs.  James,  Bridgewater  Aug.  31 

Howe,  Ephraim,  ae.  67,  Brooklyn  Sept.  i 

Giddings,  John  T.,  only  son  Dr.  Cyril  Giddings, 

Brooklyn  Sept.  8 

Barnaby,  Harlow,  ae.  76,  Great  Bend  Sept.  4 

Tyler,  Chas.  Coleman,  son  of  Moses  C.  and  Mary 

Tyler,  Bridgewater  Sept.  10 

Wheaton,  Albert,  son  of  Calvin  and  Julia  Wheaton, 

Franklin  Oct.  8 

Birchard,  Mrs.  Ralph,  ae.  29,  Rush  Dec.  11 

Trowbridge,  Parmelia,  ae.  24,  dau.  Mrs.  Rebecca 

Trowbridge,  Great  Bend  Dec.  14 

Robinson,  John  W.,  ae.  62,  Wilkes-Barre  Dec.  23 

Volunteer  and  Susquehanna  Register  and  Northern  Farmer 
Lyon,  Polly,  wife  of  Daniel,  ae.  46,  formerly  of 

Harford,  at  Griggsville,  111.  Jan.  4 

Turrell,  Adaline,  dau.  Stanley  and  Alice,  Forest  Lake     Jan.  i 
Backus,  Asa,  ae.  22,  Bridgewater  Mch.  13 

Miles,  Harriet  Newell,  ae.  20,  dau.  Joshua  Miles, 

Brooklyn  May  29 

Dean,  Elijah,  ae.  42,  Bridgewater  June  10 

Manning,  Mrs.  Betsy  C,  wife  of  Rev.  Saml.,  ae.  39    June  13 


Oakley,  Jotham,  ae.  70,  an  early  settler,  Harford        Jan.  13 

Trumbull,  Wm.  L.,  at  home  of  widow  Stewart, 

Schenectady,  N.  Y.  Jan.  13 

Cheever,  Abigail  S.,  wife  of  Samuel  S.,  Skinner's 

Eddy,  Braintrim  Jan.  26 

Trowbridge,  Parmelia,  dau.  Mrs.  Rebecca,  ae.  24, 

Gt.  Bend  Dec.  14 

McCollum,  Lorintha,  dau.  John  and  Emma, 

Bridgewater  Dec.  11 

Gregory,  Asa  P.,  Jr.,  son  of  Samuel  Gregory  of 
Susqa.  Co.,  ae.  27.  He  was  graduated  at  West 
Point,  N.  Y.,  and  late  Lieut.  3rd  Artillery  of 
U.  S.  Army,  Jacksonville,  Fla.  Nov.  19 

Robinson,  John  W.,  ae.  62,  Harford  Dec.  23 

Richards,  Lydia,  Salem,  Ohio.  Where  her  husband 
and  family  had  lately  removed  from  Friendsville, 
Susqa.  Co.  A  highly  valuable  and  much  beloved 
Minister  of  the  religious  Society  of  Friends  Dec.  23 

Riley,  Kellogg,  ae.  27,  formerly  of  Auburn, 

Tunkhannock  Oct.  4 

Woodhouse,  Mary,  dau.  of  Harriet  Woodhouse, 

Montrose  Dec.  19 

Tiffany,  Ferdinand  B.,  ae.  25,  Prompton.  Wayne  Co.  Aug.  3 

Adams,  Jedediah,  ae.  78.  A  Revolutionary  pensioner. 
Born  Canterbury,  Conn.,  in  1762.  At  an  early  age 
of  14  he  enrolled  himself  a  soldier  of  Conn.,  served 
3  years,  then  joined  Regular  Army,  making  6^ 
years,  which  he  served  his  country  with  a  courage 
and  hardihood  known  and  appreciated  by  few. 
Franklin  July  30 

Coleman,  Charles,  son  of  M.  C.  and  Mary  Tyler, 
deed.,  Montrose  Sept.  10 

Pinkney,  Benj.  S.,  son  of  Wm.  B.  Pinkney  of 

Bridgewater  Sept.  8 

Stevens,  Ruth  G.,  dau.  Orrin  and  Mercy  Stevens  of 

Bridgewater  Dec.  i 


Register  and  Northern  Farmer 

Stanley,  Rev.  Mr.,  of  the  M.  E.  Church,  Bridgewater  Jan.  17 

Hollister,  Mrs.  Eliza,  ae.  45,  Dimock  Feb.  2 

Bronson,  Mrs.  Eunice,  widow  of  Michael  Bronson, 
an  officer  in  the  Revolutionary  War  and  pen- 
sioner, late  of  Waterbury,  Conn.,  Dimock  Feb.  4 


Perigo,  Mary  E.,  ae.  22,  eldest  dau.  Charles  Perigo, 

Brooklyn  Feb.  5 

Hubbard,  Isaac,  ae.  76,  formerly  Bridgewater, 

Battle  Creek,  Mich.  Feb.  16 

Tyler,  Royal,  ae.  52,  Dimock  Feb.  27 

Gere,  Sarah,  ae.  64,  wife  of  Capt.  Charles  Gere, 

Brooklyn  Mar.  16 

Page,  Calvin  J.,  son  of  Capt.  Levi  Page  of  Jackson, 

Bridgewater  Mar.  17 

White,  Mary  Ann,  dau.  of  Edw.  White,  Binghamton, 

Frederick,  Md.  Mar.  25 

Harkins,  Barney  C,  ae.  21,  son  of  William  Harkins, 

Dimock  April  3 

Brock,  Frederick  Jr.,  son  of  Fredk.,  Sr.,  of  Sus- 
quehanna, Pa.,  Philadelphia  April  18 

Frink,  Rhoda,  ae.  53,  wife  of  Amos  Frink,  Rush      April  19 

Dodge,  Roccena,  dau.  Chas.  and  Roccena  Ashley, 
late  of  Penna.  and  consort  of  J.  E.  Dodge,  Esq., 
Wisconsin  April  21 

Frink,  Mary  M.,  dau.  George  and  Mary  Frink, 

Montrose  May  10 

Stevens,  Simon,  Esq.,  ae.  65,  Dimock  May  14 

Mr.  Stevens,  an  early  settler  of  this  Twp.,  hav- 
ing built  the  first  frame  house  on  the  path 
through  the  woods  from  Towanda  to  Wilkes- 
Barre — he  has  sustained  the  character  of  a  high- 
ly respected  citizen  and  was  well  known  as  such 
in  the  County  generally,  having  filled  the  office 
of  County  Commissioner  and  Register  and  Re- 

Kingsley,  Henry  Martin,  son  of  John  Kingsley  of 

Harford,  July  16 

Howe,  James  K.,  son  of  Ephraim  Howe,  Brooklyn      July  19 

Tuttle,  Adelaide,  youngest  dau.  Chester  and 

Wealthy  Tuttle,  Great  Bend  July  20 

Eldridge,  James,  ae.  88,  a  native  of  Conn.,  and  a 

Revolutionary  soldier,  Bridgewater  Aug.  2 

Coleman,  Wm.  M.,  ae.  26,  Jackson  Aug.  2 

Mawhinney,  Ann  Jane,  dau.  Thomas  Mawhinney, 

Montrose  Aug.  19 

Mack,  Ellen,  dau.  Jonas  Mack,  Montrose  Aug.  22 

Foot,  Belus,  New  Milford  Sept.  5 


Williams,  Emily  Ann,  dau.  Archibald  Williams, 

Brooklyn  Sept.  22 

Lewis,  Cornelius,  ae.  49,  Milford,  Pa.  Sept.  25 

Congdon,  Henry,  ae.  82,  settled  here  40  years  ago, 

Rev.  soldier,  Bridgewater  Oct.  6 

Bailey,  Eliphalet,  ae.  22,  son  of  Lodowick  Bailey, 

Brooklyn  Oct.  13 

Tuttle,  Caroline,  consort  of  Russell  Tuttle  and  dau. 
of  late  Wm.  Wells  and  Mrs.  Hannah  Stanley, 
Harford  Nov.  13 

Bailey,  Elizabeth  S.,  ae.  30,  wife  of  Fredk.  W. 

Bailey,  Salem,  N.  H.  Nov.  30 

Bruce,  Deacon  Levi,  ae.  64,  Randolph,  Vt.  Dec.  26 

Volunteer  and  North  Star 
Turrell,  Lucy  Ann,  dau.  Stanley  and  Alice  Turrell, 

Forest  Lake  Jan.  17 

Oakley,  Jotham,  ae.  70,  an  early  settler,  Harford  Jan.  13 

Van  Vorst,  Emma,  dau.  Aaron  and  Lucretia, 

Franklin  Feb.  27 

Van  Vorst,  Clarissa,  dau.  Aaron  and  Lucretia, 

Franklin  Mch.  12 

Tyler,  Mary  C,  consort  of  Sylvanus  Tyler,  Dimock     Feb.  2 
Mitchell,  Charles  Henry,  only  son  of  Norman  and 

Eliza,  Montrose  Feb.  1 1 

Merriman,  Amanda  M.,  dau.  Rufus  and  Hulda 

Bridgewater  Feb.  15 

Baldwin,  Martha,  only  dau.  Chapman  and  Lucy, 

Montrose  Feb.  17 

Innes,  Samuel,  ae.  39,  Editor  Easton  Dem.,  Easton      Feb.  8 
Griggs,  Noah,  ae.  72,  Herrick  Feb.  25 

Tyler,  Royal,  ae.  51,  Dimock  Feb.  25 

Hammond,  Esther,  ae.  63,  consort  of  Samuel 

Hammond,  Harford  Mar.  14 

Biddle,  James  C,  ae.  30,  prest.Susquehanna  County 

Bank,  Philadelphia  Mar.  31 

Hollister,  Mrs.  Eliza,  ae.  45,  Dimock  Mar.  2 

Weeks,  Lorinda,  ae.  39,  wife  of  Caleb  Weeks, 

Bridgewater  Mar.  29 

Smith,  Mrs.  Amelia,  consort  of  Thomas  B.  Smith, 

Franklin  ^P^-  ^5 


Gibson,  Benjamin,  late  of  Towancla,  Montrose  Apr.  i6 

Balou,  Sarah  E.,  ae.  19,  Montrose  May  10 

Atwood,  Julia,  ae.  22,  Montrose  May  9 

Brock,  Fredk.,  Jr.,  ae.  33,  late  of  Susquehanna 

County,  Philadelphia  Apr.  18 

Williams,  Mary  Jane,  dau.  A.  F.  and  Ursula 

Williams,  Bridgewater  May  30 

Gregory,  Rufus  B.,  ae.  34,  eldest  and  only  remain- 
ing son  of  Samuel,  Jacksonville,  Fla.  May  20 
Maine,  Wm.  M.,  ae.  21,  at  residence  of  his  father, 

Dimock  May  29 

Scotten,  Mary  and  Ellen,  dau.  John  Scotten, 

drowned  in  river.  Great  Bend  July  28 

Crofut,  James  L.,  son  of  Eli  and  Sarah  Crofut  July  21 

Mills,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  relict  of  late  Capt.  Josiah 

Mills,  Montrose  July  29 

Tallon,  Mrs.  Jane,  wife  of  James  Tallon  and  eldest 
daughter  of  Aaron  and  Lucretia  VanVorst, 
Franklin  Aug.  2 

Maynard,  Lovina,  dau.  Orange  and  Sally  Maynard, 

Rush  Aug.  2 

Morse,  Lydia  Jane,  only  child.  Squire  and  Betsy 

Morse,  New  Milford  Aug.  31 

Marks,  Mrs.  EHza  R.,  wife  Rev.  S.  Marks,  formerly 

Susquehanna  County,  Huron,  Ohio  Aug.  10 

Rose,  Widow  Anna,  ae.  72,  Brooklyn  Aug.  26 

Hammond,  Candace,  ae.  49,  New  Milford  Aug.  14 

Deans,  Julia,  dau.  John  and  Eleanor  Deans  Sept.,  22 

Hamlin,  Theron,  son  of  Salmon  and  Clarissa, 

Forest  Lake  Sept.  26 

Brown,  Mrs.  Lorentina,  wife  of  John  Brown, 

Forest  Lake  Sept.  29 

Dunmore,   Hannah   Maria,   dau.   of   Matthew   and 

Sarah  Dunmore,  Rush  Oct.  4 

Taflf,  John  Hall,  son  of  Chas.  and  Anna  Taff, 

New  Milford  Oct.  5 

Mcintosh,  Mrs.  Caroline,  ae.  38,  Great  Bend  Sept.  30 

Hyde,  Jabez,  ae.  67,  one  of  the  associate  judges 
of  Susquehanna  Co.  and  first  settler  on  the  Wya- 
lusing — sheriff  of  Luzerne  County  in  1810,  Rush       Oct.  8 
Mills,  Betsy  A.,  only  sister  of  junior  editor  of  Sus- 
quehanna County  Register,  Montrose  Oct.  20 


Simmons,  Ann,  ae.  31,  wife  of  Solomon  Simmons, 

Bridgewater  Oct.  24 

Adams,  Betsy,  ae.  71,  widow  of  late  Jedediah  Adams, 

Franklin  Oct.  14 

Burr,  George  E.,  son  of  Clark  and  Jane  Ann  Burr, 

Rush  Nov.  3 

Merriman,  Hapalonia,  dau.  of  Albert  and  Angelina 

Merriman,  Harford  Nov.  15 

Mareau,  James  Delezere,  son  of  Stedman  and  Mary 

C.  Mareau,  Harford  Nov.  18 

Post,  George  L.,  youngest  son  of  Isaac  and  Susan 

Post,  Montrose  Dec.  6 

Cushman,  Wm.  T.,  ae.  23,  Greene,  N.  Y.  Dec.  12 

Canfield,  Orson  K.,  son  of  Elijah  and  Tirzah 

Canfield,  Rush  Dec.  12 

Allen,  Jason,  son  of  Charles  W.  and  Elizabeth  Allen, 

Bridgewater  Dec.  19 

Catlin,  Geo.  Putnam,  son  of  F.  P.  Catlin,  Great  Bend    Dec.  26 
Hayden,  Benjamin,  ae.  57,  an  early  settler  in  this 

region,  emigrated  from  Mass.,  1795,  New  Milford  Dec.  11 
Bixby,  Smith,  youngest  son  of  Asa  and  Almeria 

Middletown  Dec.  26 

Stalford,  Benjamin,  ae.  60,  Wyalusing  Dec.  26 

Stow,  Sarah  F.,  only  daughter  Rev.  Timothy  and 

Faustina,  Bloomfield  Dec.  23 

Peck,  Mrs.  L.,  ae.  52,  wife  of  Gideon  Peck, 

New  Milford  Dec.  27 

Marvin,  Mrs.  Eliza  C,  wife  of  Anthony  Y.  and  eldest 

daughter  of  Mrs.  Sarah  B.  Raynor  of  Carbondale, 

Hobart,  N.  Y.  Dec.  26 

Sturdevant,  Mrs.  Rachel,  ae.  92,  at  Loring  Tuppers, 

Rush  Dec.  26 

Register  and  Northern  Farmer 

Ely,  Capt.  Ami,  ae.  52,  Brooklyn  Jan.  11 

Dimock,  Hon.  D.,  Jr.,  member  of  Congress,  Montrose  Jan.  13 
Hart,  Mrs.  Mary,  ae.  67,  Rush  Jan.  13 

Chapman,  Deacon  Benj.,  ae.  74,  Durham,  N.  Y.  Feb.  2 

Hale,  Elizabeth,  ae.  74,  consort  of  Isaac  Hale, 

Harmony  Feb.  16 

Steenback,  Silas  Henry,  son  of  Silas  and  Fanny 

Steenback,  Gibson  Feb.  22 


Denny,  Samuel,  ae.  31,  Herrick  Feb.  24 

Lonergan,  Thomas,  ae.  86,  Gibson  Feb.  25 

Cargill,  Hannah,  wife  of  James  Cargill,  Jackson  Mar.  3 

Scott,  JuHa  H.,  wife  of  David  L.  Scott,  M.  D. 

Montrose  Mar.  5 

Cripps,  Mrs.  Mary,  ae.  81,  at  residence  of  son-in- 
law  Peter  Jameson,  Bridgewater  Mar.  10 
Kingsbury,  Rev.  Ebenezer,  ae.  80,  Pastor  of  Con- 
gregational Church,  Harford  Mar.  22 
Smith,  Joshua,  ae.  76,  Dimock  Mar.  30 
Smith,  Jerusha,  ae.  71,  wife  of  Richard  Smith, 

Bridgewater  April  2 

Woodward,  Lucretia,  relict  of  Hon.  Abisha  Wood- 
ward of  Bethany,  Wayne  Co.,  Pa.,  LeRaysville        April  2 
Smith,  Sabra,  ae.  70,  widow  of  Joshua  Smith,  Dimock  April  3 
Dickerman,  James  Bedell,  son  of  Dr.  Clark  and 

Sarah  A.  Dickerman,  Harford  April  11 

Guard,  James  Henry,  son  of  John  and  Fanny  Guard, 

Harford  '  April  13 

Jones,  Sarah  Delilah,  dau.  of  Joel  and  Lydia  Jones, 

Harford  April  14 

Farmer,  Silas  Warner,  son  of  P.  and  L.  Farmer, 

Forest  Lake  May  4 

Reynolds,  Elizabeth,  ae.  25,  wife  of  Albert  G. 

Reynolds,  Brooklyn  May  22 

Dunn,  Hannah  Maria,  dau.  of  John  and  Sophia 

Dunn,  Bridgewater  June  6 

Park,  Margaret,  ae.  71,  wife  of  Simon  Park,  Franklin  June  14 
Stephens,  Philander,  ae.  53,  an  early  settler,  Dimock  July  8 
Bull,  Col.  James  P.,  ae.  40,  Towanda  June  29 

Blanchard,  Abigail   (Mrs.),  ae.  57,  leaves  father 

and  mother  over  80  years,  Jackson  July  18 

Gregory,  Asahel,  ae.  80,  at  residence  of  son  Samuel, 
a  Revolutionary  soldier  and  early  settler.  Bridge- 
water  April  14 
Hagins,  Phoebe  Maria,  dau.  of  Isaac  and  Marilla 

Hagins,  Montrose  July  23 

Kenyon,  Augustus,  ae.  51,  Dimock  July  28 

Palmer,  Nathan,  ae.  74,  native  of  Windham,  Conn., 

Mt.  Holley,  N.  J.  July  28 

Hopson,  Polly,  ae.  48,  at  residence  of  Charles 

Beardsley,  her  brother-in-law,  New  York  City  July  28 


Stevenson,   Frances   Victoria,   dau.   of   Wm.   and 

Mehitable  Stevenson,  Franklin  Aug.  3 

Virgil,  Gerard  S.,  son  of  Almon  and  Almira  Virgil, 

Montrose  Aug.  7 

Sturdevant,  Elizabeth,  ae.  25,  youngest  dau.  Sam. 

Sturdevant,  Skinners  Eddy  Aug.  17 

Stevenson,  Ann  Eliza,  dau.  Wm.  and  Mehitable 

Stevenson,  Franklin  Aug.  19 

Bennett,  Sarah  S.,  only  dau.  R.  Bennett, 

Davenport,  la.  Sept.  14 

Jackson,  Joshua,  ae.  80,  Brooklyn  Sept.  11 

A  native  of  Essex,   Mass.     He  served   in  the 

armies  of  his  country  several  years  during  the 

War  of  Independence.  United  with  Presbyterian 

Church,  Londonderry,  New  Hampshire. 
Daley,  Chauncey  Asher,  son  of  Charles  and  Lucy 

Daley,  Brooklyn  Sept.  20 

Gere,  Jeremiah,  ae.  72,  Brooklyn  Sept.  21 

Son  of   Capt.   R.   Gere,   who  in  common   with 

many  of  his  neighbors  fell  a  victim  to  the  Tory 

and  savage  cruelty  in  Wyoming  Massacre.  When 

8  years  old,  at  this  time,  he  was  led  with  others 

of  tender  years,  by  his  mother  to  the  friendly 

settlement  on  the  Delaware. 
Smith,  Eleanor  A.,  eldest  dau.  Wm.  Smith,  Franklin  Sept.  25 
Castles,  Charlotte  A.,  wife  of  E.  S.  Castles 

Towanda  Oct.  6 

Tyler,  Augusta,  wife  of  Ozias  Tyler,  formerly 

this  Co.,  Towanda  Oct.  14 

(These  last  two  were  sisters) 
Fish,  Rufus,  ae.  66,  Franklin  Nov.  24 

Reynolds,  Mrs.  Jemima,  ae.  J^^,  at  residence  of  J.  R. 

Baldwin,  Plymouth  Nov.  27 

Tewksbury,   Jacob,  ae.   74,   brother  of   Sargeant 

Tewksbury,  an  early  settler  of  Brooklyn,  Gibson      Nov.  2^ 
Baldwin,  Mrs.  Sarah,  emigrated  from  Herkimer  Co., 

and  one  of  the  earliest  settlers,  Bridgewater  Dec.  4 

Carpenter,  Asahel,  ae.  46,  Harford  Dec.  8 

Severance,  Abigail,  ae.  49,  wife  of  Capt.  Otis 

Severance,  Clifford  Dec.  22 

Edwards,  Isaac,  ae.  81,  Laceyville  Dec.  24 


Volunteer  and  North  Star 

Rose,  Robert  H.,  ae.  66,  a  resident  for  30  years  in 

county,  Silver  Lake  Feb.  24 

Lines,  Asa  P.  Gregory,  son  of  Philander  and 

Harriet  Lines,  Montrose  Feb.  12 

Lyons,  Benj.  Francis,  youngest  child  of  Jerre  and 

Malinda  Lyons,  Montrose  Jan.  14 

DuBois,  Clara  C,  youngest  daughter  Abraham  and 

Juliette,  Great  Bend  Jan.  26 

Thompson,   Hon.   William,  ae.   78,  a   native  of 

Scotland  and  emigrated  to  this  country  in  early 

life,  Conklin,  N.  Y.  Jan.  30 

Weston,   Mrs.   Elizabeth   A.,   consort   Wm.    H., 

daughter  Zeph,  Cornell,  Vestal,  N.  Y.  Feb.  3 

Wright,  Amasa  C,  adopted  son  of  Joseph  Butterfield, 

Bridgewater  Feb.  3 

Gere,  Capt.  Charles,  ae.  66,  Brooklyn  Feb.  5 

Bolles,  Robinson,  ae.  76,  Rush  Jan,  28 

Birchard,  Perry  C,  ae.  21,  eldest  son  Horace  and 

Lucy,  Forest  Lake  Feb.  4 

Warner,  Mrs.  Leah,  ae.  41,  wife  of  Isaac  Warner, 

New  Milford  Feb.  23 

Waldie,  Ann  Eliza,  dau.  James  and  Ann  Waldie, 

Bridgewater  Feb.  26 

Wilson,  Isaac,  formerly  of  Franklin,  ae.  74, 

Abington,  Luzerne  Co.  Feb.  9 

Smith,  Clarissa  M.,  youngest  dau.  Lambert  and 

Margt.  Smith,  Liberty  Feb.  16 

Raynsford,  Salome,  ae.  25,  Montrose  Mch.  16 

Catlin,  Putnam,  ae.  yy,  Revolutionary  soldier  from 

Wyoming,  Great  Bend  Mch.  12 

Gregory,  Asahel,  Herrick,  father  of  Samuel  of 


Where  he  died  April,  1842,  ae.  83.  He  was  a 
Revolutionary  Soldier.  Buried  on  Dr.  Asa 
Park's  old  place. 

His  daughter,  Lorana  had  married  Dr.  Asa 
Park  of  Preston,  Conn. 

His  son,  Samuel,  was  Sheriff  of  Susquehanna 
County  in  1818. 

His  son,  Hubbell  had  a  small  store  in  Herrick 
about  1820,  near  father's  residence.  Re- 
moved to  Michigan,  died  Ann  Arbor  ae.  y2. 

1818  Asahel  and  Hubbell  Gregory  opened  tavern. 


Lung,  Albert,  son  of  Alanson  and  Mary  Lung  Rush  Apr.  i 
Little,  Harriet,  wife  of  Geo.  H.  Little,  ae.  23, 

LeRaysville  Apr.  22 

Locke,  Reuben,  ae.  51,  Montrose  May  2 

Snedden,  Lucy  Coraline,  only  child  Daniel  B.,  and 

Lucy  Snedden,  Gt.  Bend.  Apr,  25 

Roberts,  Daniel,  ae.  60,  Jackson  May  1 1 

Maine,  Ezekiel,  a  Revolutionary  soldier,  ae.  82,  an 

early  settler  of  this  county,  Bridgewater  April  i 

McCreary,  Charles  H.,  son  of  Rev.  J.  B.  McCreary, 

Gt.  Bend  May  6 

Brock,  Lavinia,  wife  of  Fredk.  Brock,  Jr.,  at  resi- 
dence of  her  father  David  Baldwin,  Forest  Lake  Apr.  23 
Keeler,  George,  son  of  Geo.  and  Flora  Keeler, 

Montrose  May  22 

Burrows,  Nancy  May,  dau.  Amos  and  Mary 

Burrows,  Bridgewater  May  16 

Benham,  Eveline  H.,  ae.  19,  LeRaysville  May  18 

Lines,  Rhoda  Amanda,  dau.  Philander  and  Harriet 

Lines,  Montrose  June  4 

Buck,  Ferdinand,  oldest  son  of  Geo.  and  Hannah 

Buck,  Gt.  Bend  June  i 

Bullard,  Isaac,  ae.  97,  a  Revolutionary  soldier, 

Bridgewater  June  23 

Lester,  John  P.,  son  of  Orin  and  Matilda  Lester 

Bridgewater  June  27 

Very,  Mrs.  Chloe,  consort  of  Asa  Very,  late  of 

Harford,  Mt.  Pleasant  June  24 

Staples,  Mrs.  Lydia,  ae.  103.   Mrs.  Staples  up  to  the 

time  of  her  death  was  a  pensioner,  widow  of  the 

late  John  Staples,  who  was  a  Revolutionary  soldier 

and  a  pensioner,  both  were  at  Wyoming  at  the 

Great      Massacre    by    the    British    and    Indians. 

Gt.  Bend  July  i 

Hawley,  Isaiah,  ae.  69,  Bridgewater  July  15 

Mitchell,  Edward  L.,  only  child  Norman  and  Eliza, 

Montrose  July  ^3 

Crocker,  Lucy  H.,  and  Chas.,  children  of  Daniel  W. 

Crocker,  Montrose  June  26 

Lacy,  Mrs.  Sarah,  wife  of  Edwin  J.,  and  dau.  of 

Elder  Brand,  Braintrim  July  7 


Yeomans,  Mrs.  Huldah,  ae.  62,  wife  of  Samuel 

Yeomans,  Brooklyn  July  2 

Woodruff,  Ruth  L.,  youngest  dau.  Jesse  Woodruff, 

Towanda  July  6 

Deming,  Mrs.  Laura,  ae.  29,  consort  of  Abner 

Deming,  at  the  residence  of  her  father,  Calvin 

Wheaton,  Liberty  May  19 

Wheaton,  Julia  A.,  ae.  23,  sister  of  above,  Liberty  May  29 
Chapman,  Wm.  J.,  eldest  child  and  only  son  of  John 

H.  and  Louisa,  Bridgewater  July  23 

Lathrop,  Col.  Daniel,  ae.  54,  Bridgewater  July  23 

Wells,  Mrs.  Sarah  G.,  wife  of  Guy  Wells  and  dau. 

Saml.  Sturdevant,  of  Skinners  Eddy,  Ft.  Madi- 
son, Iowa  June  17 
Graves,  Leonard,  Honesdale  Aug.  2 
Coon,  Luthera  T.,  dau.  Jesse  and  Tempe  Coon, 

Bridgewater  Aug.  4 

Ross,  Genl.  Wm.,  ae.  82,  Wilkes-Barre  Aug.  17 

McCollum,  Anson  Theodore,  eldest  son  Daniel  and 

Theodoria,  New  Milford  Aug.  12 

Langley,  Albert  L.,  son  of  Albert  Langley,  Gt.  Bend  Aug.  9 
Jenkins,  widow  Col.  John.,  ae.  89,  10  mos.,  28  da. 

Widow  of  late  Col.  John  Jenkins,  at  the  residence 

of  her  son  Berthier,  Wyoming  Village  Aug.  11 

Williams,  George  H.,  only  child  of  Chas.  L.,  and 

Eliza  Williams,  Gt.  Bend  Sept.  7 

Harding,  Stephen,  ae.  71,  Harford  Sept.  11 

Ball,  Jeremiah,  ae.  70,  Rush  Sept.  11 

Ball,  James  B.,  ae.  45,  son  of  Jeremiah  Ball, 

Middletown  Sept.  21 

Ball,  Nancy,  ae.   14,  dau.  of  James  B.  Ball, 

Middletown  Sept.  21 

Ball,  Lovina  M.,  ae.  19,  dau.  of  James  B.  Ball, 

Middletown  Sept.  8 

Ely,  Gabriel,  ae.  87,  a  Revolutionary  soldier, 

Tunkhannock  Sept.  27 

Hazel,  Henry,  ae.  18,  a  negro,  Bridgewater  Oct.  il 

Haverly,  Mrs.  Mary,  ae.  38,  wife  of  Jacob,  formerly 

Harford.     New  Albany  Oct.  27 

Peeney,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  wife  of  Samuel  B.  Peeney, 

N.  Y.  City  Oct.  29 

Baker,  George  L.,  son  of  Hiram  C.  and  Mary, 

Harford  Oct.  6 


Ketcham,  Mrs.  Catherine,  wife  of  Addison,  and  dau. 

John  Hancock,  Friendsville  Dec.  14 

Lathrop,  Orin  F.,  son  of  Elisha  and  Emma,  Rush  Nov.  27 
Parke,  Col.  Thomas,  ae.  75,  Dimock  Nov.  16 

Carr,  Mrs.  Polly,  ae.  27,  wife  of  Ariel,  and  dau. 

Dr.  Asa  Park,  Bridgewater  D«<^6 

Dean,  Mrs.  Sophia  S.,  wife  of  M.  L.  Dean,  formerljT 

of  Bridgewater.    Ulysses,  Pa.  Dec.  25 

Green,  Aaron,  ae.  45,  formerly  of  Montrose, 

Honesdale  Dec  25 

Register  and  Northern  Farmer 

Smith,  Edward,  ae.  33,  Bridgewater  Jan.  15 

Gess,  Rachel,  ae.  42,  wife  of  John  Gess,  Bridgewater  Jan.  15 
Avery,  Prudence,  ae.  29,  Tunkhannock  Jan.  20 

Tewksbury,  Sargeant,  ae.  68,  an  early  settler, 

Brooklyn  Jan.  20 

Howard,  Samuel,  ae.  70,  formerly  Brooklyn,  Auburn  Jan.  28 
Tingley,  Phoebe,  ae.  40,  wife  of  Mason  Tingley, 

Dimock  Jan.  30 

Weaver,  Emma  Elizabeth,  dau.  Silas  G.  and  Susan 

L.  Weaver,  Dundaff  Jan.  30 

Scott,  Charles,  ae.  24,  son  of  Titus  Scott,  Springville  Jan.  31 
Calhoun,  Anning  O.,  ae.  40,  Postmaster,  Wilkes-Barre  Feb.  i 
Brewster,  Nathan,  only  child  of  Zachariah  and 

Adaline  Brewster,  Bridgewater  Feb.  12 

Brewster,  Miss  Sally,  ae.  66,  formerly  of  Montrose, 

Wellsboro  Feb.  10 

Beardsley,  Electa,  dau.  J.  B.  and  Lucy  S.  Beardsley, 

Auburn  Feb.  2 

Tillson,  Josiah  G.,  ae.  29,  formerly  Mauch  Chunk, 

Springville  Feb.  18 

Chamberlin,  Mrs.  Olive,  ae.  82,  an  early  settler, 

Choconut  Feb.  19 

Williams,  Charles,  son  of  Henry  and  Ruby  Williams, 

Brooklyn  Mar.  15 

Birchard,  Abigail,  ae.  84,  wife  of  Capt.  Jabez  A. 

Birchard,  Forest  Lake  Mar.  16 

Kent,  Miles  L.,  eldest  son  of  David  and  Betsy  Kent, 

Brooklyn  Mar.  23 

Kent,  Wm.  D.,  youngest  son  of  David  and  Betsy 

Kent,  Brooklyn  Mar.  23 


Luce,  Roxana,  wife  of  Philo  D.  Luce  and  dau.  Gid. 

Southworth,  Liberty  Mar.  28 

Wheaton,  Calvin,  ae.  65,  Liberty  Mar.  30 

Payne,  Esther,  ae.  69,  New  Mil  ford  April  9 

Adams,  Mary  Jane,  dau.  Galen  V.  and  Susan  Adams 

Brooklyn  April  15 

Aylsworth,  Lovina,  dau.  Bennett  and  Martha 

Aylsworth,  Harmony  April  18 

Aylsworth,  Martha,  dau.  Bennett  and  Martha 

Aylsworth,  Harmony  April  18 

Williams,  Archibald,  Brooklyn  April  23 

Young,  James,  ae.  73,  a  native  of  Scotland 

Bridgewater  April  26 

Perry,  Benjamin,  an  aged  citizen,  Wilkes-Barre        June  17 
Avery,  Maj.  Franklin  N.,  ae.  47,  New  Milford  July  8 

Horton,  Hester,  dau.  Jonathan  and  Polly  Horton, 

Forest  Lake  July  8 

Wright,  Marvin,  ae.  26,  son  of  Wise  and  Lovisa 

Wright,  Brooklyn  July  13 

Hawley,  Mary  A.,  dau.  John  and  Merab  Hawley, 

Philadelphia  July  24 

Mead,  Mary  Ann,  ae.  24,  dau.  of  Stephen  Mead, 

Bridgewater  Aug.  2 

Phelps,  Susan,  wife  of  Sherman  D.  Phelps  and  dau. 

of    late    Major    O.    Porter    of    Wilkes-Barre, 

Tunkhannock  Sept.  i 

Roe,  Anselin,  ae.  63,  Liberty  Oct.  8 

Gregory,  Sarah,  widow  of  late  Joseph  Gregory, 

Bridgewater  Oct.  12 

Converse,  Mrs.  Sybil,  ae.  53,  Andover,  111.  Oct.  12 

Converse,  Erastus  B.,  ae.  13,  Andover,  111.  Oct.  18 

Converse,  Augustus,  Jr.,  ae.  24,  Andover,  111.  Oct.  20 

Converse,  Augustus,  Sr.,  ae.  53,  Andover,  111.  Oct.  23 

This    family    formerly    Susq.    Co., 
moved  to  Conn,  and  to  111.    All  died 
in  space  of  eleven  days. 
Babcock,  John,  ae.  86,  Baltimore  Oct.  2'j 

Head  of  Pub.  House  of  Babcock  &  Son  of  New 

Haven,  Conn.,  of  which  State  he  was  a  native 

and  a  fellow  workman  of  Benjamin  Franklin. 
Baker,  Herbert  Leroy,  son  of  John  and  Nancy  Baker, 

Clifford  Nov.  12 


Upson,  Mary  Eveline,  dau.  Allen  and  Ophelia  Upson, 

Dimock  Nov.  14 

Carter,  Harriet  Belinda,  dau.  Ebenezer  and  Harriet 

Carter,  Liberty  Dec.  6 

Pierce,  Joel,  ae.  41,  from  Lenox,  Mass.,  Harford  Dec.  10 

Volunteer  and  Northern  Farmer 

Cox,  Calvin,  ae.  43,  Bridgewater  Jan.  2 

Butts,  Elsie,  ae.  63,  wife  of  Peleg  Butts,  Liberty  Jan.  4 

Saxton,  Harriet  P.,  wife  of  F.  Saxton  and  dau.  John 

Passmore,  Bridgewater  Feb.  5 

Saxton,  John  P.,  son  of  F.  Saxton,  Bridgewater  Feb.  22 

Riley,  Emma  V.,  wife  of  Rev.  Henry  A.  Riley, 

ae.  41,  Montrose  Feb.  17 

Langley,  Roxy  Anna,  wife  of  Hy  Langley  and  dau. 

N.  Trobridge,  Gt.  Bend  Jan.  31 

Merriman,  Edgar  T.,  only  son  Alfred  and  Lucy 

Merriman,  Greenfield  Jan.  28 

Allen,  Joshua,  ae.  66,  Forest  Lake  Mch.  19 

Andre,  Michael,  ae.  44,  Middletown  Mch.  10 

Bissell,  Chas.  H.,  son  of  Wm.  and  Parthenia,  Rush     Mch.  28 
Darson,  Elvira,  dau.  of  Stephen  H.,  and  Jane  E. 

Darson,  Middletown  Mch.  19 

Scott,  Agnes,  dau.  Samuel  T.,  and  Sarah  R.  Scott, 

Montrose  Apr.  11 

Orton,  Saphronia,  dau.  late  Cyrus  Hotchkiss,  ux. 

J.  R.  Orton,  Binghamton  Apr.  8 

Manning,  Rev.  Samuel,  late  teacher  in  Montrose, 

ae.  50,  Chenango  Forks  Apr.  15 

Longstreet,  Eld.  Geo.  G.,  late  of  Hamburg,  N.  J., 

ConkHn,  N.  Y.  Apr.  4 

Gregory,  Joseph,  ae.  78,  one  of  earliest  settlers, 

Bridgewater  May  31 

Nichols,  Mrs.  Mary  Ann,  ae.  44,  wife  of  Zenas 

Nichols,  Bridgewater  June  9 

Sherer,  Dr.  William,  ae.  43,  formerly  Susq.  Co., 

Flint  Island,  Ky.  April  — 

Thacher,  Scovel  D.,  son  of  Orin  and  Minerva 

Thacher,  CliilFord  June  21 

Tuttle,  Herman,  ae.  48,  Montrose  July  2 

Canfield,  Andrew,  ae.  85,  a  soldier  of  the  Revolution 

and  one  of  earliest  settlers  of  Co.    Middletown      July  13 


Plum,  Butler  G.,  ae.  44,  Green  Lake,  Wis.  Aug.  11 

Birchard,  Eunice,  ae.  30,  wife  of  E.  Lyman 

Birchard,  Rush  July  13 

Peironette,  William,  ae.  28,  Friendsville  July  7 

Hill,  Mrs.  Catherine,  ae.  45,  wife  of  James  W.  Hill, 

Bridgewater  July  25 

Allard,  Mrs.  Ruth,  ae.  64.  Franklin  July  18 

Perkins,  Elizabeth,  ae.  20,  Bridgewater  July  25 

Austin,  Mrs.  Nancy,  ae.  54,  wife  of  John  Austin, 

Bridgewater  (in  another  paper  given  as  Mary, 

ae.  53)  Aug.  3 

Hilborn,  Caroline,  dau.  of  Wm.  and  Sarah  Hilborn, 

Harmony  July  21 

Sedden,  Wm.  A.,  son  of  Daniel  B,,  and  Lucy  B. 

Sedden,  Gt.  Bend  July  15 

Tyler,  George  Read,  son  of  Moses  C,  and  Caroline 

G.  Tyler,  Montrose  Aug.  31 

Bird,  Warren,  ae.  45,  Harmony  Aug.  17 

Bagley,  Daniel  B.,  ae.  34,  Brooklyn  Aug.  30 

McElwee,  Col.  Thomas  B.,  Bedford,  Pa.  Aug.  22 

Dow,  Mrs.  Sarah,  ae.  28,  wife  of  Jeremiah  Dow, 

Tunkhannock  Sept.  15 

Roe,  Mrs.  Ruth,  ae.  40,  wife  of  John  Roe, 

Honesdale  Sept.  7 

Handrick,  Mrs.  Lois,  ae.  50,  wife  of  Wm.  G., 

Middletown  Sept.  26 

Read,  Mrs.  Eliza  C,  ae.  52,  wife  Hon.  A.  H.  Read 

and  formerly  widow  of  late  Deacon  Lee  Richard- 
son, Montrose  Oct.  2 
Cornell,  Lorinda,  wife  of  Samuel  D.  Cornell, 

Forest  Lake  Sept.  17 

Snedden,  Mrs.  Lucy  B.,  ae.  29,  Gt.  Bend  Sept.  21 

Baker,  Mrs.  Melissa,  ae.  33,  wife  of  Goodwin  Baker, 

Clifford  Sept.  29 

Cox,  Silas  Henry,  son  of  Mrs.  Margaret  Cox, 

Bridgewater  Oct.  2 

Hatch,  Elizabeth,  dau.  Sabin  and  Abby  Ann  Hatch, 

Montrose  Oct.  9 

Ross,  Jesse,  ae.  71,  Pike,  Bradford  Co.  Oct.  i 

Withey,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  consort  of  Charles  Withey, 

Harford  Oct.  19 

Lindsey,  Mrs.  Betsey,  wife  of  Amherst,  ae.  62, 

Bridgewater  Oct.  30 


Gregory,  Anna,  wife  of  Ira  Gregory,  Bridgewater  Oct.  3 
Hayden,  Andrew  W.,  son  of  Warner  C.  and  Sally  C., 

New  Milford  Oct.  17 

Kingsbury,  Payson,  ae.  36,  Harford  Oct.  25 

Deans,  Mary  Ellen,  dau.  Judson  and  Adah  Deans, 

Dimock  Nov.  i 

Wells,  Mrs.  Sarah,  wife  of  John  Wells,  ae.  43, 

Dundaflf  Oct.  17 

Brock,  Frederick,  Forest  Lake  Nov.  5 

Hill,  Capt.  Moses,  formerly  of  Rockingham,  Vt., 

ae.  60,  Springville  

Gamble,  George  K.,  son  of  George  Gamble,  Harford, 

Wilkes-Barre  Nov.  7 

Bennett,  Mrs.  Lucinda,  wife  of  Rudolphus  Bennett, 

formerly  Susq.  Co.   Davenport,  Iowa  Nov.  8 

Chatfield,  Abigail  (widow),  ae.  78,  Rush  Dec.  7 

Babcock,  Isaac,  ae.  53,  Dimock  Dec.  11 

Ewin,  Laughlin,  in  105th  yr.,  Silver  Lake  Dec.  16 

Fuller,  Thomas,  ae.  40,  eminent  member  of  the  bar, 

Honesdale  Dec.  16 

Peironette,   James    S.,   ae.    71,   born    Dorchester, 

England,  June  4,  1773,  came  to  Friendsville  in 

1820,  Friendsville  Dec.  21 

Case,  Mrs.  Mary,  ae.  78,  mother  of  Benj.  T.  Case, 

Owego  Dec.  26 

Chalker,  Samuel,  ae.  71,  an  early  settler.  Liberty  Nov.  27 
Hance,  Wapples,  ae.  90,  an  early  settler.  Liberty  Dec.  6 

Adams,  Betsy  Ann,  ae.  17,  Liberty  Dec.  25 

Osborn,  Mrs.  Lucy  A.,  ae.  2'],  wife  of  Sylvanus 

Osborn,  Prompton  Dec.  21 

Register  and  Northern  Farmer 
Burrows,  Hon.  Francis  A.,  ae.  42,  formerly 

Springville,  Ohio  City  Jan.  2 

Newcomb,  Harriet,  dau.  Holdridge  and  Cynthia 

Newcomb,  Montrose  Feb.  14 

Newton,  Laura  Lucinda,  dau.  Loren  and  Emily 

Newton,  Dimock  Mar.  2 

Groves,  Wm.  Augustus,  son  of  John  and  Harriet 

Groves,  Montrose  Mar.  5 


Tracey,  Josiah,  ae.  72,  formerly  Connecticut, 

Honesdale  April  3 

Bolles,  Ruth,  ae.  43,  wife  of  Simeon  A.  Bolles,  Rush    April  2 

Parkins,  Sally,  ae.  59,  wife  of  John  Parkins, 

Bridgewater  April  4 

Smith,  Margaret,  ae.  52,  wife  of  Alexander  Smith, 
Mrs.  S.  and  husband  emigrants  from  Scotland, 
Bridgewater  April  4 

Avery,  Lyman,  ae.  44,  moved  with  parents  from 
Pittstown,  N.  Y.,  1818-19  to  Springville, 
Tunkhannock  April  6 

Douglass,  Frances  E.,  ae.  19,  dau.  of  Samuel  and 
Anna,  also  lost  brother  Henry  H.  Douglass  in 
Texas,  formerly  Franklin  Twp.,  this  Co.,  New 
Haven,  Conn.  April  7 

Canfield,  Abigail  Ann,  consort  of  Salmon  B. 

Canfield,  Pike  April  12 

Marshall,  William,  County  Amelia  near  Petersville    April  14 

Marshall,  Elizabeth,  wife  of  Wm.,  County  Amelia 
near  Petersville  April  14 

Married  2  weeks,  buried  same  grave. 

Warner,  Hannah,  ae.  35,  wife  of  Dr.  Sidney  Warner, 

formerly  of  Springville  

Miller,  Mark,  ae.  29,  native  of  New  York  April  25 

Ross,  Perrin,  Judge  of  Wyoming  Co.,  formerly  a 

citizen  of  Susq.  Co.,  Tunkhannock  May  20 

Read,  Hon.  Almon  H.,  ae.  54,  a  native  of  Vermont, 

lawyer  and  native  of  this  place  30  years,  Montrose    June  3 

Peck,  Luther,  ae.  59,  Franklin  June  8 

Prescott,  Mehitable,  Lyon,  dau.  Isaac  and  Sally 
Lyon,  Harford  June  25 

Tenny,  Mrs.  Harriet,  ae.  36,  wife  of  E.  B.  Tenny, 

Liberty  June  27 

Bronson,  Emeline,  ae.  22,  Montrose  July  6 

Upson,  Charlotte  Lovisa,  ae.   18,  dau.  Allen  and 

Ophelia  Upson,  Dimock  July  12 

Burton,  Emma  Louisa,  dau.  Chas.  and  Clarissa  Ann 

Burton,  Harford  July  12 

Catlin,  Polly,  relict  of  Putnam  Catlin  of  Great  Bend, 

mother  of  George  Catlin,  Indian  artist,  Delta,  N.  Y.  July  15 

Summers,  Mary,  ae.  84,  consort  of  David,  emi- 
grated to  this  Co.,  May,  1794,  lived  on  same 
farm  always,  Summersville  July  19 


Foot,  Betsy,  Ada,  dau.  Mrs.  Betsy  Foot,  New 

Milford  July  21 

Foot,  Betsy,  ae.  50,  widow  late  Belus  H.  Foot,  New 

Milford  Aug.  3 

Riley,  Morton  Wilmot,  son  of  Minot  and  Emily  C. 

Riley  of  Springville,  Tunkhannock  Aug.  10 

Walker,  Robt.  William,  son  of  Thomas  and 

Catherine  Walker,  New  Milford  Aug.  12 

Tenney,  Ephraim,  son  of  Rev.  E.  B.  Tenny,  Liberty  Aug.  20 
Lacey,  Henry  W.,  ae.  30,  formerly  Auburn, 

Laceyville  Aug.  24 

Tyler,  Nabby,  at  home  of  her  son.  Prof.  Wm.  S. 

Tyler,     wife     of     Joab    Tyler,     of     Harford, 

Amherst,  Mass.  Aug.  28 

Green,  Calvin  Leroy,  son  of  Lines  and  Jane  Green, 

Gibson  Sept.  6 

Blakeslee,  Clarissa,  ae.  54,  wife  of  Aaron  Blakeslee, 

Springville  Sept.  14 

Trowbridge,  Silvena,  ae.  27,  dau.  of  Lyman 

Great  Bend  Sept.  14 

Fessenden,  Esther,  wife  of  Asa  Fessenden  and  only 

dau.  of  John  and  Jerusha  Backus,  Bridgewater  Oct.  5 

Locke,  Mary,  mother  of  R.  B.  Locke,  deed.,  Choconut  Oct.  5 
Dunmore,  Everett  F.,  son  of  John  F.  and  Sarah  M. 

Dunmore,  Rush  Oct.  25 

Mack,  Charles  B.,  son  of  Jonas  and  Olive  A.  Mack, 

Montrose  Nov.  22 

Volunteer  and  North  Star 

Williams,  Mrs.  Eliza,  ae.  31,  wife  of  Lorenzo 

Williams,  Rush  Jan.  8 

Shove,  Mrs.  Harriet,  wife  of  David  Shove,  Rush  Jan.  8 

Pierce,  Joel,  ae.  41,  Harford  Jan.  10 

Patrick,  Mrs.  Anna  L.,  wife  of  Harris,  Athens, 

buried  in  So.  Bridgewater  

Weeks,  Mary,  ae.  20,  Bridgewater  Jan.  13 

Sabin,  Charles,  ae.  31,  formerly  New  Milford, 

Lee  Co.,  111.  Jan- 13 

Hatch,  Sabin,  ae.  41,  Montrose  Feb.  7 

Hoi  ford,  Mrs.  Mary  Ann,  ae.  64,  at  residence  of 

Lloyd  Austin,  Bridgewater  Jan.  29 

Dimock,  Warren,  ae.  47,  Herrick  Feb.  i 


Arnold,  Sarah,  ae.  56,  wife  of  James  Arnold, 

Warren  Feb.  3 

Bump,  Mrs.  Nancy,  ae.  68,  Forest  Lake  Feb.  i 

Otis,  Israel  S.,  ae.  76,  Rush  Feb.  10 

Milligan,  Mrs.  Abigail,  ae.  38,  wife  of  Samuel 
Milligan  "Ellerslie",  Choconut,  buried  Warren, 
Bradford  Co.  Feb.  4 

Searle,  Dotha,  dau.  of  Daniel  Searle,  Montrose  Feb.  25 

Leonard,  Genl.  C.  H.,  ae.  44,  Friendsville  Feb.  20 

Fairchild,  Mrs.  Lucinda  Ann,  wife  of  David  Fair- 
child  and  dau.  Benajah  Bostwick  of  Bradford  Co., 
Huron,  O.  Feb.  4 

Harding,  Uriah,  son  of  Elisha  and  Elizabeth,  ae.  41, 

Herrick  Feb.  3 

Avery,  Louis,  ae.  64,  Herrick  Feb.  5 

Prime,  Rachel,  ae.  80,  Bridgewater  Mch.  12 

Crocker,  Mrs.  Betsy,  ae.  75,  consort  of  Thomas 

Crocker,  Bridgewater  Mch.  i 

Day,  Wm.  P.,  and  Louisa,  children  of  Lysander  and 

Hannah  Day,  Forest  Lake  Mch.  7 

Barney,  David,  Jr.,  ae.  21,  Little  Meadows  Mch.  20 

Seaver,  Ichabod,  ae.  86,  born,  Roxbury,  Mass., 
Feby.  27,  1759.  Served  in  the  army  of  our 
country  in  the  Revolutionary  struggle.  Died 
Harford  Mch.  12 

Stiles,  Clara,  youngest  dau.  Geo.  M.  and  Caroline  L, 

Harford  Mch.  27 

Smith,  Mrs.  Margaret,  ae.  52,  wife  of  Alexander 

Smith,  Bridgewater  May  4 

Lewis,  Giles,  ae.  50,  Thomson  May  3 

Morse,  Wm.  Henry,  son  of  Wm.  and  Jane  Morse, 

Bridgewater  May  14 

Sibley,  Mrs.  Thankful,  consort  of  Dexter  Sibley, 

Harford  May  24 

Tennant,  Oliver,  ae.  78,  New  Milford  May  31 

Stephens,  Almira,  dau.  Edward  T.  and  Lucy, 

Franklin  Jwne  13 

Dimock,  Benj.  J.,  ae.  44,  Prompton,  Wayne  Co.  June  8 

Comfort,  Louisa  Safrona,  eldest  dau.  Benj.  and 

Frances,  Lanesboro  Aug.  12 

Duffee,  Peter,  ae.  38,  Dimock  Aug.  17 

Tennant,  Jackson,  youngest  son  of  Oliver  and  Mary, 

New  Milford  Sept.  4 



Bennett,  Bildad,  ae.  37,  Auburn  Sept.  4 

Beebe,  Capt.  Timothy,  ae.  76,  S.  Windsor,  N.  Y.  Sept!  8 
Dunmore,  Everett  F.,  son  of  John  and  Sarah 

M.  Dunmore,  Rush  Oct.  215 

Ross,  Jane  Eldridge,  dau.  Hon.  P.  Ross,  ae.  18, 

Tunkhannock  Nov.  2 

Simpson,  Sarah  E.,  formerly  of  Hamburg,  N.  J., 

Montrose  Dec.  11 

Robinson,  Mrs.  Nancy,  consort  of  Abraham  W., 

ae.  34,  Rush  Dec.  11 

Mcintosh,  Lovina,  ae.  69,  wife  of  Loughlin 

Mcintosh  Dec.  5 

Wilhams,  Mrs.  Prudence,  ae.  74,  wife  of  late  John 

Williams,  late  of  Groton,  Conn.     Dimock  Dec.  24 

Lathrop,  Hamlin,  son  of  Oliver  and  Amelia, 

Springville  Dec.  20 

Arnold,  Hannah,  consort  of  Wm.  J.  Arnold  and 

dau.  John  and  Hannah  Roberts,  Warren,  Pa.  Dec.  30 

Catlin,  Theodosia  Amanda,  ae.  25,  dau.  Chas.  and 

Amanda,  Pensacola,  Fla.  Dec.  22 

Kingsbury,  Hon,  Ebenezer,  ae.  40.   Born  in  Jerico, 

Vt.,  1804,  at  8  years  removed  with  his  parents  to 

Harford,  Susq.  Co.,  Pa.  At  20  began  study  of  law 

with  Hon.  Wm.  Jessup  of  Montrose.    Honesdale         April 

Register  and  Northern  Farmer 

Whitney,  Genl.  Joshua,  of  Binghamton  April  13 

Parsons,  Hezekiah,  ae.  68,  of  Wilkes-Barre  April  17 

Wadhams,  Calvin,  ae.  80,  a  Wyoming  veteran, 

of  Plymouth  April  22 

Buckingham,  Henry,  ae.  66,  of  Wyoming  Valley, 

at  Huron,  Ohio  April  — 

Volunteer  and  North  Star 

Reynolds,  George,  ae.  84,  a  Revolutionary  soldier, 

Clinton,  Wyo.  Co.  Jan.  19 

Hancock,  Mrs.  Polly,  wife  of  James  and  dau. 

D,  Perkins.  Wilkes-Barre  Jan.  22 

Gardner,  George,  son  of  Wm.  and  Anna  Gardner, 

Bridgewater  Jan,  2 

Nichols,  Mrs.  Ruhannah,  ae.  73,  wife  of  Deacon 

Amos  Nichols,  Bridgewater  Jan.  6 


Train,  James,  ae.  87,  Bridgewater  Jan.  20 

Bingham,  Nancy  Maria,  dau.  Dr.  L.  W.  Bingham, 

New  Milford  Jan.  27 

Powers,  Mrs.  Hannah,  ae.  76,  widow  Capt.  Hazard 

Powers,  deed.,  of  Gibson,  formerly  New  London, 

Conn.    Lenox  Feb.  4 

Smith,  Sarah  Augusta,  dau.  Horace  and  Marilla 

Smith,  Bridgewater  Feb.  24 

Chapman,  Joseph,  ae.  76,  father  of  editor  of  Susq. 

Register,  a  native  of  Norwich,  Conn.,  emigrated 

to  Susq.  Co.  1798  and  one  of  earHest  settlers  and 

most  respectable.    Brooklyn 
Donnelly,  Thomas,  ae.  67,  Choconut  Feb.  10 

Ives,  L.  W.,  ae.  48,  at  residence  of  Uncle,  Liberty  Jan.  30 
Bixby,  Asa,  ae.  48,  Middletown  Mch.  2 

Sprout,  Willis,  only  child  A.  R.,  and  Mary  Sprout, 

Choconut  Apr.  16 

Beach,  Fanny,  ae.  58,  wife  of  Julius  Beach,  Dimock  Apr.  9 
Foot,  Mrs.  J,  B.,  wife  of  Edwin  Foot,  ae.  28, 

Prompton  Apr,  21 

Barnes,  Mrs.  Betsy,  wife  of  Simon  Barnes, 

Forest  Lake  Apr.  28 

Whitney,  Genl,  Joshua,  ae.  72,  oldest  and  most 

wealthy  resident  from  Canaan,  Conn.     Near 

Binghamton  Apr.  13 

Salisbury,  Mrs.  Elizabeth  J.,  wife  of  D'Alanson  C. 

Salisbury,  and  dau.  of  J.  M.  Piolett,  of  Wysox 

Wysox,  Pa.  Mch.  19 

Foot,  Ellen,  dau.  of  late  Belus  Foot,  New  Milford  Mch.  22 
Marsh,  Emily,  dau.  of  Archie  and  Lois  Marsh, 

Liberty  Mch.  21 

Marsh,  James,  son  of  Archie  and  Lois  Marsh, 

Liberty  Mch.  2 

Wessell,  Andrew,  at  home  of  Abner  Drum, 

Butler,  Luzerne  Co.  Apr.  i 

Bagley,  Mrs.  Fairlee,  wife  of  Jesse  Bagley, 

Brooklyn  Apr.  11 

LaGrange,  Mrs.  Dolly,  wife  of  John  LaGrange, 

ae,  50,  Vestal,  N,  Y.  Apr,  14 

Dikeman,  Eliza,  dau,  John  and  Sally  Dikeman, 

Harford  Apr.  18 


Lamb,  Col.  Henry  F.,  ae.  about  6i.  He  was  a 
native  of  New  London  County,  Conn.,  Wilkes- 

Lee,  Philip,  ae.  43,  Tunkhannock  Apr.  21 

Tyler,  Mrs.  Cornelia  G.,  wife  of  Col.  M.  C.  Tyler 

and  dau.  Hon.  A.  H.  Read,  deed.,  Montrose  May  14 

Bryan,  Elder  Jirah,  ae.  59,  Choconut  May  16 

Bixby,  Rachel,  ae.  82,  widow  of  Darius  Bixby  and 
dau.  of  Phineas  Smith  of  Rhode  Island.  Middle- 
town  May  31 
When  young  she  removed  with  her  parents  to 
Connecticut,  during  her  residence  there,  in  the 
conflict  for  the  liberties  of  our  country  she  lost 
her  2nd  brother  and  in  same  memorable  July, 
1776,  year,  she  was  bereaved  of  both  parents  by 
death.  From  this  time  she  resided  with  her  uncle 
till  her  marriage,  1791,  when  with  her  husband  she 
removed  to  Vermont.  181 1  removed  with  family 
to  Middletown,  Susq.  Co.,  Pa.,  where  with  Chris- 
tian fortitude  she  endured  all  the  deprivations  and 
fatigue  consequent  to  a  new  settlement.  1812  she 
with  husband  and  10  others  constituted  the  Baptist 

Greenwood,  Aaron,  ae.  65,  Harford  June  18 

Thacher,  Peter,  Harford  June  1 1 

DuBois,  Clara,  dau.  Francis  P.,  and  Elizabeth 

Catlin,  Green  Lake,  Wis.  May  8 

Dawley,  Stephen,  ae.  50,  Liberty  May  4 

Van  Vorst,  Lucretia,  ae.  43,  wife  of  Aaron 

VanVorst,  Franklin  May  20 

Kellam,  Luther,  ae.  86,  a  Revolutionary  soldier, 
born  Jan.  3,  1760,  in  Stonington,  Conn.,  in  which 
State  he  resided  till  his  migration  to  this  county 
in  1803.  He  enlisted  in  the  army  at  the  com- 
mencement of  the  war  at  which  time  he  was  16 
years  of  age.  Served  in  all,  nearly  3  years.  Was 
in  13  engagements,  &c.  Esick  Thayer,  a  Revolu- 
tionary soldier,  was  one  of  four  pall  bearers. 
Forest  Lake.  J""e  5 

Hinds,  Emeline  B.,  dau.  of  Preserved  and  Ann 

Hinds,  Forest  Lake  June  12 

Trowbridge,  Henry,  ae.  30,  Gt.  Bend  June  7 


Nichols,  Deacon  Amos,  ae.  71.  He  was  born  in 
Waterbury,  Conn.,  resided  nine  (9)  years  on  the 
"Royal  Grant"  in  the  town  of  Salisbury,  Herki- 
mer County,  N.  Y.  Came  to  this  State  and  settled 
in  Bridgewater  in  1810.  Died  at  residence  of 
son-in-law,  S.  Mylert,  New  Milford  June  28 

Coburn,  Cornelia,  ae.  26,  dau.  of  Peter  Coburn 

(Warren,  Pa.)  June  22 

Wells,  Rebecca,  ae.  17,  Montrose  July  22 

McKeeby,  Theodore,  son  of  Solomon  and 

Lucinda  A,,  Bridgewater  July  29 

Gaylord,  Lois,  ae.  40,  wife  of  Ambrose  Gaylord 
and  daughter  of  Lydia  and  Ezekiel  Lathrop, 
Dimock  Aug.  2 

Brooks,  Sally,  ae.  26,  dau.  Thomas  and  Polly  Smith 

and  wife  of  Daniel  Brooks,  Springville  July  23 

Avery,  David,  formerly  of  Auburn.     In  McHenry 

Co.,  111.  Aug.  I 

Wood,  Sarah  Ann,  ae.  35,  dau.  Cornelius, 

Bridgewater  Aug.  13 

Adams,  Levi,  ae.  72,  Harford  Aug.  i 

Boyd,  Mrs.  Mary,  ae.  65,  wife  of  James,  deed., 
late  of  Bridgewater,  formerly  of  Sadsbury, 
Chester  Co.,  Pa.    Montrose  Aug.  21 

Austin,  Lucy  Maria,  dau.  Lloyd  and  Matilda  Jane, 

Bridgewater  Aug.  31 

Overfield,  Lydia  Martha,  youngest  daughter  of  Paul 

and  Lydia,  Braintrim  Aug.  10 

Crane,  Hannah  Caroline,  dau.  Wm.  M.  Crane, 

Morristown,  N.  J.  Sept.  2 

Tififany,  Harriet  A.,  dau.  Orville  and  Polly  Tiffany, 

Lenox  Sept.  7 

Fields,  Wm.  Henry,  son  of  David  and  Lucy  B. 

Fields,  Wilkes-Barre  Aug.  29 

Rogers,  David,  ae.  80,  Springville  Sept.  14 

Tyler,  Ella  Cornelia,  dau.  M.  C.  Tyler,  Montrose         Oct.  4 

Hollister,  S.  E.,  dau.  of  C.  Hollister,  Dimock  Oct.  16 

Park,  Lorana,  wife  of  Dr.  Asa  Park,  ae.  57, 

Bridgewater  Oct.  27 

Black,  George,  ae.  23,  recently  of  Pike,  Pa., 

Elkhart  Grove,  111.  Oct.  7 

Frink,  Mrs.  Eleanor,  wife  of  Jabez  Frink,  Rush         Nov.  4 


Lung,  Warren,  ae.  53,  Rush  Nov.  1 1 

Gere,  Ebenezer,  ae.  67,  native  of  New  London,  Conn. 

Brooklyn  Dec.  2 

Canfield,  David,  ae.  26,  Middletown  Nov.  9 

West,  Elder  Hezekiah,  ae.  66,  formerly  South  Hill, 

Pa.    Paupus,  111.  Sept.  23 

Wood,  Mary  E.,  2nd  dau.  Eseck  and  Abigail, 

Wysox,  Pa.  Dec  7 

Tingley,  George  M.,  son  of  Chas.  M.  and  Elizabeth, 

Dimock  Dec.  15 

Lord,  Josiah,  ae.  99,  a  Revolutionary  soldier,  native 

of   Lyme,   Conn.      Died   on    farm   purchased   in 

1803,  Brooklyn  Dec.  7 

Bidlack,  Rev.  Benj.,  ae.  76,  Revolutionary  soldier, 

Kingston  Dec.  27 

Blackman,  Elisha,  Revolutionary  soldier  and  last  of 

Wyoming  Battle  memory  residing  in  the  valley, 

Hanover  Twp.  Dec.  27 

Hovi^ard,  Oscar  M.,  son  of  Charles  and  Mary  of 

So.  Auburn  Sept.  25 

Rice,  Mrs.  Sally,  wife  of  Amos  J.,  ae.  37.  Harford       Sept.  9 
Upson,  S.  Augustus,  son  of  Allen  and  Ophelia 

Upson,  Dimock  Sept.  i 

Morse,  Amelia,  dau.  F.  H.,  and  Betsy  Morse, 

New  Milford  Sept.  4 

Smith,  Leonard,  ae.  44,  Springville  Sept.  4 

Avery,  Mary  E.,  wife  of  G.  L.  Avery  and  dau.  of 

Elisha  and  Betsy  Harding,  Herrick  May  14 

Lacy,  Wallace  F.,  son  J.  P.  and  P.  B.  Lacy, 

Springhill.  Brad.  Co.  June  2 

Sprout,  Willis,  only  child  A.  R.  and  Mary  Sprout, 

Choconut  Apr.  6 

Register  and  Northern  Farmer 
Bostwick,  Mary,  ae.  70,  wife  of  Benajah,  emigrated 

to  this  country  in  1798,  Pike  Jan.  5 

Scott,  Philetus,  son  of  Wm.  E.  and  Maria  Scott, 

Bridgewater  Feb.  13 

Bosworth,  Arabella  M.,  ae.  59,   from  Litchfield, 

Conn.,  LeRaysville  Mar.  4 

Ketchum,  Robert,  ae.  40,  Montrose  Mar.  5 

Lillie,  George,  ae.  36,  Bridgewater  Mar.  10 


Weeks,  Laura  Ann,  dau.  Caleb  and  Rosanna  Weeks, 

Bridgewater  Mar.  15 

Franks,  Caroline,  ae.  31,  wife  of  Wm.  Franks, 

Forest  Lake,  Mar.  18 

Hickok,  Mary,  ae.  81,  relict  of  Joel  f^ickok,  at  resi- 
dence of  son  James.    They  came  from  Litchfield, 

Conn.,  1814,  Springville  Mar.  30 

Melvin,  Albert  Leland,  only  son  of  Elder  Q.  and 

Clarinda  W.  Melvin,  Dimock  April  2 

Chapman,    Betsy,    ae.    69,    relict    of    late   Joseph 

Chapman,  a  native  of  Norwich,  Conn.,  Brooklyn      April  8 
Young,  William,  ae.  38,  Bridgewater  April  9 

Williams,  Lucinda,  ae.  59,  wife  of  Joseph  Williams, 

from  Otsego  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Bridgewater  April  10 

Walker,  Emily  M.,  wife  of  A.  S.  Walker, 

New  Milford  April  20 

Law,  Edward,  ae.  20,  son  of  Garry  and  Sarah  Law, 

Liberty  April  29 

Breed,  Lucy,  ae.  34,  wife  of  Stephen  Breed, 

Brooklyn  May  23 

Williams,  Stephen,  ae.  63,  a  native  of  Groton,  Conn., 

Brooklyn  May  26 

Kingsley,  Rufus,  ae.  84,  Harford  May  26 

Born  Windham,  Conn.,  Feb.  ist,  1763,  enlisted 

in  service  of  his  country  as  druumer  boy  ae.  13, 

— was  at  Battle  of  Bunker  Hill. 
Kingsley,  Lucinda,  ae.  79,  wife  of  Rufus  Kingsley, 

lived  60  years  together,  Harford  May  29 

Lyons,  Maria  A.,  ae.  45,  wife  of  Benj.  R.  Lyons 

and   dau.   Hon.   Clark   Chandler   of    Coleraine, 

Mass.,  Montrose  June  16 

Fessenden,  Eunice,  ae.  41,  wife  of  Henry  Fessenden, 

Bridgewater  June  15 

Cory,  Samuel  P.,  formerly  of  Bridgewater, 

Perry,  Ohio  June  21 

Stone,  Permelia,  wife  of  Lory  Stone,  Jessup  July  14 

Blanding,  August  Sabins,  ae.  48,  Harford  Aug.  i 

Lovely,  Homer,  ae.  51,  Jessup  Aug.  4 

Taylor,  Orville,  son  of  Jonathan  and  Lydia  Taylor, 

Harmony  Aug.  6 

Baldwin,  Phebe,  dau.  Col.  F.  Fordham  and  wife  of 

Edmund  Baldwin,  Montrose  Aug.  6 


Robinson,  Hannah  Elizabeth,  dau.  Seth  and  Matilda 

Robinson,  Harmony  Aug.  ii 

Trowbridge,  Grant  Lee,  son  of  Grant  B.  and  Love 

L.  Trowbridge,  Great  Bend  Aug.  i6 

Taylor,  Samuel,  by  drowning,  son  of  Samuel  H., 

Springville  Aug.  24 

Backus,  Jerusha,  ae.  67,  wife  of  John  Backus,  one  of 

the  earliest  settlers,  Bridgewater  Sept.  12 

Thompson,  Rev.  Geo.  C.,  a  native  of  Norwich,  Conn., 

N.  Y.  State  Asylum  Sept.  18 

Tracy,  Hannah,  relict  of  late  Peleg  Tracy, 

Wilkes-Barre  Sept.  28 

Burrows,  Miriam,  ae.  30,  widow  of  Amos  Burrows. 
She  came  with  husband  from  Stafford,  Conn., 
Bridgewater  Oct.  3 

Hoff,  Margaret,  ae.  61,  wife  of  Daniel  Hoff,  Jessup      Oct.  7 
Cummings,  Fred  R.,  ae.  21,  Honesdale  Oct.  16 

Fell,  Mrs.  Mehitable  S.,  ae.  44,  Pittston  Oct.  20 

Post,  Susanna,  wife  of  Hon.  Wm.  L.  Post  and  dau. 

Capt.  Bartlett  Hines,  Revolutionary,  Montrose       Nov.  15 
Tyler,  Sarah,  ae.  38,  wife  of  Harvey  Tyler,  Montrose  Nov.  16 
Sherer,  David,  born  Londonderry,  Ireland.   Dimock      Nov.  7 
May,  1759,  at  II  years  of  age  emigrated  with  his 
parents  to  America  and  settled  within  boundaries 
of  New  Hampshire  until  1817,  when  removed  to 
Susquehanna  County.   At  age  of  18  he  enlisted 
in  the  service  of  his  country.    Was  in  battle  of 
Stillwater,   present  at   surrender   of    Burgoyne, 
was    with    Washington    at    Valley    Forge    and 
shared  in  all  hardships  and  privation  incident  to 
Wells,  Reuben,  ae.  83,  Bridgewater  Nov.  20 

Williams,  Rhoda,  ae.  57,  consort  of  John  Williams, 

Gibson  Dec.  i 

Isbell,  Garner,  ae.  60,  Bridgewater  Dec.  i 

Bailey,  Fredk.  W.,  son  of  Col.  Fredk.  Bailey  of 

Brooklyn.   Derry,  N.  H.  Dec.  7 

Innes,  Urial,  youngest  son  of  William  and  Charlotte 
Innes  of  Shaftsbury,  Vermont.    Choconut  Dec.  11 



Register  and  Northern  Farmer 

Nichols,  Benjamin  Y.,  ae.  20,  son  of  Sisson  Nichols, 

Choconut  Jan.  26 

Vanners,  Sarah,  ae.  23,  consort  of  Benjamin 

Vanners,  Jessup  Feb.  27 

Ball,  Olive,  ae.  66,  wife  of  Perry  Ball,  Forest  Lake      Mch.7 

Emigrated  with  her  husband  from  Stockbridge, 

Mass.,  1811. 
Bedell,  Lurania  Louisa,  ae.  21,  wife  of  Wm.  H. 

Bedell,  Dimock  Mch.  11 

Fordham,  Elizabeth,  ae.  31,  formerly  of  Susq.  Co., 

Sycamore,  111.  Mch.  13 

Stiles,  Carohne  G.,  wife  of  George  M.  Stiles, 

Harford  Mch.  24 

Dimock,  Robert  Asa,  son  of  John  H.  and  Mary  E. 

Dimock,  Montrose  April  4 

Terry,  Mrs.  Esther  J.,  youngest  dau.  Augustus 

Converse,  late  of  Brooklyn,  Pa.  Andover,  111.  April  7 

Scott,  Charlotte,  ae.  66,  wife  of  Titus  Scott, 

Springville  April  8 

Case,  Ellen,  ae.  19,  eldest  dau.  Benjamin  T.  Case, 

Montrose  April  23 

Austin,  Joseph,  ae.  46,  formerly  Harmony,  Susq. 

Co.     Philadelphia  May  8 

Snow,  John  C,  ae.  41,  Wilkes-Barre  May  21 

Morris,  Hon.  Samuel  W.,  ae.  61,  Representative  in 

Congress  from  this  district.    Wellsboro  May  24 

Doak,  William,  ae.  42,  Wilkes-Barre  May  29 

Bush,  Dennis,  ae.  43,  Bridgewater  July  2 

Baldwin,  Mrs.  Flora  A.,  wife  of  Silas  Baldwin, 

dau.  of  Asa  and  Ruth  Hawley,  Montrose  July  5 

Lockhart,  Alexander,  early  pioneer  on  the  Lehigh, 

Mauch  Chunk  July  1 1 

Sisty,  Amos,  Editor  W.-B.  Advocate,  Wilkes-Barre    July  16 
Blakeslee,  Erasmus  D.,  eldest  son  of  Aaron  B. 

Blakeslee  of  Springville.    Mansfield,  Pa.  Oct.  7 

Meacham,  Edward,  ae.  21,  Springville  Oct.  21 

Ellis,  Stephen,  ae.  85,  a  Revolutionary  soldier, 

formerly  Franklin,   New  Haven   Co.,   Conn. 

Herrick  Nov.  16 

Scott,  Mrs.  Sarah,  ae.  72,  Bridgewater  Dec.  26 



Register  and  Northern  Farmer 

Finch,  Hiram,  ae.  56  (buried  in  Montrose),  Montrose  Jan.  2 
Fordham,  Emma,  ae.  20,  Montrose  Jan  2 

Blakeslee,  Julia  M.,  wife  of  W.  W.  Blakeslee,  dau. 

of  John  Baker  of  Dimock,  Nesquehoning  Jan.  2 

Blanding,  Joseph,  ae.  82,  native  of  Attleboro,  Mass. 

In  1794  left  Mass.  for  Nine  Partners,  Susq.  Co. 

Harford  Jan.  24 

Corbett,  George  Ansel,  son  of  Samuel  B.  and  Jane 

Corbett,  Corbettsville  Feb.  2 

Tyler,  Ozias  R.,  formerly  Montrose  and  Towanda, 

Bethlehem  Feb.  7 

Ashley,  Charles,  ae.  67,  Waterloo,  Wis.  Mch.  29 

An  early  settler  in  Springville,  son  of  Col.  Samuel 

Ashley  of  Army  of  Revolution.   Born  Clearmont, 

N.  H.,  1837;  removed  to  Waterloo. 
Deans,  Zebulon,  ae.  78,  one  of  first  settlers  in 

county,  Bridgevi^ater  April  13 

Wilson,  Stephen,  ae.  76,  a  first  settler  in  Susq.  Co. 

Allegheny  Co.,  N.  Y.  April  15 

Sweet,  Oney,  ae.  65,  Gibson  April  18 

Davis,  Josiah,  ae.  92,  Revolutionary  pensioner. 

Liberty  April  18 

Stebbins,  Mrs.,  ae.  50,  wife  of  Israel  J.,  Bridge- 
water  April  24 
Stewart,  Walter,  ae.  65,  Bridgewater  April  23 
Leighton,  Arphaxad,  ae.  22,  Franklin  April  29 
Austin,  Benoni,  ae.  72,  Montrose  May  8 
Jameson,  Peter,  ae.  59,  Bridgewater  May  25 
Wells,  Dr.  Luther  Stark,  ae.  28,  eldest  son  of 

John  W.  and  Sarah  Wells,  Dundafif  May  28 

Upson,    Eveline    Trowbridge,    adopted   dau.    of 

Allen  and  Orpha  Upson,  Springville  June  8 

Hartshorn,  Mary,  ae.  47,  dau.  late  Putnam  Catlin 

and  sister  of  Geo.  Catlin,  Susq.  Co.    Hamilton, 

N.  Y.  June  9 

Bentley,  Elizabeth,  ae.  72,,  relict  late  Stephen 

Bentley.    Buried  in  Montrose  June  29 

Read,  Augustus  Hampton,  son  of  Charles  F.  and 

Frances  Read,  Montrose  O^t.  21 


Stone,  Nancy,  ae.  62,  wife  of  Garrad  Stone, 

Middletown  Nov,  6 

Simpson,  John,  ae.  53,  Silver  Lake  Nov.  8 

Torrey,  Jason,  ae.  J'j,  Honesdale  Nov.  21 

Phinney,  Col.  Gould,  ae.  60,  Dundaff  Nov.  20 

Palmer,  Ebenezer  Willis,  son  of  Gurdon  W.  and 

Pedy  Palmer,  Brooklyn  Nov.  25 

Crocker,  Thomas,  Bridgewater  Nov.  29 

A  native  of  Bozrah,  Conn.  A  first  settler  in  this 
county  in  1800,  an  unbroken  wilderness. 

Jones,  Charlotte,  ae.  44,  wife  of  Capt.  Alfred  Jones    Nov.  29 
Born  New  London,  Conn.,  1804,  came  to  this 
county,  1829. 

Hopson,  Mrs.  Lydia,  at  residence  of  Charles 
Beardsley — for  a  number  of  years  a  resident 
of  Montrose ;  remains  taken  to  Kent,  Conn. 
N.  Y.  Dec.  10 

Butterfield,  Joseph,  ae.  70,  Bridgewater  Dec.  15 

Birchard,  Capt.  Jabez,  Pleasant  Valley,  Iowa  Dec.  18 

Late  of  Middletown,  Susq.  Co.,  and  one  of  its 
earliest  settlers. 

Blakeslee,  Benjamin,  ae.  75,  Dimock  Dec.  23 

Emigrated  from  Wethersfield,  Vermont,   1803, 
to  Springville. 

Turrell,  Lehman,  Forest  Lake  Dec.  29 

Born  July  5,  1776,  day  after  Declaration  of  Inde- 
pendence at  New  Milford,  Litchfield  Co.,  Conn., 
where  he  resided  until  1794.  At  18  years  of  age 
came  to  Penna.  as  surveyor  for  his  Uncle  Job 
Turrell  in  Penna.  who  owned  a  large  tract  of  land 
under  the  Connecticut  title.  After  about  a  year  he 
returned  to  Conn.,  where  he  married,  1797.  April, 
1810,  came  to  Susq.  Co.  with  his  family  to  Forest 
Lake.  Lived  to  see  his  5  sons  and  2  daughters 
settled  in  life  on  parts  of  his  own  domain. 

Birchard,  Lucy,  ae.  47,  wife  of  Horace  Birchard 

and  dau.  of  Perry  Ball,  Forest  Lake  Nov.  30 

Register  and  Northern  Farmer 
Fordham,  Ann  Eliza,  dau.  Abraham  and  Letitia 

Fordham,  Montrose  Jan.  17 


















Johnson,  Hannah,  wife  of  J.  C.  Johnson,  and 

youngest  dau.  of  Asa  and  Matilda  Crandall, 

formerly  of  Montrose.   Tioga  Co. 
Dimock,  Lillie,  dau.  John  and  Mary  Dimock, 

Passmore,   Elizabeth,   ae.   62,   relict   of   John 

Passmore,  Bridgewater 
Read,  Frances  F.,  wife  of  Charles  F.,  and  dau. 

of  EHsha  Mulford,  Orient,  L.  I.     Montrose 
Hinds,  Abanoiam,  ae.  85,  one  of  earliest  settlers  of 

Susquehanna  Co.    Wysox 
Smith,  Julia  Ann,  ae.  40,  wife  of  Harry,  and  dau. 

of  Wm.  Buck  of  Great  Bend.    Franklin 
Hyde,  Mrs.  Lucy,  relict  of  Hon.  Jabez  Hyde,  an 

early  settler  of  Rush.    Springville 
Blair,  Samuel  B.,  of  Carbondale.     Brooklyn 
Trowbridge,  Rebecca,  widow  of  late  Noble  Trow- 
bridge, Gt.  Bend  Feb.  25 
Lippincott,  Samuel,  ae.  72,  Ch.  Clerk  L.  V.  office, 

Mauch  Chunk  Mch.  18 

Watson,  James,  ae.  80,  leaving  aged  widow,  9  chil- 
dren and  30  grandchildren,  Franklin  Mch.  24 
Barber,  Joel  S.,  Jessup  Mch.  14 
Barber,  William,  Jessup  Mch.  14 

Sons  of  Philander  and  Salome 
Bagley,  Lucy  C,  dau.  Jesse  Bagley,  this  county, 

Mauch  Chunk  April  2 

Warner,  Mary  Ann,  ae.  38,  wife  of  Genl.  D.  D. 

Warner  and  dau.  J.  W.  Raynsford,  Montrose         April  20 
Wells,  Thomas,  a  native  of  Glastonbury,  Conn., 

at  residence  of  C.  L,  Ward,  Towanda  April  8 

Streeter,  Chloe,  ae.  53,  wife  of  J.  B.  Streeter, 

Harford  May  11 

Catlin,  Aurelia  Elizabeth,  wife  of  Martin  Catlin 

and  dau.  of  Almon  H.  Read,  Bridgewater  May  18 

E^eckins,  Isaac,  ae.  84,  an  early  settler,  Bridgewater    May  18 
Dimock,  Adelia  Robertine,  dau.  Col.  Asa  Dimock, 

Harrisburg  May  27 

Turrell,  David,  formerly  Bridgewater.     Lenawee, 

Mich.  May  29 


Adams,  Hannah  M.,  wife  of  Samuel  Adams,  and 
dau.  Dr.  Samuel  Bissell,  late  Brooklyn.  Died 
at  Brockton,  111.  May  29 

Smith,  Maria,  ae.  26,  wife  of  Loren  J.,  buried  at 

Forest  Lake  June  21 

Newman,  Eli,  son  of  Martin  Newman  of  Lanesboro. 

Kane  Co.,  111.  July  i 

Worden,  Mrs.  H.  N.,  ae.  53,  wife  of  Rev.  J.  B. 

Worden,  Jackson  July  4 

Wallace,  Susan,  widow  of  late  John  B.  Wallace  of 

Philadelphia.   Burlington,  N.  J.  July  8 

Bushnell,  Sally  R.,  wife  of  James  C.  Bushnell,  and 

dau.  Rev.  Eli  Hyde,  Thomson  July  14 

Handrick,  Louisa,  consort  of  Sheldon  G.  Handrick, 

dau.  Sylvester  and  Polly  Smith,  Franklin  July  25 

Webster,  Hiram,  ae.  30,  Liberty  Aug.  16 

Baldwin,  Nehemiah,  ae.  49,  formerly  Susq.  Co. 

New  York  City  Aug.  16 

Fuller,  Henrietta,  ae.  28,  wife  of  Stillman  Fuller, 

Liberty  Aug.  21 

Lincoln,  Huldah  G.,  wife  of  Daniel  F.  Lincoln, 

Forest  Lake  Aug.  26 

Lamb,  Emily,  ae.  30,  wife  of  Joel  Lamb,  Thomson     Sept.  22 
Crandall,  Asa,  ae.  61,  Covington,  Pa.  Oct.  20 

Early  settler  in  Susquehanna  County. 
Ward,  William,  ae.  65,  New  Milford  Oct.  23 

Emigrated  from  Litchfield,  Conn.,  1806,  through 

the  wilderness. 
Cushman,  Sarah  Antoinette,  dau.  Cormack  and 

Sarah  Cushman,  Montrose  Oct.  24 

Martin,  Mary  Ann,  wife  of  Jeremiah  Martin,  Jessup    Nov.  4 

a  46  5